Friday, June 03, 2005

Things That Annoy Me and Piss Me Off...

...and make me wanna get out & SCREAM MY LUNGS OUT!!!

- people who have their cars lowered & then do some manic acrobatic stunts with their car while negotiating a hump on the road (makes me wanna bump their cars real hard!).

- TV hosts who keep on saying "MTV" while the correct term for what they're saying is actually MUSIC VIDEOS! MUSIC VIDEOS dammit! MTV is the channel!!! grrr...

- wet bathroom floors. need i say more?

- drivers who don't switch from bright headlights to normal even when you've already signalled to them that you're close to blinding yourself!!! coz of their very BRIGHT headlights.

- Mahal & Keanna Reeves & Madame Auring. need i explain why?

- those who throw their garbage on the road...even if it's as small as a candy wrapper (the road is not a humongous garbage bin, may i remind you...) .

- people who don't flush. also, guys who don't put the toilet seat up when they do number one, then leave yellow stains on the seat cover that they don't even bother to wipe out. eeeww.

- "wipe-your-windshield-with-soap-and-water" boys who seem to sprout out when it's raining outside. it's already raining, so any sediments & dust on my windshield has already been wiped out by the rain. my windshield is as clean as it can get. i don't need any help from you guys.

- people who don't put their mobile phones in silent mode when they're inside the church (minsan na nga lang ako magsimba tapos makakatagpo ko pa 'tong mga taong 'to...bwiset!).

- accumulated hair on the bathroom drain. ={

...i know i have a lot more things to share...but this would be all for now...will think of more things that annoy & piss me off then i'll add it up to this keep visiting this page, okidoki? ciao for now! *MUAH!*