Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2012 in Retrospect

Yet again, i'm posting my personal highlights of the year 2012 in pictures (well, most of it Ü). So here it goes...

♥Maan & JT's wedding

♥Kyle's College Graduation Ü (which is also Papa's graduation...sa pagpapa-aral ng kanyang 6 na anak Ü)
♥Valentine's Date with Mom & Pop, Kyle & Pau, Tito Edwin & Tita Eng at our home's mini garden Ü

♥Vian & Rysh's homecoming!

♥Caleruega with relatives on Holy Thursday

♥Ninang Merl & her sisters' homecoming!
♥Boracay with Ninang Merl & the Antaran family
♥Impromptu Iloilo day trip with F&CSS

♥My cousin Monica's "surprise" debut
♥First time to Go Kart 

♥My first ever Official Business Trip!

♥No Other Party!!!
♥Cargo SIS Implementation
♥PSS Cut-over: VCR Volunteer!

♥Leo & Rachelle's Wedding

♥Winning in both the raffle and performance during our first ever corporate-wide Christmas party!

It was also in 2012 that a lot of my close friends added new members to their family! Kian in January, Juno & Mia in March, and Lara in October! [Abangers na ko sa contribution nyo sa list na 'to, Maan & JT ha! =D]

And aside from the places i've already mentioned, I also went on outings in the following places: Fontana in Clark, Nasugbu in Batangas, Iba in Zambales, and Canyon Cove (also in Nasugbu, Batangas). More than getting to see & admire these destinations, what I treasure the most is the company I was with and the time & memories that we shared together during these short but meaningful outings Ü

2012 was such a good year that I don't even want to think about the lowlights (come to think of it, I can't even think of one lowlight off the top of my head)! So, CHEERS to a happier, brighter, and more meaningful 2013! =D (Well, because i'm posting this super late...to the remaining 9 months of it at least...LOL!Ü)