Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I could sum up the highlights of my day with these three letters: P, Q, and R.

P: PADI License
While heading to the bathroom this morning, I saw a PADI envelope in our nook and immediately got excited. If i'm right, this is the license I've been waiting for: My PADI Open Water Diver License! True enough, it really was!!! Because of my rush and excitement, I tore off the part of the envelope with the PADI logo in it. This isn't actually much of a big deal but i'm sentimental that way. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk, right? Besides, I got my license just in the nick of time since my temporary license is about to expire (its validity is only 90 days from issuance).

What made this more special is that, in the group of 7 that went diving in Davao last year, I was the first one who got the PADI license. Yippeee!!! Naka-lamang ako sa inyo guys! HEHEHE! Although Angel's might be in the mail already.Ü

Q: Queen
I've been reading mixed reviews about Miley Cyrus' dress at the Oscars. Some love it, some hate it. When I first saw it on Yahoo, I didn't know what or how to react: Do I love it? No...not lovin' the look. Do I like it? Hmmm...i'm not sold out about it. Will I wear it if given a chance? I guess I'll do in the very remote possibility that I will be crowned the next queen of Britain. Haha!

My officemate and I had a brief discussion about the dress today. We both had the same sentiments about it: The dress was not bad but it was not great either. She said it was just too bejeweled, and I agree. I told her my thoughts...that I'd only wear that (if given a chance to) for super special occassions like getting crowned a queen or princess (do they crown princessess? anyhow...)....but a thought occurred just now: Will that be a nice wedding dress? Not my cup of tea but I guess it would look good as a wedding dress once the blue accents are replaced by white or champagne-colored ones. Hmmm...I guess this would be a thought to ponder on.

R: Retro
Wednesday nights, for me, are Retro nights at the gym. Fitness First's Mall of Asia branch has this one hour Retro class every Wednesday at 6:30PM and I never fail to attend such class except:
  • When I have my monthly period
  • When I have other important matters to attend to (I even go out of my way not to schedule any gimmicks on Wednesday nights or schedule meetings that might go beyond 5:30PM on Wednesday afternoons)
  • When I'm not in town
  • When I'm sick

So imagine my disappointment of not being able to attend today's class (obviously, coz i'm writing this blog) mainly because my brother failed to pick me up on time. He was at the office at 6:30PM...and what time does the Retro class start? 6:30PM!!! Ano pa'ng aabutan ko dun given that I still have to change clothes when I get there before I can attend the class? I would've told him to bring me there had there been space in the car for me to change, but NO. He had the entire back seat removed and covered the entire space with a humongous sound system that I don't see the point of! He's such a spoiled brat! And, guess what? He had the nerve to tell me (NOT in a polite or sorry manner, mind you), "Ano ba talaga? Sabi ni Mommy i-hatid daw kita." after I told him to just head home because I obviously would be missing a big chunk of the class anyway (of course I was mad when I told him this). Aba! Nagawa pa nyang sabihin sakin yun? If I was the one who's wrong I would've said "I'm sorry" but it looks like he's not even sorry at all. I want to shout, cry, or throw something but I know that's just not the right thing to do for something very minor like this. I'm just really, very, super pissed off!!! =(


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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Old Movies

Not really one to brave the crowds and traffic on Valentine's Day, I opted to stay at home and initially planned to start watching the 5th season of House. But on V-day itself, I was given a copy of an old movie entitled Same Time, Next Year (thanks Sir K!) so I spent V-day watching old, romantic movies instead, which was really not my cup of tea but I wanted to "discover something new in me" last V-day so I did something that I've never done before...which was to watch old movies.Ü

Same Time, Next Year (1978)
In a gist, these two individuals, who are married to their respective spouses, met by chance at an inn in 1951, spent the night together, and after having shared a lot of their thoughts and feelings to each other, decided to meet up again at the same time of the next year...and they did for the next 26 years or so (the film ended in the year 1977 with both characters still alive...thankfully!Ü).
To the guys out there, this is a chick flick so you might not find it that interesting. I actually almost decided not to finish the film after having seen the first few minutes of it but the movie's soundtrack featured a song that I liked so I couldn't dare myself to stop the movie right in the middle of it, which was good since I ended up liking the film. The song, which was played every so often in the movie, was one of the things I liked in the film. It's The Last Time I Felt Like This, which you might not recall now but I'm sure you've heard of this once or twice before (the song starts with "Hello, I don't even know your name, but I'm hopin' all the same, this is more than just a simple hello..."). Oh...I just love it! I downloaded the song immediately after. Anyway, enough about the song...let's get back to the movie. So, why did I like it? The thought of having someone who's not a constant factor in your life, who doesn't have any connection to any of your family or friends, but whom you can share all your thoughts and feelings with is something that intrigues me...and something that I wish to have if life permits (of course minus the "sleeping together" part if we're both married Ü). It's just such a refreshing idea knowing that any judgement he (or she) has of you is based on how he (or she) has known you over those one-weekend-a-year that you get to spend together. So that's my two cent's worth about the movie, which I recommend if you just want to watch a light-hearted, romantic comedy.Ü

Somewhere in Time (1980)
One evening, while waiting for my mom to finish up at the gym, I browsed through the VCDs available for borrowing at the gym and came across this Somewhere in Time VCD which apparently stars Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. We all know who Christopher Reeve is (need I mention Superman?Ü), while Jane Seymour will forever be etched in my mind as one of the celebrities who competed in the 5th Season of Dancing with the Stars (US). Anyway, since this movie will be blending well with my Old Movies for V-Day theme, I decided to download it and watch it last V-day weekend.

In a nutshell, the movie revolves around Richard Collier's (Christopher Reeve's character) quest to go back to 1912 where he apparently met Elise McKenna (Jane Seymour), the love of his life. Oh, by the way, the movie's setting started in the year 1972. How he got back 50 years earlier? Apparently by tricking his mind that it's 1912. Anyway, that part's well-documented in the film so I'll just go straight with my views and opinions about the film. To say that the movie was mind-boggling is an understatement. I actually had to write down all my thoughts right after watching the movie, and here they are:

(1) What happened to Elise after Richard went back to the present? -This one I got to answer after a few minutes: Ayun...nabuhay sya without Richard. Hinanap nya malamang si Richard and saw him in the play where she gave the watch back.

(2) Why did Elise say..."Is it you?" (or something like that) when she first saw Richard in 1912? -I still don't get this up until now. Maybe i'll find the answer when I watch this movie for the 2nd time.

(3) How could Richard have existed in two different eras? -Well, I guess this is just something you'll have to accept when watching a film having a tag phrase of Someday in the past, he will find her.

So those are my thoughts about Somewhere in Time. Did I like it? Well, I guess I did, but not as much as Same Time, Next Year. Will I watch it again? Why not? Christopher Reeve was just super handsome in the movie that you really can't take your eyes off him. And Jane Seymour was beautiful in the film. Such a perfect pair. And Arthur's character (the one person who was alive as a very young boy in 1912 and as a hotel bell boy in the present) was just so endearing to watch.Ü I also loved the movie's soundtrack, which has the same title as the movie...a timeless classic indeed (well, what can I say, I just love sappy, old love songs Ü).

That was how I spent last weekend. I have a few more old movies here, which was lent to me by my officemate: Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Funny Face. I'm not actually sure if I'll get to watch depends if I like the plots of these movies after I Google it. Nonetheless, i'll copy them just in case I feel the urge to watch old movies in the future. That's all for now folks! Happy weekend!

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