Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Margarita...not the cocktail

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Margarita...pizza? Anyone?Ü

Bistro Coron in Coron, Palawan has the best pizza i've ever tasted! It's the first time i've ever had egg with my pizza. Yes, you read it right: EGG! Raw egg placed on top of the pizza that just came out from the oven! The looks on our faces when we saw that our pizza had a raw egg on top was priceless (well maybe the "priceless" expression was also due to the fact that we were hungry as ever when they served our order)! This was one of the toppings in a pizza with crust that's thin-and-oh-so-crunchy! I'd go back to Coron just to eat pizza at this place!Ü

And while you're at Bistro Coron, I suggest that after you dine there (if you're still hungry or for take out purposes) you try the isaw sold at the ihawan right beside Bistro Coron (sorry, forgot to take pictures). I sooooo love their isaw! The taste is yummy, with a little bit of sweetness to tease your tastebuds!

And these are the reasons why i'm going back to Coron: Margarita Pizza and Isaw. In that particular order.Ü