Sunday, October 22, 2006

Plato Wraps: Sandwich with a Twist!

If, by any chance, you drop by SM Mall of Asia, I suggest you visit this little booth selling what you can consider as their own version of the sandwich, but with a twist! It's called Plato Wraps, and it can be found at the 2/F North Wing of MOA, in the open air portion right after you exit the main mall via the theater booth. However, remember that this is the NORTH WING...right-hand side of MOA if you're facing Manila Bay (coz there's a very similar exit on the South Wing...and you definitely won't find Plato Wraps there...Ü).

Anyway, I say "sandwich-with-a-twist" because the filling or spread they use is what you'd usually see in a regular sandwich: tuna...chicken...hotdog...BUT (and there's a big but!), it's the wrap that they use that makes this creation unique. They have this circular bread, similar to a small pizza pie crust (almost like the size of your hand with all figners stretched out) but is soft to the touch and sans all the toppings. They then put this on a toaster, the one which opens up and closes like book...much like an iron press, and after one flip (turnover) and around a minute of heating, the wrap comes out with these distinct stripes on each side. They then put whatever filling/spread you like (my favorite is chicken), together with whatever veggies or add ons are included with the chosen filling (with the chicken filling, a few slices of cucumber are included), fold the wrap such that the fillings are somewhat folded in a half circle (like a taco) and voila, the Plato wrap is served to you in a small plastic for easy handling & munching.

I very much enjoyed Plato Wraps the first time I tasted it that's why a trip to MOA is not complete without it. As i've mentioned, my favorite is their Chunky Chicken filling since it's very yummy, but their Ham n Cheese is good as well ( I didn't like the Wrap n Roll, which is their version of the hotdog sandwich).

Everytime I order, I add P10.00 for their Pesto Wrap which I just adore coz it's very tasty & delicious. They also have Wheat Wrap, for an additional P5.00, but this one I've yet to try.

I believe Plato Wraps have branches distributed in the Metro Manila area, but for now, i'm only aware of their MOA and Virra Mall branch. Nonetheless, below is a list of the fillings they offer, as well as their prices (as of writing this blog).

So if you find yourself at MOA, do try & check out Plato Wraps at the 2nd Floor. I'm sure you'll love these "sandwiches-with-a-twist."

Chunky Chicken P39.00
Ham n Cheese P39.00
Yummy Tuna P39.00
Wrap n Roll P39.00
Very veggie P45.00

Also available: Platito Wraps @ P25.00

10 Signs You're Addicted to ALIAS

I just finished watching Seasons 1 to 5 of Alias on DVD...and as a tribute, I'm posting this blog: 10 Signs You're Addicted to ALIAS.

1. You start saying phrases like:

"You're good to go."
"Wheels up at 0600 hours."
"According to Rambaldi, (fill in the blanks)."
2. You walk with your back against the wall.
Plus 10 points if you have your hands clasped together like a gun.
Plus 10 more points if you're actually holding a (toy) gun.

3. You refer to your boss or teacher as "Base Ops."
Plus 10 points if your boss calls you on the phone and you answer with, "Base Ops, this is (your callsign), do you copy?"

4. You have a callsign.
Plus 10 points if your callsign is one of the following: Mountaineer, Boy Scout, Phoenix, Evergreen, Outrigger, Shotgun.

5. You send secret messages via Morse Code.

6. You question the validity of everyone who dies around you.

7. You don't trust anyone and believe that everyone has a hidden agenda.

8. You plan to go to Sta. Barbara for a vacation.

9. You bought yourself a Motorola Razr phone.

10. You dyed your hair red and have a collection of wigs.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Prison Break

Break In.
Break Out.
Save your brother's life.

That's the tagline of this new TV series hitting America (and our humble abode Ü) by storm. It stars Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows and Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield. Both are brothers who have vowed to be each other's keeper for life. That's why when Lincoln, who got sentenced to die via the electric chair for a crime he did not commit, was condemned to stay at the Fox River State Penitentiary while waiting for THE day, in comes his little brother Michael, who gets himself arrested & put away at the same prison as his brother.

When I first learned of this plot, I thought, WOW! There's a whole lotta lovin' going on between these two brothers for one to sacrifice his life & reputation for the other...which is actually more than I can say on my relationship with my lil bro (HAHAHA!). Anyway, that's not all. Did I mention that Michael (the little bro) works as a construction engineer for the company who designed the prison? And that he's suffering from low-latent inhibition (LLI), a condition that causes a person to be more open to incoming stimuli from the surrounding environment (from FuturePundit). When someone suffering from LLI has low IQ, this most likely results to mental illness. However, when someone with a high IQ suffers from LLI, this almost always results to creative genius. So you guess what part of the equation Michael fits in...Ü

Too much coincidence, huh? Well, it makes for good TV so i'm quite sure audiences & avid viewers (like me!) are wililng to forgive those too-good-to-be-true facts in lieu of one whole hour of good entertainment weekly.

I, however, have this one question in mind: Why do Lincoln & Michael have different surnames? They have the same father so that explanation is clearly ruled out...unless there's this dialogue that I missed in Season 1 explaining this one mind-boggling fact. Anyone care to explain? Please do. Post it as a comment to this blog or in the message board. The person with the best answer gets a prize (HAHAHA!).

Kidding aside, I hope that after reading this blog, i've stirred your curiosity enough for you to consider buying the 1st season DVD of this TV series. I assure you, it's definitely worthit, especially since Wentworth Miller is SOOO HOT (as in H-O-T, HOT! BTW, he's mine! wink!) One last tip though, I recommend NOT watching this series before you go to bed since the suspense will definitely leave you wide awake long after an episode has ended. That was the effect on me at least. But I guess that's just me...I probably get way too much affected by each scene as if I was one of the convicts trying to escape from prison. HAHA!

Well, that's all for now folks! I can't wait for Season 2 of this series, which incidentally, is already showing in the US. So, 'til next blog! Ciao!Ü