Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 in Retrospect

It's an hour away from my self-appointed deadline for this month's blog and also an hour away from the entire Philippines (and those sharing the GMT +8:00 time zone) welcoming the new year. I actually started this blog thinking of writing about those things that I miss when I was in the US. But now that the firecrackers outside are getting plentiful by the minute and my television tuned-in on GMA7's Celebr8 to '08 party, I can't help but to think of the year 2007, which will, in about an hour, be known to everyone as the year that was. So I guess i'll just reserve that blog that I have in mind for another time and right now try to focus on reflecting on the good, the bad, the nice, and the ugly about the year 2007.

To make this easier (mostly for me Ü), i'll enumerate some of the highlights of my year...coz i'm sure all the TV stations out there will be enumerating the highlights of the year 2007 in their end of year specials, so i'll just leave that to them. At para maiba naman, i'll just list down the highlights of MY year...since blog ko naman 'to! HEHEHE! So, here it goes (in random)...
  • For this year, I increased my number of inaanaks by 3: Renzo, Iya, & Gaby Ü
  • I had my eyes lasered at St. Lukes last Feb.14 (so doctor ko ang ka-date ko nung araw na yun! hehehe)
  • The passing of Tito Andy & my Ama
  • I bought, with my own money, my first non-Nokia cellphone (a pink MotoRAZR Ü)
  • I saw through the implementation of a project (that's close to my heart...hehehe)
  • I got to show my dancing prowess 3 times this year...hehehe!
  • My family and I celebrated my maternal Lolo & Lola's 50th Wedding Anniversary
  • I had my first diving experience with friends at Anilao
  • I had two of my colleagues moving to greener pasteurs...Dio & Jacky
  • I had a drastic haircut (the first in years), the Mega Bangs 'do Ü, on the month of August
  • I experienced my first ever "company" outing (although it was just our group who went out of town...and it was not even an overnight thing...hehehe)
  • I voted...for the 2nd time around.
  • I danced at Obando (not to get pregnant, ha!) with a few of my colleagues
  • My family and I celebrated my Dad's surprise 70th birthday at Gloria Maris, Greenhills, wherein all 6 children of Papa were present (Vian flew in from Canada, Walter flew in from Shanghai, while Bambi was already here coz of her schooling Ü)
  • I got sent to my first ever "training/workshop" at work (all the past ones got cancelled...hehehe...)
  • I joined a gym
  • It was the first time that the entire Philippines celebrated my kasi (Ramadan)
  • I experienced the worst emotional rollercoaster ride to date
  • I had a 2-week US Vacation!!! YIPPEEE!!!
  • My mom and I celebrated thanksgiving in the US for the 2nd time
  • My mom and I got great deals during the after-thanksgiving (or "Black Friday") mega sale! (We got to buy a laptop, digicam, digital photoframe, and a whole lot more!)

Well I guess that's all that I can remember for now.Ü Here's to the year ahead! Cheers to 2008! Thanks for visting my blog! *HUGZ!*and*MUAH!*

Hail to the Alma Mater

To all Lasallians out there, listen up (literally)...a new twist to our beloved Alma Mater song...reggae version (naks!). It's nice actually...I like it. Feeling ko ako si Bob Marley every time I hear this (it's in my phone, under my Pang Ubos Batt playlist Ü). I got this from Jerome, my officemate, who's from USTe, so I don't really know where he got this but he just came up to me one morning and said: "Diba from La Salle ka? Pakinggan mo 'to, yung Alma Mater song nyo." So I listened and I liked it then he sent it via bluetooth from his phone to mine. And that's the story of how I got this version of our Alma Mater song.Ü

Here's another a cappella, sung by the DLSU Chorale. I got this from another blogsite (Nekti Ka No? Rektikano!), which I learned about when an officemate told me about it a few months back. May added bonus pa kasi may kasamang video yung song.

Well, what other line to end this blog but to borrow a line from a song: I'd rather be green than be blue.Ü True yan!Ü Animo La Salle!