Sunday, March 12, 2006

In The Heat Of Things

Summer's just around the corner and I can't wait to hit the beach! This summer would be a bit different for me though...given that i'm now working and gone are the days when summer is synonymous to V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N. Oh bummer! But hey...look at the bright least now I don't have to ask mom and dad for moolah to hit the beach. Oh heard (or in this case, read) me right! I now have my own money to spend for my summer gimmicks and escapades! And not even the fact that I have to work from Monday to Friday can bring me down!

Ooohhh...summer! Such a nice word that i'm even considering naming one of my future daughters "Summer." Nice huh? Well,, where to head off to first? Hmmm...Galera? Nice AND get the feel of Boracay (at least that's what they say) at a much lower cost...great for kuripot gals like me...HAHA! Boracay? Never been there but i'm hoping someday i'll be able to visit this island paradise...before it gets trashed and polluted by careless tourists. Palawan? Wow...the next "Boracay." Given that Boracay has now somewhat lost some of its sparkle, Palawan is now the next "IN" thing where VIPs and celebrities hie off for some much-needed vacation (with a wee bit of privacy). Amanpulo? Well, this is what I call HEAVEN! Ok, I haven't been there...but who has? Only those with excess moolah has been there given the place's hefty price tag ($500 a night? probably even more...). Actually, I can't even fathom how i'm gonna get there...when...and with whom (hopefully with my special someone ). But a girl can dream, can't I? So here I am, sharing my thoughts to whoever cares to listen (or read), and hoping that day...i'll get to visit this virginal island in the South. Bahamas? Now, this place i've jotted down in my notes as one of the places my hubby and I will be going to on our honeymoon (the other place is Paris). OK. Before I hear any objections, let me say my piece first. I know there are a lot of "questionable" things in that one statement alone. Hubby??? Honeymoon??? Oooh, wow! I sure do know how to plan ahead, alright. Well, what can I say? I AM a planner. And no one can steal away my thunder. So...going back to where we were (Bahamas, my dears), this is one place i'm SURE i'll be visiting in the future. Don't ask me when. Don't ask me how. And don't ask me with whom. (Gheezh! I've heard that line before...HAHA!) But i'm surely gonna be visiting this place whether you like it or not! HAHA!

Well...I guess we've covered the essentials. Or at least what I (emphasis on the "I" please) consider THE essential places to go to, on a summer vacation, in one's lifetime. Just don't forget to bring your ooh-la-la swimsuit and tons of sunblock and you're ready to hit the beach! this season of sun, sand, and halo-halo...let the tanning (and swimming!) begin!!! Have a great summer every all! *MUAH!*

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