Monday, November 02, 2009

Random Thoughts 6

This is an unedited version of my blog. It's been in my flash drive for months now and i'm finally posting it (Sir B, you have a way of making me feel guilty! HAHAHA!). goes nothing (or something)...
Passed by a house with Christmas lights decoration on the way home. It made me smile.Ü Ang aga talaga mag-umpisang mag-celebrate ng Pasko ang mga Pinoy! September 2 pa lang, may Christmas decorations na!
Head hurts after listening to the car stero on full blast.
I've been sitting at this small bench near the escalator for almost 30 minutes now while Mom and Pop shop. Yes, I am one of those people who braved the crowds & went to the 3-day Mall-wide sale @ SM Mall of Asia. Come to think of it, I was also here yesterday...which is not unusual seeing as I consider MOA my 2nd home. Ü I'm actually writing this blog on a receipt from Naf Naf where I bought my new black boots (woot woot!Ü). I was just so happy for not buying those boots when I first saw them coz now I got a 20% discount off it! Yippee!!! Glad I waited...and it just means that these boots & I were really meant to be! HAHA!

Going back to my escalator escapade...those of you who know me well knows that I have always got the energy for shopping. But now I find myself resting on this bench, listening to my iPod while the girl beside me has been burning the mobile phone lines for as long as we both have been sitting here (naka-SUN siguro...unli-calls. LOL!). I dunno why I just lost the energy to shop...maybe because i've spent more than what i'm willing to spend for the past month so now is the time to start my abstinence from spending. Thanks to my iPod, i'm actually enjoying my rest on this bench while I people watch at the same time. So what have I seen so far? This little boy, prolly around 1-1.5 years old, who's sporting skinny jeans while malling! He was just the cutest! I bet this is how JLC would look like if he had the same fashion sense that he has now when he was just a little kid. Then there's this little girl who tried on a onesie which I believe should be for teens to adults but the smallest size got to fit her just right so she was just the happiest girl in the world (just like me yesterday with the boots Ü). I told myself i'd check out the price when I get up from this bench (I was too lazy to stand up though the rack was just 3 feet away. The onesie was P700 w/ 10% discount).

So there goes my escalator escapade coz Mom & Dad are now a-callin'...they're probably done shopping or are about to change venue for more shopping. Either way, i'm happy to have just people-watched on this little nook by the escalator.
Gloria has spoiled us as a nation with lots of long weekends for the past two months. Don't get me wrong but I actually like & enjoy these long weekends. What I don't like is the getting back to the 5-day work week routine (5.5 for us with Sat work). I feel like i've gotten used to starting the work week on a Tuesday and i'm no longer used to working on Mondays. Oh well, today's the last of the long weekends. Reality, here I come.
Oh...but GMA just recalled that Nov.27-29 holiday. I'm sure a lot of people out there would want to strangle Gloria now for un-declaring that long weekend...especially those who have already made plans. Wala lang...ang gulo mo, GMA.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bicol Food Trip

Laing Pizza This pizza actually tasted good. Its thin crust was just right to the bite and crunchy as ever. As a person who's not really that fond of eating vegetables (I admit that I really should eat more veggies), I must say that I would choose this pizza if given a choice between one that has bell peppers in it (not a fan of bell peppers, thank you very much!Ü).

Laing Pasta For a pasta lover like moi, I was actually quite apprehensive at first and was quite unsure if I'd like this dish. But since it has white sauce as its base, I took quite a chunk of it (sorry guys, naubusan ata yung iba...hehe!) and swore that I'd finish everything in my plate whether I liked it or not. Good thing was, I LOVED IT! I even went back for more but there was no more left so I was just happy to have gotten a lot on that first round.Ü

*Both Laing Pizza and Pasta available at Small Talk Cafe...a cozy little resto at Legaspi.Ü

Bigg's Sizzling Tapa If only all breakfast meals were created equal. I think this was the first time I ate breakfast on a sizzling plate. Just thinking of it now makes me hungry!Ü I know, I know...TAPSILOG lang naman yan na nilagay sa sizzling plate but still, you gotta hand it to them for bringing their food presentation up a notch. And their tapa tastes good! I'm officially a fan of Bigg's Diner! Sana mag-open na sila dito sa Manila!Ü

Bigg's Korean Spare Ribs We (the entire group) became such a fan of Bigg's that we decided to have dinner there as well (after having breakfast the same day...lunch was at CWC). I couldn't decide on what to order so I asked the resident Bicolana of the group what she was ordering and she told me this was her favorite Bigg's dish. So I tried and it was yummy as how she described it! It's a bit sweet to the taste so those who love a bit of sweetness in their food (like moi) would enjoy this meal. And at P135 for a meal with rice and veggies, it's good value for your moolah.Ü

Sili Ice Cream
On our unplanned extra night in Bicol, we got invited to a dinner hosted by our resident Bicolana's uncle, where we were served Sili Ice Cream and Chocolate Cake. I didn't know how to react at first but...Sili Ice Cream? Meron pala nun?!??!! Well, apparently, there is such a thing and who else would've thought to concoct this unique flavor of ice cream but the Bicolanos themselves.Ü But...not just that...we were told to match it up with Chocolate Cake...which I found a bit puzzling but decided to trust the "experts" on this so my friend and I decided to try it and needless to say...we weren't able to finish that one cup of Sili Ice Cream which we so willingfully shared. Haha!Ü Hmmm...let's just was you're not eating ice cream at all. I guess those who are fans of spicy stuff would love this but since I am not...then at least I can say i've tried Sili Ice Cream and it tasted like sili!!!Ü

So...when in Bicol...try everything of the above...especially the first two.Ü

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Candy Designs™...SLIPPERS! project for the last Sunday morning of May2009...Candy Designs™...SLIPPERS! Hehehe!

My Inspiration: I've been looking for black sandals that I could use for malling or just about anything but couldn't find the right fit for me. Most of the time, it's not to my liking: doesn't look good on my feet, too chunky, too much bling, no more size available, etc. So I just decided to make my own since my months of search has turned up nothing. Zilch. Zero.


  • Grosby Rubber Flip Flops bought at SM for P179.75
  • Carolina's Blings (I dunno what to call it Ü)
    -Silver Circle Blings @ P24.00 for 20pcs
    -Blue Circle Blings @ P16.00 for 20pcs
  • Mighty Bond @ P44.75

The BEFORE shots:


The AFTER look:

Nice ba?Ü Total Cost (minus labor and Mighty Bond Ü) for the Black Slippers is P216.15, while for the Blue one P199.25. Not bad right?Ü If I could find cheaper slippers, eh di lesser cost. But i'm biased with Grosby...I love the fit and it is of good quality (my mom and I have a pair for almost a year now and it still looks brand new). Plus, i'm not really into those slippers with prints in the upper sole (well, it really depends on the print). And since i'm gonna be adding blings to the slippers, i'm afraid it might be too much if there's bling AND prints in the upper sole. I guess this is just me...I love keeping things simple and classic (naks).

So...what do you think? Pwede na ba ibenta sa P300? Hehehe!Ü

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Peek at Mt. P

A group of 50 PALers, ex-PALers, and a bunch of Plus Ones boarded a bus on the 29th of March 2009 and on the wee hour of 0315H was en route to the peak that caused a massive explosion on the year 1991...MT. PINATUBO. This was NOT a company-sponsored trip, mind you. It's just that Ai, the ultimate trip organizer, was able to gather 50 people to join the trip to Mt. P, that's why it looked like we were on a field trip (oh how I miss those days...Ü).

We only had a 20-minute stop over at Shell NLEX (where a bunch of us had a super early breakfast) for the entire trip going to Capas, Tarlac, which was our first drop-off point. This is where the Pinatubo Spa Town is located and where the 4x4 ride going to Pinatubo started. The 4x4 ride comfortably seats 5, but can fit up to 7 pax, which is what we did since there were 5 of us plus a driver and the guide. Our group chose the "open-air" 4x4 (as opposed to the "closed-type" Ü) because it matched our yellow outfit, and eventually found out that:
  1. None of the instrument panel in this specific 4x4 was working
  2. Our driver was probably the youngest among the bunch (there were 10 4x4s rented for this trip)
  3. There was something wrong with our 4x4 because we had to stop several times for the driver to tinker with something in the engine & tumirik kami at one point in the "skyway" (the guide had to go down, look for a rock and place it in one of the rear wheels just so that we wouldn't go downhill)

That last part was actually scary but we just made fun of the situation to make things light (although deep inside I was already worried that we might not make it since we couldn't even make a call because there was no signal in that part of the world). And since we didn't understand the dialect that the driver & guide was speaking, we just made our own interpretations of their conversation like: "Wala tayong preno. Pero tawa lang tayo para di nila mahalata." just to keep our mind off some major matters, like being WAY behind the other 4x4s (although I think our interpretations were even worse...hehe!).

Alas, after a little over an hour in the 4x4 (the 4x4 ride was supposed to take less than an hour but our trip took longer because of all our detours), we arrived at the second drop-off point, which is where the trekking started. Although we were the last to arrive at the 2nd drop-off point, we knew we were on the right track since we saw all the 4x4s of the other teams parked all over the place. Not really knowing what to expect, we started our trek as a team and surprisingly, the trail was not hard to traverse. It (the trail) was mostly rocky and all you really had to do was concentrate on what rock to step on. What made it more fun is that there were parts of the trail where water was flowing freely, which was a pleasant surprise for us all since the cold water on our feet (most of us were wearing trekking sandals) was a welcome relief from the summer heat (although it was not that hot when we were trekking up since it was only around 8AM and it rained the day before).

After a few minutes of trekking, we were able to catch up with the other teams because their picture taking extravaganza took as much time as the entire trek itself. This made the trek more fun because aside from the fact that, the more, the many-er...este, merrier...witty remarks were exchanged by those in the group and since there were more of us, meaning more cameras, all you really had to do was smile and pictures were being taken of you from every angle! Grabe, ang hirap maging celebrity! HAHAHA! Anyway, after almost an hour of trekking (which would've probably taken less time if we weren't taking pictures of each other every minute Ü), we reached the top of Mt. P! Or at least the topmost part of Mt. P where trekkers are allowed to set foot on. [Additional NOTE to those reading this: You know you're near the top once you see the portalets to the left of the trail...just try not to breath deep when you get to this part.Ü]

I was actually surprised to see a lot of people at the peak, a lot of them campers who probably spent the night at Mt. P. I later learned that you can actually camp overnight at Mt. P as long as you've asked for permission at the "base camp" (which was somewhere at the part where the Pinatubo Spa Town is located) since there has to be a military (??? not really sure) escort before you can stay there overnight. After the initial shock of the number of people at the place (I wasn't expecting the place to be that crowded) only did I notice the beautiful background which was Pinatubo. It was a breathtaking site...something that would let you forget the two hour trip you just made (mind you, that 1 hour 4X4 and 1 hour trek that we took was the SHORT CUT Ü). When you get there, it's like you've been transported to another place. An officemate of mine even mentioned: "Parang wala ka sa Pilipinas!"...which was actually true. I personally found the aqua blue waters the most amazing among the many wonders of nature to see at the place. Never in my life have I seen such aqua blue waters which I previously thought to be true only in paintings or digitally-enhanced movies, but not in real life.

After taking in the beauty of the place (and a lot of photo ops Ü), we headed down the cement staircase which leads to Mt. P's crater. I'm actually not sure if this is really the crater where lava and that mushroom-shaped pyroclastic flow came out from or if this is only "named" as the crater to make tourists believe that they've reached that part of Mt. P (if anyone reading this blog knows the truth behind this "crater", please do let me know Ü). Nonetheless, I'm just happy to let everyone know that I've reached that part of Mt. P! YEHEY!

Once we got to the crater part of Mt. P, we settled down by laying down our picnic mats and taking a lot more pictures. It was around 9AM when we got there and several of us dipped into Mt. P's crater while the rest played cards, listened to their iPods, took a lot more pictures of the place, or just simply rested under the shade of some of the trees there. Those who went swimming (or "dipping"...I personally didn't swim) had to brave the really cool sulphuric-filled-waters of the crater. It was really, really cold! And here were were expecting it to be warm, if not hot. I'm now regretting not asking the guides if the water there was really that cold or if it was only cold because it rained the day before. Oh well...I can probably ask next time.Ü

Anyway, come lunch time, we all gathered together like one big, happy family Ü and shared in enjoying the lunch prepared for us by some of our officemates (Thanks to Shiela, Megs, Janette, Jacky, and Dulce!!!Ü). Since it was already 12noon, the sun was now shining all over the place (it was actually not that sunny the rest of the morning). Good thing there were trees near the area where we laid our mats so we didn't have to eat lunch under the heat of the sun. After lunch, several groups went ahead and started their trek down so that they can avail of the massage & spa services at Pinatubo Spa Town. The rest of us stayed behind and spent the remaining time by chatting, playing cards, and taking more pictures (Hahaha! Hindi kasi kami camera shy!Ü).

A few minutes before 1PM, we all started to get ready for the trek down. The one and only portalet at the crater was emmitting a pungent smell by then but since there was no other choice, a bunch of us had to brave the smell (or not breathe for the whole duration you're inside the portalet) just so we can relieve ourselves knowing that the nearest decent washroom is two hours away (although you can always be one with nature and do your thing in the talahiban...hehe!Ü).

We finally started our trek back a little past 1PM and this took a good one hour of our time. It was already sunny then so we donned our hats to protect our heads from the heat of the sun. I was also a bit disappointed because some parts that we passed by before where there was water flowing was now dry. I don't know why but the trek back actually took longer than our trek going up. Anyway, after an hour of walking (and taking pictures...ulit!!! hehehe!), we finally reached the place where our 4x4s are parked and immediately climbed in so that we can finally begin our ride going back to base camp. Despite the super bumpy ride, all 5 of us in our 4x4 actually got to sleep the entire trip back. I was actually surprised with myself coz I don't usually fall asleep easily but I did, probably due to exhaustion and lack of sleep the night before.

When we finally got back at Capas, I was feeling "grainy"...literally. I felt like I was a vacuum cleaner and I sucked up all the dust in the world! My white hand towel, which I used to cover my nose for the entire trip back, was now gray in color upon arrival at Capas. And when I tried combing my hands through my hair, it wouldn't go through! As in! Hahaha! It was the dirtiest I felt my entire life! I've never looked forward to taking a bath as much as I did after that 4x4 ride back. Apparently, we were lucky because it was not maalikabok during our 4x4 ride going to Pinatubo because it rained the day before, so we were not "grainy" when we got to the peak (and we looked good in our pictures Ü). But since the sun has already dried up any remnants of rain in the area, we experienced the exact opposite on our ride back. We were so full of dirt to the point that, when I started showering and tried to comb my hand through my hair with water running through it, my hand still wouldn't go through! That was how dirty we all were! So NOT taking a shower was not even an option! I swore, from that point onward, that taking a shower will not be taken for granted anymore (you're talking to someone who would rather be placed inside the washing machine instead of taking a bath. hehehe!).

The shower we took at Pinatubo Spa Town costs P100 and it was the best 100 pesos i've ever spent. The P100 comes with a free soap, use of locker, and towel (which you should return back after use...hindi pwedeng iuwi...not that you would want's just an ordinary towel Ü). They also sell shampoo and conditioner in sachets just in case you forgot to bring your own. I'd give the shower room a grade of "OK" (if there's such a grade Ü) since it was clean and I didn't feel yucky (ano ba yan, so coño! hehe!) when I took a bath there (I actually felt more yucky with myself. Hehe!).

So that was our Pinatubo trip. We just went to Aling Lucing's for dinner (got lost in the process) and experienced the worst rain, flooding, and blackout one could ever imagine for a day trip but at the end of the day, we all got home in one piece, so in my standards, the trip was the best adventure one could have in a day. We got back at PNB at around 11PM, all tired but happy with the adventurous day that we had. My estimated total spending for this day trip is a little over P1,000 (a bit of a breakdown below Ü). And to end this blog, I just have a few notes to leave you with:

  1. If given a choice, choose the “closed” 4X4 (not the “open air” type...maybe there's a lesser chance of getting dirty with the "closed" type 4x4 Ü)
  2. Next time: try the “long cut” (trek time approximately 2 hours, one way)
  3. Next time: try the kayak/boat to the other side of the crater (which you will have to arrange at "base camp"/Capas...prior to all that riding and trekking)

I know this blog is kinda late but I hope it's worth the wait.Ü TTFN!

Money Out...

P15,000 - Bus, Driver, Gas (div by 50)
P 2,500 - 4X4 (div by 5)
P 500 - Skyway Fee (div by 5)
P 250 - Conservation Fee (div by 5)
P 500 - Tour Guide/Porter (div by 5)

"Thank You"s are in order...
Thanks to Ai for being the ultimate trip organizer...for conceptualizing the ala-Amazing Race theme of the trip...and for providing the colorful bandanas for each group! Ang galing mo Ai! Sa uulitin ha?Ü
Thanks to Sir Poch a.k.a. Kuya Kim for giving me an idea on the title of this blog Ü
Thanks again to those who made our lunch! Super sarap! Yum yum!Ü
Thanks to those who took the photos posted here (I can't remember whose cameras these were taken from sa sobrang dami!)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

BDO means Beware: Delinquent Office

It all started with Fitness First encoding my card number in another member's account. To make the long story short, Fitness First billed me wrongly, and they admitted this in a letter that I got from them on the 10th of October 2008, which I faxed to BDO the next day, Oct. 11, 2008. All the while, I was thinking BDO would reverse the finance charges that got accumulated because of the wrong billing (which happened in May 2008) since:
  1. This is the logical thing to do after an investigation where the party is proven innocent hence all charges should be dropped (in this case, reversed), and
  2. That was what their call center agent, Marby, told me in a conversation I had with her last July 21, 2008

But NO!!! BDO DID NOT ACT UPON MY REQUEST...not until two months AFTER faxing that Fitness First letter to them on Oct. 11, 2008. They finally had a resolution by December 4, 2008, after having talked to eight (8) call center agents...and what was their verdict: The request to reverse the finance charges was DISAPPROVED! WTF!

I am not going to write about my travails with this credit card company since that would take forever (but if you want to, i've included at the bottom of this blog the entire history of my problem with BDO). Instead, i'm writing about the reasons why i'm super pissed off with this ****ing credit card company. Now, let's begin...

(1) They have the lousiest sytem for a credit card company that I know. A case in point: They didn't have a copy of all the documents that I sent/faxed. I got this idea because at least 2 agents told me that only the first P420 was approved for reversal. I kept on pointing out to them that HELLO! yung dalawang P420 ang even reversed the amount of P840 on October 23, 2008 as reflected in my bill. Now you're telling me isa lang yung approved for reversal? Duh! I asked them if they have a copy of all the documents that I faxed to which I found out they don't. Why? I don't know. But what I know is that a big and known company such as theirs should've invested on a system and implemented a process where they can ensure their customers that everything is recorded, saved, and easily-accessible in the system.

(2) Agents who seem to change their statement every time I call:

Cases in point:

  1. Janna Magalong, whom I talked to on 13JAN2009, told me that when I fax the documents, I can call right after to verify if they received it.
  2. Joseph Ramirez, whom I talked to on the night of 13JAN2009, told me the same thing that Janna said.
  3. Air Delfino, whom I talked to on the morning of 14JAN2009, told me that it takes 1 banking day for them to verify receipt of faxed documents.
  4. Odette Lozanta, whom I talked to at 7:50 in the morning of 15JAN2009, told me to check later in the day since the office who receives all faxed documents start work at 8am.
  5. Jrose Espiritu, whom I talked to at 12:30PM of 15JAN2009, told me that it takes a maximum of 2 banking days for them to confirm receipt of faxed documents.

So...gaano ba talaga katagal before they can have the documents that you faxed reflected in their system? Apparently, 10 DAYS or 8 BANKING DAYS! It took them 10 DAYS to confirm receipt of faxed documents. Documents were faxed on 06-JAN-2009, and it was only on the 16th of January that they confirmed receipt of the 06JAN2009 fax...and that wasn't even the one that I called to inquire about...I was inquiring about the fax that I sent on 13JAN2009!

(3) You tell them to call you when they're about to review the case, you even leave ALL of your contact numbers (home, office, mobile...kahit na dapat yung system nila has these information at hand), but THEY DON'T CALL. I had to find out that they already acted on my request when I called to inquire. I reiterated my request that they CALL me when they're about to review the case but all they did was text. So...what part of the word CALL do they not understand? Takot lang ba silang kumausap at ma-bara ng customer? Baka hindi lang marunong mag-english kaya ayaw tumawag...hanggang text lang kasi pwede ipa-check sa ibang tao kung tama ang grammar at spelling.

(4) Annual fee was charged after just ten months of usage of card. Why? Apparently, their charging of annual fee charge is based on the date that the card was released from their system, which was Dec.2007 as I was told. I received and had my card activated on Feb. 20, 2008. That's two months of time where I wasn't aware that BDO was even sending me a credit card. So...logically speaking, how am I supposed to use a credit card that I haven't received? I wasn't even aware that they were sending me a credit card, for Christ's sake! OK lang sa akin that they charge me with annual fee if I didn't reach the agreed annual spending, but ilagay naman sana sa lugar. "ANNUAL" nga eh...meaning one year, which is equivalent to 12 months...HINDI 10! Good thing this additional headache didn't last for long because they reversed the charges by next billing but it just goes to show how lousy and base-less their system is.

(5) Sam Serrano: She had the audacity to tell me that she was monitoring my account the whole time. Oh, really now? If she really was closely monitoring it, then the Finance Charges would've been reversed a long time ago (like 3 months ago, when she first called to inform us that once they have a copy of the credit memo/reversal request letter from Fitness First, they'll reverse all charges ASAP). She even told me na sayang naman daw if I have the card cut-off, with which I told her: "Yung sama ng loob na dinulot nyo sa akin (Yes, I used the word "dinulot") it's not worthit. I'd rather pay P9,000 than continue being your customer. I'd rather have other credit card companies profit from my purchases but definitely NOT BDO." [NOTE: The P9,000 is for the iPod that I availed through their promo] All she could say was sorry and apologize. Don't get me wrong, this is not an attack on the person but on the company she represents, which has the worst system you could possibly think of for a credit card company.

I asked her why it took them so long to reverse the finance charges (it even got disapproved several times...4 times if i'm not mistaken) the point that I even had to ask for help from a relative who works at Equitable (which we all now know is BDO) to help me out and it's actually because of this that my request got immediate action (no thanks to any of the agents or to the office to whom these agents forward my requests), and all she could give me as an answer was: Nagpatong-patong na po kasi Ma'am yung request. To which I was not able to give her any reaction because of sheer disbelief to what she just said.

All in all, I talked to a total of 34 people from BDO in a span of 8 months. The headaches finally ended on 12FEB2009 (no thanks to these call center agents) and just last weekend, I got the billing statement with all charges reversed (the finance charges total came up to P6,911.98) and yours truly having no pending balance with BDO. I also already had my card (and the supplementaries) cut off as soon as all charges got reversed and all purchases have been paid (we stopped using the card last December 2008).

So...kung gusto nyo ng sakit ng ulo, go ahead, apply for a BDO Credit Card. Don't tell me I didn't warn you.

Some additional notes:

Since most of the calls I made with BDO was done during lunch break at the office, my officemates can't help but hear all the discussions I had with these BDO agents. When they learned about my problems with BDO, they willingly shared their problems as well...and these are some of them:

My officemate had her BDO credit card cut off because they were charging her finance charges due to late payment. But why was her payment late? Kasi late dumating yung bill ng BDO. She was very angry with BDO that, aside from having her credit card cut off, she closed all her & her husband's accounts with them. And she's not the only one with that same case. Another officemate of mine has been having problems with the receipt of their statement kasi laging just in the nick of time kung dumating. There was even one time, kinailangan pa nila takutin yung kausap nila from BDO telling them that pag hindi dumating yung statement, hindi nila babayaran yung bill. Ayun, the next day, the bill arrived. So...kailangan may pananakot pa'ng involved bago dumating yung bill? Shame on you, BDO!

Post Script...I was asked to try to end this on a "positive" note, and here's all that I came up with: BDO credit card should really try to improve the way they handle things and employ call center agents that can decide right there and then, which is how things are with other credit card companies. They at least owe this to the customers they have left.


My BDO credit card, all cut up, along with my mom's and dad's

Letters faxed/emailed to BDO (in chronological order):

[Feel free to click on the picture to read the entire letter/history]

All Calls History

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I could sum up the highlights of my day with these three letters: P, Q, and R.

P: PADI License
While heading to the bathroom this morning, I saw a PADI envelope in our nook and immediately got excited. If i'm right, this is the license I've been waiting for: My PADI Open Water Diver License! True enough, it really was!!! Because of my rush and excitement, I tore off the part of the envelope with the PADI logo in it. This isn't actually much of a big deal but i'm sentimental that way. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk, right? Besides, I got my license just in the nick of time since my temporary license is about to expire (its validity is only 90 days from issuance).

What made this more special is that, in the group of 7 that went diving in Davao last year, I was the first one who got the PADI license. Yippeee!!! Naka-lamang ako sa inyo guys! HEHEHE! Although Angel's might be in the mail already.Ü

Q: Queen
I've been reading mixed reviews about Miley Cyrus' dress at the Oscars. Some love it, some hate it. When I first saw it on Yahoo, I didn't know what or how to react: Do I love it? No...not lovin' the look. Do I like it? Hmmm...i'm not sold out about it. Will I wear it if given a chance? I guess I'll do in the very remote possibility that I will be crowned the next queen of Britain. Haha!

My officemate and I had a brief discussion about the dress today. We both had the same sentiments about it: The dress was not bad but it was not great either. She said it was just too bejeweled, and I agree. I told her my thoughts...that I'd only wear that (if given a chance to) for super special occassions like getting crowned a queen or princess (do they crown princessess? anyhow...)....but a thought occurred just now: Will that be a nice wedding dress? Not my cup of tea but I guess it would look good as a wedding dress once the blue accents are replaced by white or champagne-colored ones. Hmmm...I guess this would be a thought to ponder on.

R: Retro
Wednesday nights, for me, are Retro nights at the gym. Fitness First's Mall of Asia branch has this one hour Retro class every Wednesday at 6:30PM and I never fail to attend such class except:
  • When I have my monthly period
  • When I have other important matters to attend to (I even go out of my way not to schedule any gimmicks on Wednesday nights or schedule meetings that might go beyond 5:30PM on Wednesday afternoons)
  • When I'm not in town
  • When I'm sick

So imagine my disappointment of not being able to attend today's class (obviously, coz i'm writing this blog) mainly because my brother failed to pick me up on time. He was at the office at 6:30PM...and what time does the Retro class start? 6:30PM!!! Ano pa'ng aabutan ko dun given that I still have to change clothes when I get there before I can attend the class? I would've told him to bring me there had there been space in the car for me to change, but NO. He had the entire back seat removed and covered the entire space with a humongous sound system that I don't see the point of! He's such a spoiled brat! And, guess what? He had the nerve to tell me (NOT in a polite or sorry manner, mind you), "Ano ba talaga? Sabi ni Mommy i-hatid daw kita." after I told him to just head home because I obviously would be missing a big chunk of the class anyway (of course I was mad when I told him this). Aba! Nagawa pa nyang sabihin sakin yun? If I was the one who's wrong I would've said "I'm sorry" but it looks like he's not even sorry at all. I want to shout, cry, or throw something but I know that's just not the right thing to do for something very minor like this. I'm just really, very, super pissed off!!! =(


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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Old Movies

Not really one to brave the crowds and traffic on Valentine's Day, I opted to stay at home and initially planned to start watching the 5th season of House. But on V-day itself, I was given a copy of an old movie entitled Same Time, Next Year (thanks Sir K!) so I spent V-day watching old, romantic movies instead, which was really not my cup of tea but I wanted to "discover something new in me" last V-day so I did something that I've never done before...which was to watch old movies.Ü

Same Time, Next Year (1978)
In a gist, these two individuals, who are married to their respective spouses, met by chance at an inn in 1951, spent the night together, and after having shared a lot of their thoughts and feelings to each other, decided to meet up again at the same time of the next year...and they did for the next 26 years or so (the film ended in the year 1977 with both characters still alive...thankfully!Ü).
To the guys out there, this is a chick flick so you might not find it that interesting. I actually almost decided not to finish the film after having seen the first few minutes of it but the movie's soundtrack featured a song that I liked so I couldn't dare myself to stop the movie right in the middle of it, which was good since I ended up liking the film. The song, which was played every so often in the movie, was one of the things I liked in the film. It's The Last Time I Felt Like This, which you might not recall now but I'm sure you've heard of this once or twice before (the song starts with "Hello, I don't even know your name, but I'm hopin' all the same, this is more than just a simple hello..."). Oh...I just love it! I downloaded the song immediately after. Anyway, enough about the song...let's get back to the movie. So, why did I like it? The thought of having someone who's not a constant factor in your life, who doesn't have any connection to any of your family or friends, but whom you can share all your thoughts and feelings with is something that intrigues me...and something that I wish to have if life permits (of course minus the "sleeping together" part if we're both married Ü). It's just such a refreshing idea knowing that any judgement he (or she) has of you is based on how he (or she) has known you over those one-weekend-a-year that you get to spend together. So that's my two cent's worth about the movie, which I recommend if you just want to watch a light-hearted, romantic comedy.Ü

Somewhere in Time (1980)
One evening, while waiting for my mom to finish up at the gym, I browsed through the VCDs available for borrowing at the gym and came across this Somewhere in Time VCD which apparently stars Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. We all know who Christopher Reeve is (need I mention Superman?Ü), while Jane Seymour will forever be etched in my mind as one of the celebrities who competed in the 5th Season of Dancing with the Stars (US). Anyway, since this movie will be blending well with my Old Movies for V-Day theme, I decided to download it and watch it last V-day weekend.

In a nutshell, the movie revolves around Richard Collier's (Christopher Reeve's character) quest to go back to 1912 where he apparently met Elise McKenna (Jane Seymour), the love of his life. Oh, by the way, the movie's setting started in the year 1972. How he got back 50 years earlier? Apparently by tricking his mind that it's 1912. Anyway, that part's well-documented in the film so I'll just go straight with my views and opinions about the film. To say that the movie was mind-boggling is an understatement. I actually had to write down all my thoughts right after watching the movie, and here they are:

(1) What happened to Elise after Richard went back to the present? -This one I got to answer after a few minutes: Ayun...nabuhay sya without Richard. Hinanap nya malamang si Richard and saw him in the play where she gave the watch back.

(2) Why did Elise say..."Is it you?" (or something like that) when she first saw Richard in 1912? -I still don't get this up until now. Maybe i'll find the answer when I watch this movie for the 2nd time.

(3) How could Richard have existed in two different eras? -Well, I guess this is just something you'll have to accept when watching a film having a tag phrase of Someday in the past, he will find her.

So those are my thoughts about Somewhere in Time. Did I like it? Well, I guess I did, but not as much as Same Time, Next Year. Will I watch it again? Why not? Christopher Reeve was just super handsome in the movie that you really can't take your eyes off him. And Jane Seymour was beautiful in the film. Such a perfect pair. And Arthur's character (the one person who was alive as a very young boy in 1912 and as a hotel bell boy in the present) was just so endearing to watch.Ü I also loved the movie's soundtrack, which has the same title as the movie...a timeless classic indeed (well, what can I say, I just love sappy, old love songs Ü).

That was how I spent last weekend. I have a few more old movies here, which was lent to me by my officemate: Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Funny Face. I'm not actually sure if I'll get to watch depends if I like the plots of these movies after I Google it. Nonetheless, i'll copy them just in case I feel the urge to watch old movies in the future. That's all for now folks! Happy weekend!

Old Movies OST

Sunday, January 04, 2009

2008 in Retrospect

For lack of a better title, I'm recycling one that I used before...but with a different year, of course.Ü So since we've already bid goodbye to 2008 and 2009 is already 4-days old, I'd like to take the opportunity to look back on the year that was and try, as much as possible, to remember the highlights of my year (which would entail browsing through my ever-reliable daily planner since I have this sickness that you call memory gap...Ü).
  • I got to go, for the first time, to the following places in the Philippines: Boracay, Davao, and Hundred Islands Ü
  • I became a Licensed Open Water DIVEr (hindi DRIVEr ha...hehehe!)
  • I got promoted Ü (I know promotion's a great thing but I now have half-day Saturday work)
  • I got to see and hang out with my best friend Silver when she had this spur-of-the-moment Manila vacation in September Ü
  • My mom stopped smoking!!!Ü
  • My brother Kyle graduated high school and started college at CSB
  • The re-opening of the small rotonda at Domestic Road...after less than a month of closing it AND yours truly bombarding the **** traffic enforcers with snide comments, suggestions, opinions, justifications, and all what-have-you's every time I get the chance to (I literally go out of my way to talk to them about this impractical traffic scheme that they implemented)
  • Acer replaced my problematic PC (i'm actually not sure if this should be here or on the 'other' list since I am NOT happy with its OS)
  • Went on a "spree" towards the latter part of the year
  • Got addicted to Gossip Girl and House
  • Had a room makeover (I am still about to blog about this Ü)
  • The entire Philippines had a super long Christmas/New Year vacation
  • I had my first ever Rafting and Zip Line experience
  • Bumped into Anne Curtis and her model friends at the Araneta Center's washroom before the Bench Blackout Fashion Show
  • Finally solved that "Ñ check printing" problem at work (yippeee!Ü)
  • And since I love weddings, I got to go to the following weddings this year: Corina & Chito, Ian & Ethel, Ella & Marvin, Eli & Joseph Ü

The CONS of 2008, on the other hand, are...

  • Problem with Fitness First & BDO
  • My birthday fiasco (dalawa yun, but I don't want to reiterate)
  • I lapsed in my "blogging promise" (to myself) of 1 blog per month

Forgive me if I don't want to elaborate on the last three since I want to remember 2008 for its happy-happy, joy-joy moments and not on those things I'd rather forget. And since 2009 has already begun, my wish for everyone is a year where the fun and happy moments totally outweigh the not-so-happy ones.Ü TTFN!Ü

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year, New Layout

Since it's the new year, I decided to update my blog's layout. I found this Mont Tiara theme from Wordpress that I fell in love with and after a whole day of blog's updated layout! YIPPEEE!!!
I hope you guys find the black, red, and white color scheme appealing...and I hope you'd still continue reading my blog even if there's an image of a bed in the header...i'm hoping it doesn't actually make you want to go to sleep when reading my blog. Hehehe...
HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone! May 2009 be worry-free and fun-filled for all of us! *HUGZ!*and*MUAH!*
I was watching the Today Show (i'm not actually sure if it really is the TODAY Show) the other day (now, that's a bit confusing!Ü) and heard that "Twittering" is OUT and that "Slow Blogging" is IN! This just means that I am actually part of the IN thing (I'm probably the slowest blogger in town)! What actually is Twittering? It's posting what you're actually up to via You're supposed to update this every minute of every hour if you can...I actually signed-up before...but never really got the hang of it. Which is apparently a good thing since it's OUT now...and SLOW BLOGGING is IN! So, what is Slow Blogging? Basically what I'm doing...blogging only as often as once a week or once a month...actually posting something that you've thought about rather than whatcha-doing-right-now-spur-of-the-moment thingies. Anyway...i'm just glad to be IN