Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Rediscovering Bun on the Run

On my first visit to TriNoma, I headed for the floor where the cinemas are located to catch the 2PM Harry Potter movie which I had advanced tickets for. And just as my friends and I were walking to the cinemas, a small burger joint caught my eye: Bun on the Run, it says. And my reaction was: WHOA! It was like Davey Jones resurrecting from the dead! I thought Bun on the Run was gone for good, never to be seen (and tasted Ü) again. But I guess I was wrong, coz right in front of me is a Bun on the Run burger joint...or so it says. I was skeptical at first. Maybe this was a different Bun on the Run...or maybe I read it wrong or just simply remembered the name incorrectly (which I doubt). But NO! This really is THE Bun on the Run that I remember so vividly. One look at their menu and i'm sure that this is IT!

Standing there, overwhelmed by this wonderful feeling, I vowed that I must not leave TriNoma on that day without having a taste of any of BotR's classic burgers. Hence, after the movie and walking around the mall a bit, my friends and I decided to check out BotR's burgers. We all ended up ordering their Chori Burger and I must say, I was NOT disappointed (I even texted my dad in my excitement Ü). Two of my friends who've never heard and tasted BotR before agreed with me and said that the burgers are indeed delicious. I was actually torn between Porkloin Sandwich --- a favorite of mine when I was a kid, and their Chori Burger --- something that I grew to love after having some bite off my mom or dad's order. Well, as I've mentioned, I ended up ordering the Chori Burger and I can't actually wait to get back at TriNoma (no matter how far it is from home and my usual hang outs) and have a taste of the Porkloin Sandwich, which I also truly miss!
I must say, even after several years in hiatus, BotR's burgers are still the same as how I remembered it: the bun, oh-so-soft; their coleslaw, very tasty; and their mayo (or is it cheese? it says "cheese" on the menu...??? Anyway, whatever...Ü) super yummy! Their mayo (or cheese) is so unique that i've never tasted anything like it in any of the burgers i've tried before. I don't know what it is that they put in that unique concoction of theirs but it truly is a hit! Well, with me at least.Ü Probably the only thing that changed in the several years they've been MIA is their price (of course, their burgers now are pricier than before at P68 each) and their logo, which is now updated with a modern look.Ü

There's one thing I miss though: it's seeing their staff prepare and cook the burgers while customers are waiting for their orders. Their old store at Park Square 1, which my family and I frequented before they moved to Glorietta then closed down, gave customers a chance to view what is going on in their mini kitchen since their oven is placed against a glass divider for people to see how burgers are prepared and cooked. And I remember as a kid that I love watching them prepare and cook burgers while at the same time guessing what burger among those being cooked is mine. But that was then. The TriNoma branch now doesn't offer this kitchen preview, but they do have tables and chairs in front, which is something that the old-and-now-gone Park Square branch didn't have.

I sure hope BotR opens a branch in Makati, Pasay, or Parañaque area because they surely have at least one avid fan (That's me! Two if you count my officemate, Jacky Ü) who can't seem to get enough of their burgers.Ü I read in another post that they have one other branch at Metrowalk, but that's still far from the places that I frequent. So I hope that this blog reaches the BotR owners and grant an avid fan's request!Ü If not, then i'll just have to think of other ways to make BotR come to me! Hmmm...I wonder: how much do you think it costs to franchise? Hehe! Let's wait and see...Ü

'Til the next blog everyone!Ü

FYI: Writing this blog made me crave for BotR even more!!! Someone ship me off to TriNoma...NOW!!!Ü

Thanks to Dulce for bringing along her NEW camera for taking all those pictures of BotR