Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 in Retrospect

It's an hour away from my self-appointed deadline for this month's blog and also an hour away from the entire Philippines (and those sharing the GMT +8:00 time zone) welcoming the new year. I actually started this blog thinking of writing about those things that I miss when I was in the US. But now that the firecrackers outside are getting plentiful by the minute and my television tuned-in on GMA7's Celebr8 to '08 party, I can't help but to think of the year 2007, which will, in about an hour, be known to everyone as the year that was. So I guess i'll just reserve that blog that I have in mind for another time and right now try to focus on reflecting on the good, the bad, the nice, and the ugly about the year 2007.

To make this easier (mostly for me Ü), i'll enumerate some of the highlights of my year...coz i'm sure all the TV stations out there will be enumerating the highlights of the year 2007 in their end of year specials, so i'll just leave that to them. At para maiba naman, i'll just list down the highlights of MY year...since blog ko naman 'to! HEHEHE! So, here it goes (in random)...
  • For this year, I increased my number of inaanaks by 3: Renzo, Iya, & Gaby Ü
  • I had my eyes lasered at St. Lukes last Feb.14 (so doctor ko ang ka-date ko nung araw na yun! hehehe)
  • The passing of Tito Andy & my Ama
  • I bought, with my own money, my first non-Nokia cellphone (a pink MotoRAZR Ü)
  • I saw through the implementation of a project (that's close to my heart...hehehe)
  • I got to show my dancing prowess 3 times this year...hehehe!
  • My family and I celebrated my maternal Lolo & Lola's 50th Wedding Anniversary
  • I had my first diving experience with friends at Anilao
  • I had two of my colleagues moving to greener pasteurs...Dio & Jacky
  • I had a drastic haircut (the first in years), the Mega Bangs 'do Ü, on the month of August
  • I experienced my first ever "company" outing (although it was just our group who went out of town...and it was not even an overnight thing...hehehe)
  • I voted...for the 2nd time around.
  • I danced at Obando (not to get pregnant, ha!) with a few of my colleagues
  • My family and I celebrated my Dad's surprise 70th birthday at Gloria Maris, Greenhills, wherein all 6 children of Papa were present (Vian flew in from Canada, Walter flew in from Shanghai, while Bambi was already here coz of her schooling Ü)
  • I got sent to my first ever "training/workshop" at work (all the past ones got cancelled...hehehe...)
  • I joined a gym
  • It was the first time that the entire Philippines celebrated my kasi (Ramadan)
  • I experienced the worst emotional rollercoaster ride to date
  • I had a 2-week US Vacation!!! YIPPEEE!!!
  • My mom and I celebrated thanksgiving in the US for the 2nd time
  • My mom and I got great deals during the after-thanksgiving (or "Black Friday") mega sale! (We got to buy a laptop, digicam, digital photoframe, and a whole lot more!)

Well I guess that's all that I can remember for now.Ü Here's to the year ahead! Cheers to 2008! Thanks for visting my blog! *HUGZ!*and*MUAH!*

Hail to the Alma Mater

To all Lasallians out there, listen up (literally)...a new twist to our beloved Alma Mater song...reggae version (naks!). It's nice actually...I like it. Feeling ko ako si Bob Marley every time I hear this (it's in my phone, under my Pang Ubos Batt playlist Ü). I got this from Jerome, my officemate, who's from USTe, so I don't really know where he got this but he just came up to me one morning and said: "Diba from La Salle ka? Pakinggan mo 'to, yung Alma Mater song nyo." So I listened and I liked it then he sent it via bluetooth from his phone to mine. And that's the story of how I got this version of our Alma Mater song.Ü

Here's another a cappella, sung by the DLSU Chorale. I got this from another blogsite (Nekti Ka No? Rektikano!), which I learned about when an officemate told me about it a few months back. May added bonus pa kasi may kasamang video yung song.

Well, what other line to end this blog but to borrow a line from a song: I'd rather be green than be blue.Ü True yan!Ü Animo La Salle!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Of Holidays and Vacations

A colleague of mine has been telling me for months now that I badly need a vacation. Well, I guess he's right coz a day or two before leaving for my much-awaited US vacation, I realized that a week before, I implemented the wrong customized program in production (PROD). To make it easier to understand, rather than implementing Program A to PROD, I mistakenly implemented Program B. Imagine my horror after I realized this mistake! My oh my...I really DO need a vacation!

Well, I finally had my vacation and headed to the US with my Mom last November 15. Imagine my excitement knowing that I won't have to think about work for two whole weeks! Yippee!

Our first stop, after landing at LAX and heading to San Diego where my Godmother lives (and where we'll be staying for our entire trip), was Las Vegas to attend a fund-raising event that my Ninang organized. After the dinner event, we partied the night away at the newly-opened Planet Hollywood (PH) hotel. At first I didn't know what "PH" meant and kept on asking "Where's the hotel?" (coz we walked from Monte Carlo, where we were staying, to Planet Hollywood), and they said, "Ayun oh! Yung may 'PH'!" And I replied, "Ah, yun ba! Akala ko kasi 'PH' stands for 'Philippines'!!!" HARDIHARHAR! Stupid me!

Well, there are actually two things that I wasn't able to do in Vegas: (1) Gamble...I wasn't really planning to anyway, I'd rather spend my money shopping rather than gambling; and (2) Get Married...this, I think, I really should've done. HAHAHA! Well, with drive-through weddings available in Vegas, it really IS very easy to get married in this place! I should've thought about that in the 4 days we were there. Oh well, there's no use crying over spilt milk anyway.

After the "Vegas Event" (as I would like to call it), we were back in San Diego to spend one of the most awaited holidays in the US: THANKSGIVING. It's actually the 2nd time that my mom and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my Ninang's family (the first was in 2004) and it has always been fun spending Thanksgiving with them seeing that my Ninang's family is quite big and very close-knit. We had fun eating all the food in the table (we had Turkey the day after, but that's a different story), singing the night away with the videoke/karaoke, playing poker, and just sitting by the fire pit in the backyard talking about anything that we could think of.

The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest sale of the year for the Americans: the After-Thanksgiving Sale, where all stores offer discounts that one can't just pass off! We were actually at Best Buy by the crack of dawn: 5AM! Imagine that! HAHAHA! But it was all worthit coz we got to buy, among others, a Digicam with Digital Frame for only $100, and a 2GB RAM, 250GB HD Laptop worth $600. After that, we went to a few other stores like Walmart and Staples, then headed back home to rest.

That night, after resting, we headed to Pala Hotel and Casino, which is about 40 minutes from my Ninang's place. We stayed there to relax and gamble (but my mom and I didn't), then had our facial and massages the next day at the Pala Spa. The one who did my facial was actually half Pinay! But she looked more American than Pinay. Anyway, we also celebrated Ate Ping's birthday (Ninang's youngest sister) there with a heartful lunch at Noodles, the Chinese resto there.

Oh my...I can't believe that my vacation's over. =( We'll be heading back to Manila tomorrow night and i'm sure it would be very hard to get my mind and body into 'work-mode' once again. Oh well, that's life. Gotta enjoy the happy moments while you can. For now, i'll just try not to think about work and make the most of the remainder of my vacation.

Til next month's blogs you guys! *MUAH!*

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dancing With A Crash

I'm not embarrased to admit that I do LOVE the National Geographic Channel (and Discovery too!). I specifically am fascinated watching these two NatGeo shows: Air Crash Investigation (ACI) and Seconds From Disaster, but i'm more of a fan of the former than the latter. I'm not sure if working in the airline industry has influenced my fascination for ACI, but it's just very informative to know the causes of some of the air crash accidents that have headlined the news in the past years. If not for that reason alone, then you at least have an idea what to specifically pray for before boarding, through the course of, and during landing of a flight.Ü

Seriously speaking, every episode of ACI just rouses my curiosity. At the beginning of each episode you'll start asking why and how did such a thing happen? Then bit by bit and like pieces of a puzzle, the reasons and series of events that occured resulting to the accident is given to you in a way that could be understood by a 5-year-old (well...probably not a 5-year-old, but i'm sure you understand what I mean Ü). Then, by the end of each episode, all of your questions are answered, leaving you with a sense of satisfaction knowing the cause (or probable cause, in some cases) of the accident tackled in that particular episode.

Having downloaded Seasons 1 to 3 of this series (If i'm not mistaken, Season 4 is currently being shown in the National Geographic channel), two of the episodes that I vividly remember (and i'm not really sure why) is Ghost Plane (Wow! Very timely for Halloween...Ü) and Hidden Danger.

In Ghost Plane, Helios flight 522 is found circling the sky with all of its passengers, pilots and cabin crew included, seemingly unconscious, as described by a fighter plane that flew beside it. As it turns out, all those on board suffered hypoxia (a shortage of oxygen in the body) which was a result of the pressurization panel switch being left in MANUAL rather than AUTO mode without the pilot knowing about it.

In Hidden Danger, three different aircrafts (United Airlines 585, US Air 427, and Eastwind 14) suffer what seems to be a very similar problem: the pilots being unable to control the rudder of the plane resulting to the aircraft spinning out of control. As it turns out, the mechanism that controls the rudder gets jammed due to extreme changes in weather temperature. It took 10 years and 3 aircraft mishaps for NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) to finish their investigation, the longest ever to be performed as mentioned in the episode.

One other TV show that started another season this fall (in the US) is Dancing With The Stars (DWTS). I originally didn't pay much attention to this show since it's not shown in any of the cable channels here in the Philippines, and I just often hear about it in US gossip shows like E!, Insider, and The Daily Ten. Funny though coz it's also through these gossip shows that I learned about Jennie Garth's guesting for this season (DWTS Season 5). [Snippet: To those who don't know, Jennie Garth played Kelly Taylor in the long-running-but-now-defunct-TV-show Beverly Hills 90210...the BEST TV series of all time...from a very biased point of view...Hehehe...]

I got excited after learning that Jennie Garth will be guesting in this season's DWTS because i'm such a big fan of hers! So, come 2-3 days after it premiered in the US last September 24th, I was up and about tinkering with my PC, searching the net for Dancing With The Stars Season 5 torrents.Ü After being able to download all 3 of their season premiere episodes (it was a 3-night season premiere that started with Ladies' Night, Men's Night, and the Results Show), I began watching what I didn't know then would be a weekly addiction to celebrity dance competition.

I don't know if this just fascinates me because I love to dance but this show is very much addictive! Trust me! The celebrities really put their hearts into making their dance numbers great such that you wouldn't even know that they're novices to dancing (unless you're a professional dancer or one of the judges, I guess)!Ü Plus the sneak previews that are shown before each dance allows the viewers to have a behind-the-scenes view of how big of an effort both the celebrity and their partners (professional dancers) put into each dance, making us, the viewers, appreciate their performances all the more.

Just so you know, stars of the show have been known to lose quite a lot of weight during the course of a season. For this season alone, Wayne Newton and Mark Cuban have been the biggest losers so far (they've also been voted-out so the term "loser" can actually mean two things...LOL!). Well, I wouldn't be surprised. Imagine having to add several hours of dance practice to your existing routine and on top of it, trying to do your day job! Whew! Quite an exhausting (but I guess, rewarding) endeavor indeed! But it's not just the celebrities who put in all the hard work. The professional dancers should be given equal credit as well, since they're the ones who choreograph their weekly dances and are responsible in making their celebrity partner look good on the dance floor. So, BRAVO! to them!Ü

Well, there you have it. Two of the TV shows that's keeping me busy at night and on weekends (aside from Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives, of course). To those who want to catch these shows: Air Crash Investigation is currrently aired every Tuesday, 9pm @ the National Geographic Channel, while Dancing With The Stars Season 5 is aired every Monday and Tuesday (Results) Nights in the US @ ABC.

Please do vote for Jennie Garth (to those who can Ü) and her partner, Derek Hough (who, BTW, is a cutie!Ü) in this season's Dancing with the Stars!!! As of writing this blog, there are 6 pairs left, and Jennie and Derek are one of those pairs!
For AT&T Subscribers: call 1-800-VOTE4-01 (1-800-868-3401) or text "VOTE" to 3401.Ü Thank you!Ü

Friday, October 05, 2007

Too Cute!

This is just too cute not to share!!!

I actually got this twice already, via email...and both times, it never failed to give me a huge laugh! That's why I decided to share it to you that if you're ever feeling a bit blue, then you're just a click away from having something that will temporarily turn you to any other different color other than blue...Ü Enjoy!

Exercise Muna Tayo!!!

1st - Warming Up
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket parang nagsasayaw lang...

2nd - Stretching
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket istretch-istrech

3rd - Upper Body Exercise
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket gwaping pose

4th - Lower Body Exercise (Moving to the Left and Back)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket circle, circle, slide, slide...

5th - Lower Body Exercise (Moving to the Right and Back)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket again...

X-cess: I think I actually do numbers 4 and 5 at the office...except for the "circle, circle" thingy...hehehe! Whatchuthink, Maan?Ü

6th - Head Exercise (Make sure to do the 2nd part, it works!)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket hiluhin ang sarili, then sumuka...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket pampatalino!

7th - Whole Body Exercise
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket parang bangag lang...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket parang tanga lang...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket parang sinasaniban...

8th - Reaching-Out Exercise: Remember, the pose is the key!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket go! abutin ang langit!

9th - Relax
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket the exorcism of emily rose...madali lang yan...effortless...promise!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket maghanap ng kasama...yung papayag na pareho kayong magmumukang tanga...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket sumayaw sa galak dahil you've completed the exercise for the day! tomorrow ulit...Ü

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Puzzled Over Facebook

There's this new "Friendster-like" application/website/whatchamacallit in the web called Facebook that my friends are going gaga over. Personally, i'm still such a newbie to this thing and am super lost (as in!) as to how to navigate and do anything with it! Do I go to the Requests page first and answer all the requests and invites sent out by friends? Do I accept everything they send? How come it always asks me to invite friends whenever I add a new application? Gosh! All these drama! HARDIHARHAR! Right now I'm just playing around with it...tinkering here and there...trying to figure out some of these stuff here.

I guess this site's selling point is the user's ability to add numerous "applications" where you can do just about everything you can think of! Ergo, if you want to "spank" someone online, you can do so via the "Spank" application. If you want to have a food fight with your friends, go ahead with the "Food Fight" application. Wanna know your stripper name and ask your friends to rate it (mine's Heidi Dreambutter...hahaha! Parang Anchor Butter...Ü)? Use the "What's your stripper name?" application. Want to share a Cosmopolitan or a Margarita with your friends? Send them a drink or two using the "Booze Mail" application. The possibilities are endless. And I literallly mean ENDLESS.

So to those who want to join FACEBOOK, go ahead and sign up. Add me up too if you want. And to those who'd want to help me out in figuring out this website, feel free to do so by posting a comment on this blog. I'm sure i'm not the only person you'll be helping out.Ü

Facebook's Homepage

Facebook's Profile Page

Friday, September 28, 2007

Confessions of a Fashionista

I don't know if you'd consider yours truly a fashionista, but I do love dressing up! I sometimes look forward to weekends just so I could wear an outfit in mind that would never be allowed at the office. And sometimes, I do get excited to go to the office just because of an outfit i'm planning to wear for that day...even though I know no one's gonna see me at the office anyway! HAHAHA! Call me "praning" but I just always get a certain high when I'm in the mood to dress up and when I do achieve my goal of looking the way I want to look for that day. You can probably blame my mom for this characteristic of mine...being a fashion designer during all of my growing up years (she used to make ready-to-wear and made-to-order clothes for women...mostly office attires) and making me her Barbie doll during all of those years, it's just a matter of time that some of her fashionista-self would rub off on me...albeit a bit too much actually. But I don't mind...and I actually love it! She now acts as my "fashion consultant," the one-woman-jury who decides whether my outfit for the day is nice or just so-so

Anyway, let me share to you the one thing that transpired that led me to write this particular article. One morning, a prominent figure in our department asked me out of nowhere: "Where do you buy the outfits you wear at the office?" And I was stunned. Wierded-out by the question and stunned. Then she goes on to say that she considers moi a fashionista and that her apo, who's a graduating student, needs to buy some corporate attire as it is needed for school (probably for a thesis defense or a similar event), and she just wants to know where I buy my outfits so she can suggest to her apo to go to those stores. I was actually caught empty-handed and I didn't know what to say, but eventually blurted out: "Maldita. The Black Shop. And Divisoria." HAHAHA! I don't think I even own an outfit from The Black Shop. But I love the style of their outfits (it's just not within my budget) and I'd go to their store every now and then just to check out some of their new styles. Anyway, this got me to thinking: Where exactly DO I buy most of my outfits anyway? Well, after a careful scrutiny of my wardrobe cabinet, here's what I got:

I just love their clothes! They're a bit pricey for my taste though but I sometimes stumble upon a piece or two that are just within my budget, hence I've collected quite a few pieces of clothing from this brand. I also love their new alter-ego, Black Sheep, which is more casual, caters to the younger crowd, and are much more affordable. Their "fill-in-the-blanks" shirt is such a hit (to me, at least)! I have one that says "I Dig _______" (you fill in the blank...hehe...) although I like "I Love _______" better, but they didn't have one in my size the time that I bought mine. Anyway, back to I've mentioned, I slowly grew to love this brand coz their pieces (most especially their tops) are hip and stylish, and can be worn to the office. I have only one pair of pants from this store so far and it's actually my most expensive purchase by far (from Maldita) at P1,500+, which is already discounted by 15% coz of an HSBC credit card promo. Basically, the reason why I'm now in love with Maldita, is because they cater to the urban and yuppie gals (And guys too! They have Maldita Men now) like me.Ü

I've got quite a few clothes from this store that stand out, not just in my closet, but everytime I wear them out as well. One is a black bolero with fur piping (that I wear to the office when I want to cover up a sleeveless top), and another, which is a battle green, sort of crocheted, bolero-type sweater with hood, and lining the hood are fur (HAHA! Ain't I a fur fanatic!). I got those two on sale because I never would've bothered buying those in their original price. Anyway, aside from my fur-mania at Freeway, I also often buy my swimsuits here because the prices of their bra and bikini sets are affordable (And by "affordable" I mean "does not exceed the 1,000-peso mark") and cute.

Now that i'm an office girl, my wardrobe has changed through the past two years. It used to be full of baby tees and sleeveless/spaghetti strap/haltered tops. But now, you'll find knitted tops and collared blouses since the place I frequent most nowadays is the office. And when it comes to knitted tops, I often get to buy those at The Landmark, 2nd floor, near the shoes section. They have lots of knitted tops there that are great for office wear and are very much affordable, being in the 300 to 600 price range. My most favorite buy there is a black, 3/4 sleeves, V-neck top that never fails to get compliments from family and friends.

This place is a shopper's haven! That is, if they're willing to go through each and every aisle of the stores there, weaving in and out of human traffic (not the illegal kind), and at the same time being wary of pickpockets and taking very good care of your valuables. If you're lucky, you'll stumble upon a great buy that is of good quality and cheap (I know I have Ü). If you are a follower of fads and want to join in the current fashion trend but are not willing to spend too much on a piece of clothing that you know you'd only wear for a few months (or until the fad fades away), then this is the place to be. I'm sure that, with all the stores here, you'll definitely find something that will suit your trendy taste and is within budget. You just have to be patient and be very good in bargaining (my mom and dad are experts!). The places I frequent here are 168 Mall (and the adjacent Meisic Mall), Divisoria Mall, and Tutuban...but I find myself going to the latter 2 more often nowadays.

Probably the reason why I have quite a few Bench pieces is the fact that I have a discount card at this store (10% discount on cash purchases, 5% on credit card, but not all of their items are covered by the discount card). My most treasured and loved Bench item is a plain white shirt that I got at P399 (or was it P299???), which you can actually find under their Bench Body or underwear line (although it's a far cry from being an underwear). I love it so much that I bought another one (exact same thing) and got one each in other colors too (baby pink and light blue)! HAHA! Talk about being an addict! I so love this top because it fits just right and I just love wearing the color white coz you can do anything with it! Accessorize it and match it with a different bottom every time and you've got a whole new outfit! Aside from this major love affair with Bench's white top, I also like their Bench Body line, mostly their panties, because their bra needs a bit of work (especially the gets all tangled up after a trip to the laundromat).


Their shoes are so comfy that it compensates with the quite expensive price tag that comes with it. But it's all worthit though coz they really manufacture quality shoes that will last you quite sometime (depends on the use...mine's still in good condition despite the mostly everyday use that it has endured for the past two years). HOwever, they don't have a lot of style that you can choose from...and would you believe that the shoes I bought two years ago is still on display until now? Which goes to show that they really don't invest much when it comes to styling their shoes. But comfort-wise, I give them an A+.Ü

An expensive store indeed but their walking shoes is comfortable and not to mention, stylish as well. My only pair costs a little less than P4,000 (got it on sale at 20% off) and I just love wearing it coz it's sooo comfy and ideal for walking (great for out of town trips where you know you'd be on your feet most of the time). My mom just recently bought hers at 30% off, which just goes to show that our family really adores this alligator (Or is it crocodile? I always get mixed up!) brand when it comes to shoes.

Well, that's it guys! Those are the stores I love and often frequent. So if you bump into me in any one of these stores, give me a nudge. Maybe I can give you a suggestion or two on what would be a good buy in the said store. 'Til next month's blog!Ü (As bonus, you can check out some of the outfits I mentioned above in the picture-slideshow below Ü Enjoy!)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Rediscovering Bun on the Run

On my first visit to TriNoma, I headed for the floor where the cinemas are located to catch the 2PM Harry Potter movie which I had advanced tickets for. And just as my friends and I were walking to the cinemas, a small burger joint caught my eye: Bun on the Run, it says. And my reaction was: WHOA! It was like Davey Jones resurrecting from the dead! I thought Bun on the Run was gone for good, never to be seen (and tasted Ü) again. But I guess I was wrong, coz right in front of me is a Bun on the Run burger joint...or so it says. I was skeptical at first. Maybe this was a different Bun on the Run...or maybe I read it wrong or just simply remembered the name incorrectly (which I doubt). But NO! This really is THE Bun on the Run that I remember so vividly. One look at their menu and i'm sure that this is IT!

Standing there, overwhelmed by this wonderful feeling, I vowed that I must not leave TriNoma on that day without having a taste of any of BotR's classic burgers. Hence, after the movie and walking around the mall a bit, my friends and I decided to check out BotR's burgers. We all ended up ordering their Chori Burger and I must say, I was NOT disappointed (I even texted my dad in my excitement Ü). Two of my friends who've never heard and tasted BotR before agreed with me and said that the burgers are indeed delicious. I was actually torn between Porkloin Sandwich --- a favorite of mine when I was a kid, and their Chori Burger --- something that I grew to love after having some bite off my mom or dad's order. Well, as I've mentioned, I ended up ordering the Chori Burger and I can't actually wait to get back at TriNoma (no matter how far it is from home and my usual hang outs) and have a taste of the Porkloin Sandwich, which I also truly miss!
I must say, even after several years in hiatus, BotR's burgers are still the same as how I remembered it: the bun, oh-so-soft; their coleslaw, very tasty; and their mayo (or is it cheese? it says "cheese" on the menu...??? Anyway, whatever...Ü) super yummy! Their mayo (or cheese) is so unique that i've never tasted anything like it in any of the burgers i've tried before. I don't know what it is that they put in that unique concoction of theirs but it truly is a hit! Well, with me at least.Ü Probably the only thing that changed in the several years they've been MIA is their price (of course, their burgers now are pricier than before at P68 each) and their logo, which is now updated with a modern look.Ü

There's one thing I miss though: it's seeing their staff prepare and cook the burgers while customers are waiting for their orders. Their old store at Park Square 1, which my family and I frequented before they moved to Glorietta then closed down, gave customers a chance to view what is going on in their mini kitchen since their oven is placed against a glass divider for people to see how burgers are prepared and cooked. And I remember as a kid that I love watching them prepare and cook burgers while at the same time guessing what burger among those being cooked is mine. But that was then. The TriNoma branch now doesn't offer this kitchen preview, but they do have tables and chairs in front, which is something that the old-and-now-gone Park Square branch didn't have.

I sure hope BotR opens a branch in Makati, Pasay, or Parañaque area because they surely have at least one avid fan (That's me! Two if you count my officemate, Jacky Ü) who can't seem to get enough of their burgers.Ü I read in another post that they have one other branch at Metrowalk, but that's still far from the places that I frequent. So I hope that this blog reaches the BotR owners and grant an avid fan's request!Ü If not, then i'll just have to think of other ways to make BotR come to me! Hmmm...I wonder: how much do you think it costs to franchise? Hehe! Let's wait and see...Ü

'Til the next blog everyone!Ü

FYI: Writing this blog made me crave for BotR even more!!! Someone ship me off to TriNoma...NOW!!!Ü

Thanks to Dulce for bringing along her NEW camera for taking all those pictures of BotR

Saturday, July 21, 2007

What Your Mobile Phone Says About You

As most of my friends know, I am a proud owner of a Motorola Razr V3X in Pink. And according to the Yahoo Tech website, owners of this type of phone are fashion conscious, under 24, fun seekers, and individualistic. It's the "it" girls must have phone. And, I have to say, I do agree.Ü I basically bought this phone not because of its features, but because I like the color (but mind you, my favorite color is blue, not pink Ü). If you think of it, it's such a shallow reason for one to buy a phone just because of its color. But what the heck! I like it. I can call and receive calls with it. I can text and receive text messages. And it reminds me of my friends' birthdays and other events that I need to take note of. If you ask me, that's all I need for a mobile phone. True, its camera is just so-so, especially if you're surrounded by people with SE Cybershot phones, but...a girl's gotta have what a girl's got to have.Ü

Wanna know what your mobile phone says about you? Check out this site: which I stumbled upon a few months ago. The site also mentions the type of phones some celebrities have so it's actually nice to have an idea who uses what.

So...what mobile phone do you have? And what do you think it says about you? Share your thoughts...Ü

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My 101 Wishes

One night I felt the urge to fix the top cabinet where my old high school and college text books, projects, and board reviewers were kept. Browsing through all those stuff, I saw some of the projects I made in High School and felt some sort of nostalgia upon seeing those things. Needless to say, it was a happy & giddy feeling.Ü One of the things I saw was an assignment for our Literature (or was it Grammar or Speech?) class under Ms. Bediones (Yep, you read right. Sister of Paolo Bediones. Her name's Lara. She was one of my teachers in St. Scho Ü). It's a 2-page long bond paper with the numbers 1 to 101 and the heading MY 101 WISHES and I wish for... on top. It was fun reading through it because it truly was a list written by a 14-year old girl.Ü

Albeit embarrassing to the point that I want to hide myself under a blanket, I'm sharing the list with you to remind us all that wishes do come true (some of mine already did...I highlighted those in bold font), and maybe solicit a few laughs from you guys seeing that most of these wishes are hilarious!Ü


I wish for…
  1. Jonathan Jackson to court me and kiss me & marry me -WOW! proof that this list was written a decade ago...i've had several celebrity crushes since then.Ü
  2. a cute and beautiful house in Miami near the beach -I can't remember now why I singled-out Miami of all the places in the U.S.
  3. a blue convertible -"Santa Baby, a '54 convertible too, light blue..." Ü
  4. someone to discover me and make me a model/actress -"I wanna be a supermodel!!!" HAHAHA!Ü
  5. a world tour
  6. an amazingly big house in L.A.
  7. a smooth skin -Yes, please!
  8. a perfect stomach and abdomen or in other words, a perfect body -Yes, please...again!
  9. school to be banished in the universe -HAHAHA! What was I thinking?!!!
  10. a boyfriend right now!!! -HAHAHA! Grabe, 10 years ago, wish ko na 'to?!?!???
  11. a personal housemaid who will always be on my side
  12. a trip to Paris and to go shopping there and buy lots of beautiful designer clothes
  13. an expensive van that my family could use when we go out -Ditto!ÜÜÜ Pero hindi sya expensive, ha.
  14. a blue mountain bike
  15. a tour to Disneyland with my friends and family -I've been to Disneyland with my family...not yet with my friends.Ü
  16. a black horse
  17. a breakfast in bed which will be served by my crush
  18. many beautiful dresses, shirts, shorts, pants, shoes, accessories -High school pa lang, fashionista na!
  19. a college scholarship to one of the prestige schools in the U.S.
  20. the Hanson, Boyzone, and Backstreet Boys to be my friends (or boyfriends!)
  21. honors when I graduate from H.S. & college -ÜÜÜ
  22. trillions of money -Still a wish!Ü
  23. my life to be happy and safe; the same goes for my family -ÜÜÜ
  24. my mom and dad to stop fighting
  25. my brother to be successful in his life
  26. Mike Tyson’s house to be mine -I can't remember why I specifically chose Mike Tyson's house...hehehe!
  27. a driver’s license by my 16th B-day -I now have a driver's license...I just can't remember if I got it by my 16th birthday...
  28. a happy family of my own by the age of 40 -Grabe, buti nlang sinabi ko "40" kasi kung "30"...Oh My!
  29. a gym membership in our village
  30. my lower jaw to be in the right position -ÜÜÜ After 2 years with braces, I finally have an a-OK bite!Ü
  31. my cabinet to be fixed -It still gets messy from time to time but i'm glad that it's most of the time tidy now, rather than messy.Ü
  32. a box of Ferrero Rocher -I was probably craving for Ferrero while writing this assignment.Ü
  33. the shoes/sandals I saw in Sari-Sari to be mine
  34. a bath in the rain with my crush
  35. a black, elegant prom dress
  36. a computer -ÜÜÜ
  37. my dad to be able to sell more insurance policies -So far, so good...Ü
  38. my mom to find an honest and hardworking sewer and cutter -Mom closed shop already...but it's OK, it was all for the best.
  39. my brother to be able to speak fluent Chinese and write Chinese
  40. a new schoolbus -My busmates and I never got this wish. HAHA!
  41. a trip to Boracay with my friends -Still a wish!
  42. me to learn how to play the guitar
  43. my crush to visit me at home and bring me to the prom
  44. an older brother (1 year older)
  45. me to meet new friends in our village
  46. my room and cabinet to be neat & tidy always -Was I a super messy kid?Ü I already mentioned this in #31!Ü
  47. a blue wallpaper for my room with blue Venetian blinds -I got green & pink wallpaper and green venetian blinds.Ü
  48. my dad to be able to walk me to the altar on my wedding day -Still a wish!Ü
  49. my family to live abroad
  50. a cute date on date night
  51. a larger room with a bigger bed
  52. high grades -I got fairly good grades...Ü
  53. my crush to send me roses and love notes
  54. a Tamagotchi
  55. a big and attractive house with a swimming pool (w/ slides); a large garden; lots of rooms; jacuzzi; a mini theater; a library; a basketball court; a music room; a den; an attic; a nice dining room, kitchen & bathrooms; with a grand reception area; located at Los Angeles, CA -Hindi naman demanding at specific, noh
  56. my own movie theater
  57. my father to be king and for me to be a beautiful princess -HAHAHA! Funny and sooo impossible!
  58. knowledge of the Chinese language -Yah...I would reallly love to learn...Ü
  59. a stable job when I grow up
  60. a lifetime supply of Combos (Cheddar Cheese flavor), Maltesers, Toblerone -I'm not much of a fan of Combos dad loves Toblerone so we always have this at's the Maltesers that I miss.Ü
  61. a French Coffee Vanilla ice cream -Wow! San ko naman kaya natikman 'to
  62. lunchtime in our school to be longer -Don't we all wish this!
  63. a Birkenstock (shoes) -Shoes ba talaga or sandals?ÜÜÜ
  64. Prince William to be my boyfriend
  65. a cute cousin (boy)
  66. a whole pan of Leche Flan
  67. a whole lechon on my birthday -Talaga nga naman!
  68. a high grade on our Eco 2nd L.T. -Ngyeee...can't remember what grade I got for that specific exam.
  69. a little sister
  70. a change in our SSC jumper/uniform -Wishful thinking!
  71. a Jansport bag -ÜÜÜ
  72. a BSB tape & CD -ÜÜÜ
  73. a picture holder for my organizer -ÜÜÜ
  74. Michael Jordan to teach me how to play basketball
  75. a lesson in Hockey
  76. a pair of ice skates
  77. a lesson in ice skating
  78. my dad to “accept” my cousin, Sha Sha
  79. an elegant ecru gown with sequins on my wedding day -Proof that I plan ahead. Haha!
  80. my friends & I to form a band
  81. my friends & I to be friends forever
  82. Joy to get well -I miss Joy.Ü
  83. a camping trip w/ my friends to Mt. Makiling
  84. my dresser drawer to be neat & tidy -HAHAHA! No comment. (Also see #31 and #46)
  85. a new school shoes -I probably got this.
  86. a sleeping bag -ÜÜÜ
  87. a gift for my friends on their birthday -ÜÜÜ
  88. a Marvin the Martian hat
  89. an Angel’s Love cologne
  90. a discman and a walkman -Well, I got these...but I want an iPod now.Ü
  91. beautiful black hair
  92. a collection of Love Stories -I stopped collecting by book #23.Ü
  93. a VHS tape of Mighty Ducks D3
  94. a role in the movie ‘Now & Then’ -Aba! Best Actress?!?!??!!!Ü
  95. Juliet to be my part in the play Rome & Juliet -"Rome" talaga ang nakasulat dun sa paper...I probably forgot to add in the "O."
  96. a bracelet to be given to me by my boyfriend
  97. a diamond ring -"Diamonds are a girl's best friend."Ü
  98. my crush to call me up
  99. a lovely blue dress
  100. trip to Ocean Park -I've been to HKG a lot of times but i've never been to Ocean Park!!!
  101. new school shoes -I already wrote this in #85...grabe, sobrang luma na ba nung school shoes ko nung time na yun? Twice ko pa'ng ni-wish! HAHA!Ü
Hope I made you laugh with what a 14-year old, 3rd year high school girl wrote for her 101 Wishes assignment. I don't even want to count how many times I mentioned the words "crush," "boyfriend," or anything that pertains to love life seeing as those were the most embarrassing parts!

I'm planning to write another list: My 101 Goals, which should contain things that can actually be achieved (not things like: for my dad to be king and I to be a princess Ü). And hopefully, 10 years from now, when I read that list, I'll be able to highlight some, if not most, of what I've written and have again that same nostalgic, happy, and giddy feeling that I'm feeling right now.Ü

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Piolo in the Morning

Got your attention, huh?Ü Before your mind starts wandering and thinking of thoughts that can only come true in fantasies, let me bring you back to reality and set some things straight: This article will be about San Miguel Instant Coffee...the brand endorsed by (Papa) Piolo...and the brand of coffee that I regularly drink every morning. In mathematical equation:

San Miguel Instant Coffee = endorsed by Piolo
San Miguel Instant Coffee = drank by yours truly in the morning
Hence: Piolo = in the morning
HAHAHA! The logic is quite twisted but please just bear with me. Anyway, that’s how I got my working title for this blog, which will be basically about how I looove San Mig Instant Coffee, in Extra Strong variant.

To give you a brief history, I (and my entire family) used to like their Strong variant until we tried the Extra Strong one and was instantly hooked! Now, we wouldn’t settle for the Strong variant anymore seeing as the Extra Strong one is yummier...for our taste at least.Ü

Now, the trick in making a San Mig Extra Strong coffee is to use a bigger cup (hence more water) than usual. Or, you can do as my mom does: she halves one pack hence allowing her to make two of her usual-sized cups of coffee with just one pack. Got it? I hope so. Anyway, what I do is the former seeing as it’s hard to make tancha-tancha especially when you’re at the office. And just half of my usual cup wouldn’t do anymore...I need the entire pack to keep me sane and survive the day without going crazy!

They say that a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. Well, in my case, a teaspoonful of sugar makes the coffee go my tummy in a yummier way.Ü I like my coffee sweet (not too sweet though) and the sugar content in the 3-in-1 mix just doesn't do it for me. So I need a teasponful more to make my coffee taste just right!

Aside from their Strong and Extra Strong variants, I've also tried their Original-flavored instant coffee and I must say, it didn't disappoint. This is usually what I buy to serve for meetings that I chair seeing as not everyone is fond of the Strong or Extra Strong variants.

I guess my fondness for instant coffee (I never really liked the brewed ones) is the main reason why I don’t know how to make coffee from scratch. Ask Assunta (not De Rossi Ü)...she knows. I made coffee for us to share on our trip to Anilao last April and neither of us were happy with the results (Hey! At least I attempted to make coffee! Sya nga, uminom lang eh…napilitan…no choice kasi.Ü).

Once you get addicted to San Mig Extra Strong, I'll have to warn you though: You wouldn’t find the Extra Strong variant in any SM supermarket or store. I don’t know why. They do have the Extra Strong Sugar Free though. But the sugar-full? NOPE! Kahit halughugin mo pa ang buong SM, wala talaga. Good thing my mom shops for supermarket items at The Landmark or Cash & Carry, and Puregold is just outside our village entrance so in case of shortages, I can just pass by there on the way home from the office.

So thank you, Super Coffeemix Manufacturing, Ltd. (that's what it says in the box...or should it be Asia Brewery???Ü) for the San Mig line of Instant Coffee (At least, hindi nlang synonymous ang "San Mig" to beer ngayon Ü). And...I LOVE YOU PIOLO! I really, really, really do.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Death Calculator: Pinoy Version

NOTE: Don't let this post's title scare you. This is actually a very informative post so I invite you to read on.Ü

As most of you guys know by now, the official newspaper at our house is THE PHILIPPINE STAR.Ü And just like in some of my previous posts where I've shared to you some of the articles that I believe are worth reading and sharing to as many persons possible, this post would not be any different.

As I was doing my daily routine of browsing through the newspaper (but just basically reading the Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Ripley's Believe It Or Not corner), I came across this article by Willie T. Ong, MD entitled How long will you live? (see this link for actual article in the web). Intriguing right? So I read along and found out about a "Death Calculator" created by Dr. David J. Demko. Apparently, this one-of-a-kind calculator allows you to more or less estimate how long you will be breathing and taking up space in this Earth. Interesting, huh? But this isn't like your ordinary calculator where you punch-in some numbers then do some mathematical operation and get the answer. This "calculator" is actually a series of questions that will allow you to more or less gauge the number of years that you have in your life.

As mentioned in the article, the average life span of a Filipino is 70 years, as opposed to the global age life span of 79 (maybe the pollution and the corruption is the culprit why we have 9 years less than the global age life span). Given that basis, you will have to add or subtract from 70 (or 79) the corresponding points that goes with your given answer. Sounds complicated? Well, not really. I guess you'd understand better if you just answer the questions together with me.Ü But, before we begin, let me just mention that the questions was modified a bit by Dr. Willie (the author of the PhilStar article) to make it more applicable to the Filipino lifestyle and setting. That aside, then let's try and get a high score on this one!Ü And by the way, my answers are those in red

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WOW! Being a girl gets me 1 point! Hurray!Ü
Plus, my Ama (grandmother in Chinese) is more than 90 years old now so that earns me 2 more points.
I have no kids at the moment so I get zero for both of that, so my running total for round one is 73

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I eat fruits, fish, and vegetable...but I also love my meaty friends! So minus 3 points for me.
My 3-day diet thing, goes ON every summer, but OFF for the rest of the year...but still, that's considered a YES, so minus 5 points.
I don't do aerobics or any exercise whatsoever, and I neither walk or ride to work so zero points for that.
I drive the 7-kilometer trip to work so minus 3 more points for a running total of 62.

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I personally don't smoke, but my mom does so minus a point. Then I get zero for the rest, which is actually a good thing, so my running total after Part III is 61.

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I DON'T get an annual physical exam, DON'T have any way of managing stress, and DON'T do volunteer work so minus 7 points for all those.
Good thing I get 3 points for the remainder, hence a running total of 57. (Gosh! I am NOT doing well in this quiz!!!)

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I don't have a pet and am not in love so I get nothing for those.
I believe that the question Healthy long relationship of trust and respect refers to the relationship you have with your partner. Since I don't have a partner, I get minus 2 for that.
I get a point though for having friends in different age brackets, so that's a good thing.Ü

So...after answering Parts 1 to 5 of the Death Calculator, my grand total is...56! WOW! That's a very young age...I want to live longer than 56!!! My oh my...I have to get more points on those parts where I didn't score or reverse those minus points that I got!Ü

Well guys, you shouldn't take this "calculator" literally (Oh gosh! After that low score, I WON'T!Ü). It's actually some sort of lifestyle check where you can identify the aspects of your life that needs improvement and those that are currently a-OK.Ü From what I got, I guess there are a lot of areas that I need to improve on. Maybe in 10 years, when I try answering this quiz again, i'll get a higher score. Hopefully.Ü Til then, i'll be a "work in progress." Hahaha!Ü

Thursday, June 21, 2007

TaskArrange: An Accidental Discovery

I'm quite sure everyone reading this blog entry owns a computer, or at the very least is using one right now. Personally, I've been a PC-user for almost a decade now and am proud to say that I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I can reach into whenever something quite unusual is going on with my PC or if there's something that I want to change in the settings (or any what-have-yous) before I head for the phone and call whatever number I have to ask for help. Of course, whatever knowledge I have now is a result of what I've gathered from my PC-knowledgeable thesismates, friends, family, and technical persons who have come and gone to fix my previously-owned PCs.

Anyway (before I get carried away from the topic at hand), in the ten years that I have been a PC-user, I've always wondered WHY I am never able to arrange the sequence of applications shown in my taskbar. I've even gone to the extent of purposely opening the applications I have to use in a certain order just so these applications are arranged (in the taskbar) in the sequence that I want them to be. I've always wondered why Windows did not include any settings or option for this, even when XP arrived, where they added the option to 'group similar takbar buttons' (which I never really liked) but not a 'rearrange the taskbar buttons as you wish' setting or option was in sight.

I've actually gotten used to opening the applications in my PC in a certain order, especially at work. First I open my Lotus Notes email application. Then, I click on Windows Explorer to be able to access in a single click the folders in my PC. Then I open an Internet Explorer window just so I can easily search for names in our intranet's directory when the need arises. I don't really mind the order of applications that comes after that third one, except when I'm multi-tasking and working on two or three things at the same time, in which case, it would be really helpful if all applications that are related to a certain task are next to each other in the taskbar rather than jumbled together with the applications for the other tasks. On some occasions, I just wish that those applications with the same icons are next to each other. Like all Word documents are next to each other...then the Excel workbooks...then whatever I feel like should come next after that...just because it looks nicer, aesthetically-speaking.

Anyway, opening the applications in sequence is something that I can deal with daily. But that's only good until your next application crash. In which case, you'll just have to deal with your applications 'misarranged' in the taskbar. Or if you just can't work with that, then you can always close everything then open them in sequence. AGAIN. Now, that can get annoying at times, especially if you have a gazillion applications open. Plus, its a waste of time especially if you're working with a jurrasic PC (like what I have at work Ü).

To all those who can relate with what I've written above, look no further! Our prayers have been answered! On a blah day when I couldn't think of anything to do, I tried keying-in "how to arrange taskbar applications" in Google and came about this website: He (or she, I don't really know) has the same dillemma as I have (it's great to know that I am not alone in this greater scheme of things Ü) and has actually found a nifty freeware application called TaskArrange (by Elias Fotinis) that allows you to rearrange the taskbar applications as you wish! How cool is that, huh?!?!!!Ü Gone are the days when I have to open my applications in sequence! With TaskArrange, I can open anything and everything any way I like and still achieve my desired desktop application arrangement! Now, that's what I call PC empowerment (HAHAHA!).

And did I mention that it's free?Ü All you have to do is download it from this site (it's just a mere 83KB), unzip the file, install the appropriate version (depending on your OS) in your PC, and VOILA! TaskArrange is up and running, ready for use as needed! It doesn't even take that much resource in your PC since it doesn't run in the background and you just launch it when needed, then shut it down once you've achieved your desired desktop application arrangement. It's also easy to use. You can just drag the applications and drop it to where you want it to be placed or you can use the UP, DOWN, TOP, and BOTTOM buttons then click OK. The program closes as well when you hit the OK button so you won't even have to do that extra step of clicking the X on the upper, right-hand of the window or the CLOSE button.

So thank you, Mr. Elias Fotinis for this mini wonder of a program.Ü To everyone out there, join me in enjoying this new discovery, and check out as well the other programs available for download is Mr. Fotinis' website. That's all for now...ta-ta

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dinner Date with Dad

It's FATHER's DAY once again! My family and I decided to celebrate Papa's special day one day ahead, with a special buffet dinner on Saturday evening at Spiral Restaurant in Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza (formerly Westin Philippine Plaza).

But first I'd like to thank Dean and Jac for lending me their Sofitel membership cards because if it weren't for them, I would be broke now. HAHAHA!Ü Seriously! If it weren't for them, I would be spending half my salary for this dinner treat for Dad (with Mom and Kyle, of course)...and I think i'm just not ready to be spending that much amount for a buffet dinner for four...I'd rather buy something that Papa can use...or in Papa's terms: "Bibili na lang ako ng appliances or gamit na may makina sa ganyang presyo!" (I'd rather buy an appliance with that amount of money!) HAHAHA!Ü Truly, I am my father's daughter. But Papa's NOT kuripot ha. Ako lang yun. (Papa's not stingy. Just me.) Hehehe...Ü

So, why treat Papa at Spiral? Well, mom and I got to eat there last December when mom's friend invited us for a birthday dinner and we both agreed that Papa and Kyle will looove that place coz they're such happy eaters!Ü Then, without us realizing, father's day was just around the corner and what better time to treat Papa there but on this special day celebrating the highs and lows of being a father.

True enough, my Dad (and brother Ü) liked the place and all the cuisines available such that Papa was considering being a member of the Sofitel group of hotels. But after much prodding from Dad on how much the buffet dinner was, and after giving in (coz Papa is sooooo kulit!) and realizing how pricey the place is, he said: "Wag na lang. Ang mahal. Damihan natin kain, para sulit. Pwede ba'ng lumakad-lakad muna sa labas tapos bumalik dito para kumain ulit?" (On second thought, I'm no longer interested in being a member here. The buffet's too expensive. Let's eat a lot to get our money's worth. Can we walk outside then get back here to eat again?) HAHAHA!Ü Funny, Papa.Ü Another line was: "Lalagnatin ata ako dito, ang mahal ng babayaran mo. Anak, baka lagnatin ka." (I think i'm going to get sick. It's too expensive here.) HAHAHA! No, Papa...pinaghandaan ko ito. (I'm ready for this) Don't worry...just be happy!Ü

Of course, in typical Papa-fashion, he kept on insisting to pay the bill, but I wouldn't let him. This was our (mom and I) idea, and the first time that we'll be treating him out in a semi-grand way so, NO will do, Papa. This is a thank you for being such a great dad to us so allow us, for just one time, to treat you out rather than the other way around (he's always the one treating us out for lunch or dinner or coffee).Ü

Now, let me share to you why we chose Spiral, among all restos available here in Manila, to treat dear Daddy-o! Well, basically because Spiral has all cuisines that you can think of: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Italian, American...Filipino lang wala (although they have Lechon Kawali), and none of those fastfood food like french fries and hamburgers. The first time mom and I saw the place, we were in such awe because we haven't seen that much food in one place! It's just NOT possible for one to taste ALL the food they're offering in ONE sitting. And did I mention that they have this buffet table full of desserts one can think of!!! Really yummy! (Click here for pictures of Spiral resto)

Of course, all those food come with a price. That dinner, they were charging P1,950 per person for non-members. For lunch I think it's priced less, P1,459 per person. Of course members get a discount, depending on the number of guests they bring. Since I was able to borrow 2 cards and there's 4 of us, I got a 50% discount (taxes are not included in the discount though).

I made reservations Friday night to make sure that we are accommodated when we get there the next night. I've heard that the place gets packed despite being pricey so, being the sigurista that I am, I made reservations.Ü So to you guys out there planning on going to Spiral: reserve, reserve, reserve! Just to make sure you get to sit and eat there when you plan to.Ü

Well I guess that's all for now. HAPPY FATHER's DAY to all Daddys, Papas, and Tatays out there. Enjoy this special day meant especially for you.Ü And please do remember that, despite our being hard-headed at times, and although we may not show it to you that often, your daughters and sons love you very much and are thankful for all those times spent with you.Ü

To my Papa, Happy Father's Day! See you later at the dinner table! HAHAHA!Ü
Special thanks to Michelle Morelos ( for allowing me to link to her site for the Spiral photos.Ü

Sunday, June 10, 2007

"I Never Got There."

Regine: "Mahal mo ba ako?"

Piolo: "I never got there."

NAKS! "I never got there." Eh nag-try ka ba naman maglakabay papunta "there" para ka maka-get "there?" HeHeHe. I'm talking rubbish here.Ü Anyway, I just want to share to you my thoughts on Piolo and Regine's latest movie, Paano Kita Iibigin.Ü Oh, and by the way, the first line is NOT verbatim and this blog is not really a movie review so don't expect that.Ü

But first, the FACTS:
1. Piolo is so yummy.
2. Piolo is really yummy.
3. Piolo is superbly yummy.

OK. Now that we got over that part, we can proceed with the non-factual part of this blog.Ü

I never really intended to watch the film in a movie theater. I always thought i'd just buy a pirated DVD of this once a DVD copy is available in Divisoria (hehe!). But after a few of my officemates watched it and had rave reviews about it, I got intrigued. And just a few hours ago, my mom and I watched this movie at Glorietta 4...just one of the few times that we did coz we don't really watch movies in movie theaters that often (to the point that a year can pass by without my family and I watching a single movie in a movie theater).

Anyhow, the first half of the film was soooper funny! Really! You've got to believe me. My P130 was truly worthit because I haven't laughed this good for quite some time now. Eugene Domingo was truly an effective comedian here. No one could've delivered all those funny lines and comedic moments better than her. I salute you, Ms. Domingo! Keep up the good work.Ü Also worth mentioning is Liam, Regine's son in the movie, who also shared in providing comic relief to the film. His character was witty, makulit, and sobrang matanong such that I can't help but compare him to our kid neighbor, Reed, who's makulit and matanong as well.Ü

If the first half of the film was great, the latter parts were just a-OK for me. Hindi na kasi funny so I wasn't paying much attention anymore. Especially the last dramatic scene between Piolo and Regine where they saw each other again after Piolo uttered that now famous "I never got there" line. I found the entire scene a bit lengthy. My mom and I were actually talking (quietly, of course) and thinking of what to give my dad as father's day gift (which, by the way, is on the 17th of June) while they were crying and reconciling on screen. PLUS, we were also criticizing Regine's nose. HAHAHA!Ü

Speaking of Regine, I just want to share this opinion of mine: she's looking a bit old in the film and the years are definitely showing on her face. Parang hindi sila masyadong bagay ni Piolo. I would've liked the film better if Piolo had a different leading lady, for example, AKO. HAHAHA!Ü Wishful thinking!

Well, I guess that's all i've got to share to you guys. I liked the film and I recommend that you guys watch it especially if you want to laugh and drool over hunkable-hunk Papa Piolo. For now, i'm leaving you with a full trailer (c/o YouTube) and some quotable quotes from the film. Happy weekend everyone!

"I'm getting there."

"God is good."

"Welcome to Heaven Resort. Where you / can rest / in peace / forever! Welcome to Heaven Resort. Such a lovely [f]place, such a lovely place. Plenty of room here at Heaven Resort..." -Hotel California, is that you? HAHA! Anyone know the next lines to this monologue please do share it here.Ü

Plus, a Quotable Quote from my Mom (while watching the movie):
Mom: "May mahahanap ka pa ba'ng ka-pintas-pintas dyan kay Piolo?"
Candy: "Yung pagiging bading nya?Ü"
HEHEHE! But I don't really care! Bading or not, I still LOVE him!Ü

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

World's Best Beaches

Look what I found in the net! Something the Philippines can be proud about. Check out number 7 in Yahoo's list of The World's Top Ten Beaches

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It's such a pity that I haven't been to Boracay...EVER! And to think that I've been living my whole life here in the Philippines, and Boracay is just an hour's worth of plane ride away. However, I can feel it in my veins (aba, Grey's Anatomy?!??!!!) that I'll be able to sink my feet in the white sand beaches of Boracay really soon.Ü (I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Pati toes! Pati eyes, crossed na rin!!! Hehe!)

Friday, June 01, 2007

I Found Nemo!

Would you believe I found Nemo?!?!!! And I haven't even seen the film yet! HAHAHA!Ü Seriously!

My friend Assunta has been prodding me for the longest time to try scuba diving, and finally, one Sunday last April, her prodding emerged victorious! Armed with nothing but a brave heart and a clear mindset, my friends and I hied to Anilao, Batangas hoping to Find the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...and see Sebastian and Flounder dance to the tune of Under The Sea

Rex, Eunice, and I were to have our intro dive at Pier Uno Resort in Anilao, Batangas, while the rest (those who already had their certification) took a boat and went scuba diving at a different location than us. Since we were just going for an intro dive, the three of us had to wait for our turn to dive with the dive master. But before heading out to the beach, we had to have a some sort of lecture with Albert, a Malaysian national, who was to be our dive master for the day.

He first taught us the basics, such as:

  • He'll be staying at our left side the whole time and that he'll be doing all the work which basically boils down to one thing: pulling us around so we don't even have to swim. All we really had to do was to remember to breath through the regulator and enjoy the sights under the sea.

  • The hand gestures to remember when under water because obviously, we can't speak underwater, and all conversations should be done via hand gestures. The most important ones are:
    (1) OK - touch the tip of the thumb to that of the forefinger, with the rest of the fingers spread wide
    (2) STOP - do the thing that Diana Ross does when she sings "Stop In The Name of Love" Ü
    (3) GOING UP - like the thumbs up sign with the knuckles of your hand facing outward
    (4) GOING DOWN - opposite of 'going up,' with your knuckles facing you
    (5) GOING LEFT - similar to (3), only point to the left
    (6) GOING RIGHT - similar to (3), only point to the right
    (7) SLOW DOWN - similar to the FIRST hand movement one does when dancing "Pearly Shells"...but with only one hand (the one with palms facing down)
    (8) NOT OK - like a 'so-so' sign; palm open, facing down with fingers spread wide, then rotate your wrist a little less than halfway to the left then to the right repeatedly

  • What SCUBA actually means (it's Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus)

  • A lecture on the compressed air inside the tank (and how it got in there)

  • And a lot more that I can no longer remember.Ü

We were given a choice to go one-by-one or a maximum of two in one dive (which means the other will go solo). The pros of the former is that he can take our pictures and videos underwater, while with the latter, he won't be able to do as such. Guess what we chose? Of course we opted to go solo and have pictures and videos to remember this experience by!Ü

The intro dive is supposed to last for only half an hour. But my-oh-my, mine lasted for almost an hour! Why, you may ask? Because I had a hard time relaxing and breathing underwater. I actually find it weird seeing as I've snorkled a lot of times before so you'd think I've mastered breathing in and out of an apparatus. But golly wow, NO! The dive master had to take me back to the shore 3 TIMES just so I can regroup and try to relax a little! Alas, when I suggested that the mask I was wearing be tightened, only then was I able to relax a bit and complete my intro dive (finally!). I guess the reason why I wasn't able to relax the first few times was because of the feeling that water might enter my nose because (I felt like) the mask wasn't tight enough (FYI: the mask protects & covers not just the eyes but the nose as well). After adjusting the mask, I was finally able to start and finish my intro dive (Thank you, my lucky stars!Ü).

One thing I'll remember about this experience though is this: SUPER BIGAT NG TANK! Such that I had a hard time walking the distance from where I was seated (at the resort) to the beach. I was afraid I'd fall backwards and bump my head into something hard...then blood will start squirting out of my head...then in no time, a pool of blood would've poured out on the floor...teka, mejo morbid na 'to. Basta, I was just scared that I might fall and bump my head, then I won't be the same Candy you once knew who sings and dances even when there's no music in the background. HAHA!Ü

Kidding aside, I'm not sure if I will be scuba diving anytime soon. I enjoyed the experience but I've seen more and nicer fishes when I snorkled at a different place in Anilao before. And I didn't have to pay P3,300 for that! I just had to pay for the boat ride back and forth to where we were staying, and I assure you, the fee won't reach P3,300 per person. However, I am not at all considering the experience not worthit. At least now I can say that I've tried scuba diving and it was a fun experience. I'll think twice though if I would go ahead with the certification like my friends did. But with the video that our dive master showed us when he went diving at Palau, you'll definitely be awed and would want to get a certification...just so you'll experience diving with the reef sharks, the manta rays, giant turtles (or are those tortoises?), and different schools of fishes. And THAT, you won't see by just snorkeling...although in the video, one girl there was skin diving (she was just wearing her swimsuit and a mask-snorkel set), which sounds fun just as long as there are no jellyfishes around. WINK!Ü

Bye for now! 'Til next month's blog!

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