Thursday, January 31, 2008

PRC Adventure of Charm & Candy

Another just-in-the-nick-of-time blog. And like the last one, I was planning to write a blog of an entirely different topic than what I will be writing about now. But, because of very recent events inspired mainly by my and my friend Charm's experience at PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) this morning in renewing our PRC license, I decided to write about that instead of what I originally had in mind (don't yah worry, i'll write about that in the future...maybe next month Ü).

So, our adventure began when I failed to make a U-turn infront of FEU and instead, had to take a detour at Recto, Legarda, Figueras and Earnshaw Streets. WHEW! That was a handful and a long way from our intended destination...and only because I didn't make the @*%$^ U-turn. Anyway, we had to "call a friend"...Charm's friend, Carol, who is an expert of the place (coz she lives somewhere there Ü) and actually gave us in correct sequence the streets that we'll be passing by en route to PRC (Thank you Carol! You're heaven-sent!). Good thing I brought my ever-reliable Metro Manila map and along with Carol, Charm and I were able to easily navigate our way back to where we really should be.

As suggested by Carol, we looked for a parking spot at P. Campa St. and I was able to secure a parking slot infront of a store that makes uniforms (Note to self: There are parking spaces infront of PRC itself. From Morayta a.k.a. Nicanor Reyes street, just make a U-turn infront of FEU, then turn right at P. Paredes, which is a one-way street). As we're about to leave the vehicle, the guard approached us since we're not allowed to park there coz we didn't even visit the store. We told him we'll be quick so he let us pass, but boy-oh-boy, we were very, very, very wrong (well, I wasn't exactly expecting us to finish quickly anyway).

So, our PRC adventure started at 10am. We had to fall in line to get our cedula, which only costs Php5.00 but it was the long line that made this a bit dreadful. Good thing mura lang sya (this is the kuripot me talking), I was actually thinking they'd jack the price up to maybe P20 or P25 but they didn't. Anyway, while I was in line for the cedula, Charm secured us the "renewal" form that we needed. But instead, we were given an "oath" form since they were in the process of changing our title from Electronics and Communications Engineer to just Electronics Engineer. Well then, fine by me. At least the title's shorter. Less ballpen ink and space needed when writing things down. But I guess I will be missing the "communications" part (of our title...our job description remains the same) since that's what I actually like better, even during college. And I think that Charm hasn't even gotten over that fact yet. I think she may still be in a state of shock (hehehe) and probably in denial of everything...until we actually get our license which will now just say Electronics Engineer (and which we'll be getting around March).

Anyway, we of course filled-up the "oath" form while in line for the cedula, and after we got that, we had to fall in line (once again) for the documentary stamps, which costs P21/stamp for a total of P42 coz we needed two stamps per person. The lady there provided us with 1 receipt which says "P21" (just for one stamp) and she then proceeded to stamp our "oath" forms, which I guess is where the other P21 went.

Then, off we were to Window 16. Once again, there was a line (no surprises here) and I actually thank God that we got the right form coz there was one guy there, also an ECE, who had to find out when he got to the window that he filled-up the wrong form (he was probably given a renewal form instead of an oath form) and has to fall in line once again. Am I just glad not be in his shoes! Anyway, once we got infront, the lady there gave us an index card-sized form to fill-up plus she indicated the amount that we had to pay (Php1,380). She also told us that we had to photocopy our existing PRC IDs, go to the 2nd floor (she didn't say why), pay at the cashier, then go back to Window 16. So, being the diligent little girls (ngyak!) that we are, we had our IDs photocopied (for just P4.00), filled-up the new form, glued our passport-sized ID picture with name plate, and affixed our right thumb mark print on the box in the form that says: Right Thumb Mark.

We then proceeded to the 2nd floor and the guard there (who welcomed us with: "Kamusta na ang mga girlfriends ko?" Which made me wanna laugh and puke at the same time) looked at our forms and instructed us to go to the last door on the left, which turned out to be a Notary Public. This was a welcome relief to both Charm and I coz: (1) it was an air-conditioned office and (2) there was no line. So the lady there wrote some scribbles on our "oath" form, we paid her P40 each, then off we were to the cashier, hoping against hope that their office won't close down for lunch since it was almost 12noon (thankfully, they didn't Ü).

At the cashier, each of us had to actually pay Php1,380.00...which was broken down to P600, 30, and 750. I don't know what each amount represents but I think the P600 is the normal processing fee, then the P30 is some other fee (of course), and I guess the P750 is the surcharge (or probably just a part of it) since both Charm and I have expired licenses (we forgot to renew last year...hehehe). Apparently, the surcharge depends on the quarter of the year that you were least that's what I was able to understand on what the lady on the counter was saying.

While in line for the cashier, Charm and I decided to split up: she will be falling in line at Window 16 while I remain at the cashier line to pay for both our fees. So once I was able to pay and secure our ORs, off I went running to Window 16 since there were only two persons left infront of Charm before she reaches the counter. We submitted all the forms, surrendered our old licenses, and placed everything in a short brown envelope with our full name, license #, profession, and contact numbers written infront of the envelope. The lady there told us that they will be issuing a new certificate for us (because of the change to Electronics Engineer) and that they'll be calling us up once these are available for pick-up, which we should do personally =( . She then gave us our Claim Slip, which will allow us to get our new PRC ID once it gets released on March 6, 2008 (as indicated in the slip). At this point, Charm and I are exhausted but happy having been able to accomplish everything we planned to do for the day. But there was one more thing left to do: go to the 2GO counter and pay for the delivery of our license to where we want it to be delivered so that we won't have to go back to PRC again in the very near future. When we got there, the man at the counter has just finished eating his lunch and there was actually a sign infront saying ***LUNCH BREAK***. Charm used her charm and I used my effervescent smile (haha!) to persuade manong to accommodate our request, even though it's his lunch period. I guess he just couldn't resist two tired and perspiring, yet still beautiful (hehehe) ladies so he gave in. We paid him P50 each for Metro Manila delivery (P70 for outside Metro Manila, P225 for Out of Town deliveries) and surrendered our Claim Slip since they will be the one doing the claiming for us. He said we shall be expecting our licenses 2-3 days after the release on March 6th. Okidoki! No problemo, manong

Well, I guess that ends our PRC adventure! When I checked my watch, it was already 12:30PM, so we basically spent 2.5 hours of our morning there. When we got back to the car, I said sorry to the guard since it took us quite a while to get back and he just nodded. I guess he just couldn't resist two perspiring, yet still beautiful (talagang inulit eh!), gals! HAHAHA!Ü

As a future guide (to me) and to those who will be renewing their license, here's a list of what to bring to PRC:
  1. Two (2) Passport-sized ID picture, white background with name tag (1 for the renewal/oath form, 1 for the index card-sized form)
  2. Old PRC ID
  3. Photocopy of old PRC ID, front and back
  4. Cedula
  5. Glue
  6. Short brown envelope with Full Name, License #, Profession, and Contact Number/s written infront

And here's a breakdown of how much everything costs:

P 79.00 ID picture @ Digiprint
P 5.00 Cedula
P 42.00 Documentary Stamps
P 4.00 Photocopy of old ID
P 40.00 Notary Public
P 1380.00 Processing fee (with surcharge)
P 1550.00 TOTAL

As a last note: I shall thank God for the day when PRC License renewal goes ONLINE! Hopefully in less than 3 years (in time for my next renewal Ü).

Ta-ta for now!Ü

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I came across this website: and they've got lots of quizzes that are quite interesting. Some are funny, weird, curiosity-shakers, but shouldn't be taken seriously. So, to kick things off, here are some of the quizzes I took and the results that I got.Ü (This will probably be a first of many parts...hehehe)

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

Your Birthdate: October 12

You're a dynamic, charismatic person who's possibly headed for fame.
You tend to charm strangers easily. And you usually can get what you want from them.
Verbally talented, you tend to persuade people with your speaking and writing.
You are affectionate and loving, but it's hard for you to commit to any one relationship.

Your strength: Your charm

Your weakness: Your extreme manipulation tactics

Your power color: Indigo

Your power symbol: Four leaf clover

Your power month: December

What Age Do You Act?

You Act Like You Are 17 Years Old

You are a teenager at heart. You don't quite feel like a grown up yet, but you don't feel like a kid.
You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

You're quite rebellious, and you don't like being told what to do. You like to do things your way.
You have your own unique style, taste in music, and outlook on life.

What's Your Native American Name?

Your Native American Name Is...

Olathe Kuwanyamtiwa

Your name means: Beautiful Beautiful Badger Going Over the Hill

HAHAHA! I'm a badger??? Funny! And does it really have to say "beautiful" twice? Over naman yan! HAHAHA!

What's Your Pilgrim Name?

Your Pilgrim Name Is

Love Doughty

What's Your Karaoke Theme Song?

Your Karaoke Theme Song is "I'm Too Sexy"

You're a total goof ball and a bit of a nut job. You don't take yourself seriously at all.
And while you may not be the greatest singer, you're the first to volunteer for karaoke.

You have a wild and unpredictable sense of humor that always gets people cracking up.
Irreverent and rebellious, your humor knows no bounds or limits. You enjoy shocking people.

You might also sing: "Like a Virgin," "Ice Ice Baby," and "Hey Ya!"

Stay away from people who sing: "Sweet Home Alabama"

I AM a goof ball AND a nut job! And to tell you frankly, I actually like this song (I'm too sexy)! Though i've never sung it on karaoke ever before. But i've sung "Like A Virgin" last Christmas, so I guess this quiz kinda hit the spot! HAHAHA!

Are You Ready for a New Boyfriend?

You are Almost Ready to Date Again

You're over him... well, mostly.
Truth be told, you still think of your ex on occasion.
Enough to effect any new relationship you may start.
Give yourself time and space - you are 90% there.
And don't swear off men, just make sure to play the field.

WHAT THE...!!! You must be kidding me! This quiz ain't right. I demand a recount!Ü

The It's Its There Their They're Quiz

You Scored an A

You got 10/10 questions correct.

It's pretty obvious that you don't make basic grammatical errors.
If anything, you're annoyed when people make simple mistakes on their blogs.
As far as people with bad grammar go, you know they're only human.
And it's humanity and its current condition that truly disturb you sometimes.

HAHA! And if I may add, I get annoyed at people who say "MTV" when what they really should be saying is "music video." Hay...gets to my nerves all the time!

What Kind of Ex-Girlfriend Are You?

You Are an Indifferent Ex

You're not one of those girls who thinks about her exes - or even remembers them
"Love 'em and Leave 'em" is your motto. And your break ups tend to be a clean break.
It's a nice strategy to have, and guys appreciate your total lack of emotional baggage.
But just a little reminder: it is okay to remember the good parts of your past, even with exes.

OK. Sabi mo eh.Ü

Are You an Independent Woman?

You Are 53% Independent

Overall, you're a pretty independent woman. You don't follow trends just to fit in.
You've got your own cool thing going on, though you sometimes still care too much about what other's think.

Where Would Your Dream Guy Take You on Your Honeymoon?

You Should Honeymoon in the USA!

You and your sweetie want a fun filled honeymoon
Without the hassle of food poisoning or learning a new language
The USA is perfect for you (even if you already live here)
You can kick it at a spa, go to an amusement park, or explore a new city

Suggested destinations: Disneyworld, Vegas, NYC, Napa Valley, Palm Springs

HUWAT!!! No, no, no, no, dream honeymoon is in Paris...and anywhere else that we could go to in Europe. Not the USA! Mali nanaman sila...hehehe...Well...the quiz may be partly correct coz I also want to go to Bahamas anyway...Ü