Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Grey's Anatomy Anonymous


I am like a firefly to a flame who just couldn't stop thinking about the next episode of Grey's Anatomy and what will happen to the oh-so-complicated lovelife of Meredith Grey (well, at least SHE HAS A LOVELIFE!). To tell you the truth, I'm actually more addicted to Grey's Anatomy than Prison Break. And to think Wentworth Miller's soooooo HOT! With Prison Break, I haven't watched a single Season 2 episode coz I'm waiting for the complete Season 2 DVD to be available so that I won't have to wait weekly for another episode to be shown. But with Grey's Anatomy...well, let's just say I couldn't wait for the Season 3 DVD to be available so now i'm actually downloading the episodes as they are shown in the US (once they're availabe to be downloaded of course...Ü).

I admit: I'm an addict. A Grey's Anatomy addict. Someone should enter me into the Grey's-Anatomy-Anonymous rehab program. GAA for short. HAHA! So how do you know you're addicted? For starters, you have The Fray's How To Save A Life in continuous replay on your CD Player. Another thing is you watch Seasons 1 and 2 over and over again! really is HARD to be addicted! So don't start watching Grey's Anatomy unless you want to be addicted like me! HAHA!

So...what does Grey's Anatomy have that other shows don't? Well, I actually DON'T KNOW! I'm addicted and I don't know why! So let me just give you a run down of what the plot of Grey's Anatomy is and maybe someone can tell my the reason why I'm so addicted to this show!

The setting for Grey's Anatomy is Seattle. Seattle Grace Hospital (SGH) to be specific. Of course we oftentimes get to visit Meredith Grey's apartment and Derek Shepherd's trailer among others. Oh, by the way, Meredith Grey is the star of the show. Hence the title: Grey's Anatomy. Which is actually a monicker for the popular medical textbook, Gray's Anatomy (the full title of which is Harry Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body). So you get it? A medical textbook by Harry Gray and a medical-related TV show starring Meredith Grey. So that's where they got the title of the show (at least I think that's how they got it).

The story is about Meredith Grey and her fellow interns at SGH, and how they struggle to cope with life as a first-year intern. Add this to the fact that sleeping with your boss is a recurring theme of the show. Meredith and Derek. Cristina and Preston. George and Callie. Wow! They surely know how to make life complicated. Not that being an intern and working 100-hours a week isn't complicated enough. Oh well...I guess getting to meet different patients everday is more than enough to keep these interns going. And as a viewer, I am actually looking forward to what kind of neurotic-psychotic patient these interns we'll meet each episode.

Anyway, I have one last thing to say: McDreamy. Any GAA addict would know what I'm talking about. McDreamy IS Derek Shepherd...the neurosurgeon of SGH whom Meredith is in love with. Where the hell did "McDreamy" come from and how the hell did the writers of the show come up with this, I don't know. What I can say is, it has a nice sound to it...don't you think? From McDreamy spawned a number of other "Mc" names like McSteamy, McVet, McSexy, McHottie, McBitch...etcetera, etcetera. Who knows what other "Mc" names the writers of the show will come up with. We already have a lot of "Mc's" and we're only in the 3rd season of the show. So for now, i'm just gonna mcstop saying all these mcthings and just mcshut the hell up.Ü

I think i've said enough. I'm just gonna end it here coz i'm sure there are a gazillion sites out there about Grey's Anatomy. You can check those out to know more about this TV show. I'll just leave you guys with this:

Things I Learned from Grey's Anatomy

AMA - Against Medical Advise
DNR - Do Not Resuscitate
M&M - Morbidity and Mortality; Season 3 Episode 5
Bovie - An instrument used for electrosurgical dissection and haemostasis (from
Teratoma - a tumor made up of different types of tissue (Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary); Season 2 Episode 7

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