Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bicol Food Trip

Laing Pizza This pizza actually tasted good. Its thin crust was just right to the bite and crunchy as ever. As a person who's not really that fond of eating vegetables (I admit that I really should eat more veggies), I must say that I would choose this pizza if given a choice between one that has bell peppers in it (not a fan of bell peppers, thank you very much!Ü).

Laing Pasta For a pasta lover like moi, I was actually quite apprehensive at first and was quite unsure if I'd like this dish. But since it has white sauce as its base, I took quite a chunk of it (sorry guys, naubusan ata yung iba...hehe!) and swore that I'd finish everything in my plate whether I liked it or not. Good thing was, I LOVED IT! I even went back for more but there was no more left so I was just happy to have gotten a lot on that first round.Ü

*Both Laing Pizza and Pasta available at Small Talk Cafe...a cozy little resto at Legaspi.Ü

Bigg's Sizzling Tapa If only all breakfast meals were created equal. I think this was the first time I ate breakfast on a sizzling plate. Just thinking of it now makes me hungry!Ü I know, I know...TAPSILOG lang naman yan na nilagay sa sizzling plate but still, you gotta hand it to them for bringing their food presentation up a notch. And their tapa tastes good! I'm officially a fan of Bigg's Diner! Sana mag-open na sila dito sa Manila!Ü

Bigg's Korean Spare Ribs We (the entire group) became such a fan of Bigg's that we decided to have dinner there as well (after having breakfast the same day...lunch was at CWC). I couldn't decide on what to order so I asked the resident Bicolana of the group what she was ordering and she told me this was her favorite Bigg's dish. So I tried and it was yummy as how she described it! It's a bit sweet to the taste so those who love a bit of sweetness in their food (like moi) would enjoy this meal. And at P135 for a meal with rice and veggies, it's good value for your moolah.Ü

Sili Ice Cream
On our unplanned extra night in Bicol, we got invited to a dinner hosted by our resident Bicolana's uncle, where we were served Sili Ice Cream and Chocolate Cake. I didn't know how to react at first but...Sili Ice Cream? Meron pala nun?!??!! Well, apparently, there is such a thing and who else would've thought to concoct this unique flavor of ice cream but the Bicolanos themselves.Ü But...not just that...we were told to match it up with Chocolate Cake...which I found a bit puzzling but decided to trust the "experts" on this so my friend and I decided to try it and needless to say...we weren't able to finish that one cup of Sili Ice Cream which we so willingfully shared. Haha!Ü Hmmm...let's just was you're not eating ice cream at all. I guess those who are fans of spicy stuff would love this but since I am not...then at least I can say i've tried Sili Ice Cream and it tasted like sili!!!Ü

So...when in Bicol...try everything of the above...especially the first two.Ü