Friday, February 10, 2006

Random Thoughts 3

Lucky are those who find their special someone while they're still young and on their 'first try' on having a relationship. They're probably the ones who were super good during their past life that they're now reaping what they sowed. With those said, i would like to extend my warmest wishes to my friend Macel, who recently tied the knot with her special someone...her best friend...her first boyfriend...Mike. Congratulations and Best Wishes to you both! Luv yah guyz! *MUAH!*


I swore i won't write about "V" Day...but one can't ignore the inevitable. So here i am, writing about one of the ironic days of the year: Valentine's Day.

I say ironic coz this day can be a blissful day for others, while it can be a dreadful day for some. For me though, i'm part of the "latter" crowd. I envy those who can just let this day pass by like there's nothing special going on all around. Well in fact, there really is nothing special about this day. It's just that everybody's making such a hype out of it. The a lot others. Go try watching the local channel around this time of the year and not a single minute will pass by without the mention of this apparently "special" day. Try walking around the malls and it seems like red (or any shade similar to it) is the color of choice this season. Why is it that it seems like Valentine's Day is super hyped here in the Philippines? And yet if you try watching cable TV, there's not even a mention of Valentine's Day? Well, maybe a thing or two regarding it is said in a cable TV show or another...but not as overpowering as our local channels. Just my thoughts...


Belated KIONG HEE HUAT CHAI!!! It's the year of the Dog! It's actually MY year this year (which also means i'm gonna be turning 24, given that the Chinese Signs follow a 12-year cycle...)...wala lang...just wanna share that itsy-bitsy fact with you guys... =)

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