Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The IMAX Experience

I finally found the time to write this blog. I've originally intended to write this right after we watched the movie but I just couldn't find the time. In other words, PROCRASTINATION got the best of me. Then, lo and behold, it's already August, almost a month after watching the movie. Wow! Hadn't it been for the fact that i've been in bed for 2 days now due to the flu, then i'd probably still wouldn't have found the time to write this thing. So, let's get to it, shall we?Ü

After spending much thought on whether or not I will be watching SUPERMAN at the now-famous IMAX Theater at MOA, thus spending 350 bucks of my hard-earned money, my officemates and I finally pushed through with the plan and bought advance tickets to this much-anticipated movie. 6.10PM was the showing time and July 6, 2006 was the date. We couldn't get nice seats on a weekend since tickets were selling like hot potatoes and are already sold out so we opted for the next best thing: Thursday night after office. So armed with our jackets, full stomach, and our pockets 350 bucks lighter, we headed to MOA...a mere 20-minutes drive from our office to the mall proper.

Believe me when I tell you that hadn't it been shown at the IMAX theater, I probably wouldn't have watched Superman 'til now. HAHA! So anyway, the first thing that impresses you when you enter the theater is it's über large screen! And when I say large, it's soooper-doooper large! So large to the point that every time I tried looking back as my friends and I were making our way towards our seats, i'd get nauseous and the world around me starts to spin. Good thing my nauseating memories got replaced by FEAR when we got to our seats. Yes, you read right. FEAR, my dears. Fear of getting eaten by a gigantic dinosaur on the movie screen. You see, prior to the movie, T-Rex was being previewed and what I saw was some very good 3D action! It was so good to the point that you'd think that the dinosaurs will be eating you...ALIVE! So you can just imagine my disappointment when, during the course of watching Superman, I found that the 3D parts of the movie were not as impressive. I was expecting to see Superman flying towards me and hopefully, trying to make a move to kiss me (HAHAHA!), but NO...all I got was the "impression" that the tractor (at the Kent farm) was popping out of the screen. =( Nonetheless, I still didn't think that all that was a waste of time, effort and money because...oh my gosh! BRANDON is sooooo HOT! His innate ka-gwapuhan more than made up for the fact that the 3D parts of the film were lousy. Plus...he's so tall pa!!! What more can I ask for??? Tall, handsome, nice body...all the characteristics i'm looking for in a man. Physically, ha

So anyway, I'd stop gushing about Brandon lest I lose some of my readers here. HAHA! I just have some other things on my mind that I want to share...Superman's Boots. What is with his boots? I don't like it. It's not nice. It looks like platforms and that his boots got stuck in the 80s while the rest of his outfit transformed. Couldn't they style a better-looking boots for Superman? He IS the Man of Steel anyway? Gheezh! Superman needs a better stylist on his next film.

Next on the list: Superman's Bangs. Does he even have to have bangs? And CURLY, nonetheless??? I was actually bit-by-bit accepting this non-life-threatening-but-disturbing fact as the film progressed but, what the heck! Superman gets all wet, is submerged in water, goes through hell and beyond, and his bangs are still nicely curled? What's that all about??? I can't even get from my car to the office lobby without the wind blowing my hair into a topsy-turvy mess! Well, I guess i'd have to be the "man of steel" to always have that prim-and-proper-hair look.Ü

Well, I guess that would be all. Some additional notes though: (1) There's a sign that flashes on the super big screen every time you have to put on your 3D glasses. This is actually great since you wouldn't have to worry on missing the 3D scenes that you paid 350 bucks to watch. Besides, those 3D scenes, once they start rolling on screen, would be "double-vision" when seen by the naked eye so instincts will automatically tell you to reach out for the 3D glasses to better see what's happening in front of you. (2) I initially didn't like Brandon Routh. This is true (believe me!). But when I saw him on Jay Leno one night, sans his Superman attire, I finally saw what other girls were seeing: the hunk behind the Superman costume and Clark Kent persona. And that was the beginning of my love affair with this drool-able hunk of a man.Ü (3) The IMAX Theater's screen is sooooo big that you can actually see the actor's pores while watching the film.

So I guess that's all for now guys. 'Til next month's blog! *MUAH!*