Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Random Thoughts 4

It's almost the end of May...and i've got a lot of things on my mind...i don't actually know where to start...but now my mind just keeps on lingering on the fact that: i'm still ELIGIBLY SINGLE! HAHA! Why start wondering now, you may ask...actually, i don't know too. Feeling ko i'm such a loser. HAHA! Ewan ko ba...it's weird. I don't wanna think about it. But it's like everyone expects for me to have someone special by now...considering that i'm already 23...super way past the age limit that my dad gave me for having a boyfriend. But the thing is, it's just not happening. I don't know if it's because i don't even make an effort to make it happen...or because it's just not yet my time...or because i'm too picky...I DON"T KNOW. I'm actually stumped. I'd rather solve quadratic equations...MENTALLY!...than think about this. Hay...my mind really has some twisted way of playing tricks on me...

People say that it's because i'm too picky. But you know what...i guess i just haven't met HIM. I'm quite sure i'm ready to lower my standards once i get to meet this guy who'll sweep me off my feet. But the thing is, no one has done that to me...yet. Nobody has swept me off my feet. I know naman for a fact na, pag feelings na ang kalaban mo, wala ka ng magagawa. You can't resist it, not even if you want to. Feelings na yun eh. And i don't want to waste my time and my efforts trying to love someone na alam ko naman walang patutunguhan, right? Hay...am i making sense? I'd probably have to stop this bruhaha now before i reveal too much to you guys...


What's all these fuss about The Da Vinci Code? It's driving me crazy actually. Don't get me wrong, i've read the book, and am one of the eager people who'd want to see how this 'super controversial' book is translated into film. But My God! A lot of people are putting so much unnecessary effort to ban this film. But what they're actually successful in doing is stirring the public's interest, therefore making them (the public) want to watch the film more. Had they channelled their efforts some place else (like the never-ending increase of fuel prices), eh di sana mas na-appreciate pa ng mga tao yun. They should just stop protesting about this film. Anyway, if they don't want to watch it, eh di DON'T! Nobody's forcing them to anyway. I commend MTRCB though for giving the film a rating of R-18. I think i'ts just proper that they did that. Although i'm quite sure a bunch of people under 18 will still be able to watch this film given that we're in a country where pirated DVDs proliferate...but that's another story. All i can say is, at least may effort diba? Na ipagbawal to those people under 18 yung movie...


BTW, it's my first year anniversary at PAL today! YEHEY! HAHA! Trip Pass here i come! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Belated HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to my MOM! Although i'm quite sure she won't be reading this, still it's the thought that counts right? LUV YAH Mommie! *HUGZ!* and *MUAH!* I would've bought you flowers and had them delivered at our house but you know how much that'd cost? 2,000 bucks!!! Grabe! I didn't know flowers are that costly! So pano ba yan...cash na lang? HEHE! =)


Had I known SOP will be broadcasting live from SM Mall of Asia last Sunday, i would've gotten there before everybody else! HAHA! Ok...no pretenses now, but i probably would've done that. If you know me well enough, you'll know the reason why. Anyway, i'd like to congratulate my friend Aya for the successful opening of SM Mall of Asia. I remember the times when she'd text me and ask me who are the current popular Filipino artists...and i would text her a bunch of names. I would've told her to guest Ashton Kutcher, but that's not even close to being a possibility so i didn't even bother texting her that. So anyway, congratz Aya! All the hardwork and going to office on Sundays paid off! Pa-libre naman ng tickets sa IMAX jan...HEHE!

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hi candy!!!

nicely put! galing! hahahaha... hindi talaga ako magaling magmake-up! hahahaha... panget sa picture! hahahhaa... oh well...masmaganda talaga wala :-P THanks!!!