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The Year That Was

Jeeezh! I know I vowed to post a blog once a month…and yet, as 2005 neared its end, I failed and wasn’t able to keep this personal promise of mine. Oh well…’twas the Christmas season and amidst the Christmas rush, I wasn’t able to think of anything to say. Well…it’s actually more of that I wasn’t able to find the time to write all the things I wanted to say. Thus, the result: “non-posting” of a blog last December 2005. Oh well, that’s life…sometimes you’re up…and sometimes you’d rather be in a different place than where you are at the moment. Similar to what 2005 was for me...Hmmm…got your attention? Just read on…

Well, I can’t really consider 2005 as a “roller-coaster-of-a-year” for me…But I can say that it did hold a lot of surprises…mostly pleasant…though some, I’d rather wish didn’t happen. But generally, ‘twas a good year for me, my family, and friends.

2005 was the year I got into PAL. Oh wow! PAL = (free) Trip Pass! HAHA! Kidding aside, I’m thankful to God for putting me in a reputable company, where I found lots of new friends (flashback: meetings & practice sessions with the Christmas Committee!), met fun-to-be-with and easy-to-get-along-with colleagues, and discovered a lot of new things ‘bout myself (aba, masaya pala mag-host ng Christmas Party…kahit na super nakakapagod to the max! At hindi ako nakakain ng food!). 2005 was also the year my Uncle found a new job (after having an “extended vacation”). So, “job-wise,” 2005 was a good year for me and my family.

2005 was also the year I joined a TV Game Show. NYAHAHAH! Yep! You heard (well, “read,” in this case) me right! I’ve practiced my “Game Na!” chant (with matching right hand in a fist in the air) well enough to earn me 5 Grand, plus a picture with Kris Aquino. HAHA! Not bad, right? I got to sing, make “beso-beso” with a guy I barely knew on TV (now I see my Dad’s eyes looking like a predator ready to catch its prey…), rant several names hoping that they’re one of the characters in the John en Marsha TV show (which I never really got to watch), and almost reached the top of the pyramid. Not a bad thing for a first-time game show contestant, huh? HAHA!

Well, it hasn’t always been fun the whole year ‘round, coz 2005 was also the year we lost our beloved friend Joy. It was hard. It still is. I don’t know if I’ve already accepted that I will never be seeing her again, or if I’ve just learned to keep that feeling of emptiness in a hard-to-reach corner of my heart and mind. Whatever it is, I leave everything up to God.

<*SIGH!*> Well, a lot has happened this year. I’ve only mentioned those that really stand out, or else I’ll be writing a novel, rather than a simple blog. I just want to share to you guys an article that I got at the start of 2005 that I’ve kept for reference. It’s a list of “100 Things to do in 2005” written by Ricardo Lo. It’s nice to re-read the list at the end of the year and cross out those things that you were able to do. I'm sharing the list with you guys. The one's in green are those things that I was able to do for the year. Luv y'all! And wishing everyone a bountiful 2006! *MUAH!*

100 Things to do in 2005 (by Ricardo F. Lo)
The Philippine Star – 31Dec2004
1. Start the New Year with a smile (not a frown). =)
2. Start your day with a prayer.
3. Stop worrying and start living.
4. Stop being a hypochondriac.
5. Spend Valentine with a candle-lit dinner at home. --> I hope to be doing this this year!
6. Have a dental check-up at the Achacoso Clinic (Timog-Morato Rotunda, Quezon City). --> Had my dental check-up, alright. Just not there…
7. Any suspected sleep disorder? See Dr. Roland dela Eva (of St. Luke’s Medical Center).
8. Is your blood sugar level going haywire? Call Dr. Wilson Lim (cellphone number 0917-8957626).
9. Any neuro problem? See Dr. Joven Cuanang (at St. Luke’s Medical Center).
10. Treat your family and/or friends to a hearty meal at Little Asia (Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City).
11. Craving for pizza and pasta? Drop by at Napoli (ground floor of Imperial Palace Suites, Timog-Morato Rotunda, Quezon City).
12. Relax. Take it easy.
13. Watch a movie at the new Gateway cinemas (Araneta Center).
14. Arrange those old photos in an album.
15. Climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator (it’s good for your health).
16. Eat your veggies.
17. Drink a lot of water.
18. Take a 10-minute nap.
19. Visit an ukay-ukay store.
20. Stay tuned to Ariel Ureta and Winnie Cordero (on DZMM’s Todo-Todo Walang Preno).
21. Get the news “na walang kinikilingan” from 24 Oras.
22. Have a haircut at Bruno’s (Tomas Morato). --> Sounds like a barber shop to me…Dapat ata sa parlor ako coz i'm a gurl…
23. Read a good book.
24. Meditate at the St. Joseph Adoration Chapel (Hemady St., Quezon City).
25. Don’t forget to hear Mass on Sundays.
26. Join a TV gameshow. You could be the next millionaire!
27. Worried about those eyebags and wrinkles, etc.? See Dr. Vicki Belo.
28. Stop driving through a red light. --> GUILTY!
29. Remember to always lock your doors.
30. Don’t talk to strangers.
31. Put your cellphone on “silent” mode when outdoors. --> Why? I don’t get the logic.
32. Don’t spread nasty text messages.
33. Check out the new line of Bench clothing.
34. Spend a weekend with family and/or friends at Baywalk. --> We did this the year before, not in 2005.
35. Stay tuned to CNN.
36. Or watch Discovery Channel.
37. Listen to Korina Sanchez and Ted Failon 8 to 10 a.m. Monday through Friday on DZMM (Tambalang Failon at Sanchez).
38. Enjoy a lively debate with Mareng Winnie and Pareng Oca on GMA late Thursday nights.
39. Play – and replay – your collection of Beatles songs.
40. Be kind to your pets. --> Generally, I was kind to my bro this year. So this applies. NYAHAHA! Peace tayo Kuya Kyle!
41. Comfort a lonely person.
42. Fall in love. --> HAH! Eto, di ko nagawa last year. Sana magawa ko na this year. HAHA!
43. Try the Chinese dishes at Wok ‘n’ Stick (beside Imperial Palace Suites).
44. Stop monitoring the love life of Kris Aquino.
45. Mind your own business.
46. Count your blessings.
47. Watch any – or all – of the eight entries in the Metro Filmfest (good until Jan. 3 and beyond).
48. Don’t buy pirated CDs. --> Parang di ko ata magagawa ‘to… =(
49. Turn off your TV set when Mahal starts talking about her “romances.”
50. Turn off your TV set when you see even a shadow of Madame Auring.
51. Watch Kris Aquino on Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba?
52. Stuff your ears with cotton as soon as Mystica opens her mouth.
53. Stay tuned to GMA’s Bubble Gang.
54. Want the lates showbiz tsismis? Watch GMA’s Startalk (The Showbiz Authority).
55. Try mountain-climbing.
56. Visit your relatives in the province.
57. De-stress yourself by practicing deep breathing.
58. Smell the flowers.
59. Listen to the birds sing.
60. Write a note to a friend abroad.
61. Offer a mass for the dear departed.
62. Count the stars on a moonlit night.
63. Stand when the National Anthem is being played before the last full show.
64. Stop smoking. --> I don’t smoke.
65. Drink moderately.
66. Give away second-hand (or even new but not being used) clothes.
67. Be generous.
68. Pray that government officials will mend their ways and sincerely serve the people.
69. Don’t waste water.
70. Watch the Sound of Music for the nth time – it’s uplifting!
71. Listen to your Jose Mari Chan CD.
72. Go straight home during paydays.
73. Have a massage at MTO (Timog Ave., Quezon City or Mabini St., Malate) or at Family Spa (Tomas Morato Ave. corner Roces Ave., near McDo).
74. Take your vitamins.
75. Watch the concert of Martin Nievera and Patty Austin on Jan. 29 at the Big Dome.
76. Attend the Our Lady of Perpetual Help novena Wednesdays at the Baclaran Church.
77. Take the MRT from Cubao to Divisoria.
78. Have yourself fitted with new eyeglasses at Vivian Sarabia’s clinics.
79. Shed excess poundage by playing badminton.
80. Make love not war.
81. Prune the plants.
82. Save electricity; open the windows at night instead of the aircon.
83. Plant a tree. --> I planted a plant, not a tree…does that count?
84. Save for the rainy day.
85. Watch Ocean’s Twelve.
86. Dust off your cabinet.
87. Tune in, as usual, to Charo Santos’ Maalaala Mo Kaya? Thursday nights on ABS-CBN.
88. Try acupuncture.
89. Check your tire pressure before leaving home.
90. Replace that missing button on your shirt.
91. Losing hair? Try Claire dela Fuente’s hair-growing formula (available in several outlets, one of them at Virra Mall).
92. Send a get-well-soon card to a sick friend.
93. Love your neighbor.
94. Avoid the polluted air outside; take a stroll at the mall. --> You don’t have to tell me that! I’ve done this countless of times…
95. Don’t worry; be happy. --> Easier said than done…
96. Pray. It works!
97. Spend a weekend on the beach.
98. Say no to…drugs?
99. Don’t overeat.
100. Keep reading The STAR.

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