Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Book Called "Fallen Cradle"

24 hours after purchase, I finished reading this book entitled, Fallen Cradle (edited) by Agnes Prieto and Ricardo M. De Ungria. It's basically a compilation of stories from parents who have lost a child or two due to different reasons: may it be an illness, a violent crime, a freak accident, or even suicide.

I first came across this book when searching for show times and available theaters for the movie Griffin & Phoenix. As destiny would have it (as I would like to think so), I stumbled upon this website ( about a Mom's notes on recovery. I got intrigued and read on...Why recovery? And why specifically indicate that it's a mother who's recovering? Turns out, the author (Noemi Lardizabal-Dado) lost her 6-year old son to an accident in 2000 and her website is a byproduct of that loss.

The book features stories (and even poems) made by parents on how they lost their child & their struggle to live a normal life after such a traumatic experience. I agree inded with what the invited psychologist (in the book) mentioned: there is not one word that describes a parent who has lost a child. For children who lost their parent/s, there's orphan. For a spouse, a widow or widower. But for parent/s who lost a child, there is none. I believe this is because it is not in the natural order of things for a parent (or parents) to outlive their child/children. It must be the other way around. But sometimes, fate has a different way of dealing with things in your life. And seeing as we are actually living on borrowed time, we must learn to treasure life as it occurs. Because we'll never know when it will be time out for us.

The book opened my eyes on several things, and I would like to share to you some insights I got from it. I realized that some (if not most) suicides or suicide attempts are caused by an illness called BIPOLAR DISORDER, or more popularly known before as MANIC DEPRESSION (or Manic Depressive Disorder). Bipolar disorder is an ilness where a person experiences episodes of mania and depression, with normal moods in between ( And usually, it is during these manic or depressive states/episodes that they entertain the idea of suicide. There is currently no cure yet for this disorder, although early diagnosis and psychiatric treatment can help manage the illness.

Another thing I would like to share is the innate power of Fr. Efren Borromeo to communicate with those who have passed on to the next life. He is described in the book as a highly sensitive healing priest, and is very much in demand to those who know of his innate ability and are seeking for closure on things that are mostly beyond anyone's control. In the book, he has helped the parents of those whose child/children passed away due to freak accidents (that looked like suicide) and murder, among others.

I recommend this book not only to parents who have experienced a similar fate in life, but to those who have had to let go of someone or something. It's a book that lets you appreciate your loved ones more and makes you realize that nothing in this world is permanent. Everything changes. And as human beings, we need to learn to embrace those changes, no matter how difficult it may be. Indeed, only time can heal all wounds, but a little help from a loved one...a friend...a support group, makes the pain easier to manage. And the thought that you are not alone is God's way of saying that He is with you every step of the way.

Life indeed is something to be cherished and should not be taken for granted. Spend time with your loved ones. Hug and kiss them as much as you can (for me, i love hugs more than kisses Ü). Schedule a dinner date with your dad or have coffee with mom on a lazy afternoon. Treat your brother or sister to lunch, even though sometimes he or she really just gets into your nerves. Talk with your loved ones. Spend quality time together. Learn how to say sorry and be appreciative of even the littlest things in life. These are the things I realized after reading this book. Time spent with our loved ones will sooner or later run out. That fact, we cannot escape.
But what we can do is to make every moment spent with them count and be worthwhile.

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