Monday, December 31, 2007

Hail to the Alma Mater

To all Lasallians out there, listen up (literally)...a new twist to our beloved Alma Mater song...reggae version (naks!). It's nice actually...I like it. Feeling ko ako si Bob Marley every time I hear this (it's in my phone, under my Pang Ubos Batt playlist Ü). I got this from Jerome, my officemate, who's from USTe, so I don't really know where he got this but he just came up to me one morning and said: "Diba from La Salle ka? Pakinggan mo 'to, yung Alma Mater song nyo." So I listened and I liked it then he sent it via bluetooth from his phone to mine. And that's the story of how I got this version of our Alma Mater song.Ü

Here's another a cappella, sung by the DLSU Chorale. I got this from another blogsite (Nekti Ka No? Rektikano!), which I learned about when an officemate told me about it a few months back. May added bonus pa kasi may kasamang video yung song.

Well, what other line to end this blog but to borrow a line from a song: I'd rather be green than be blue.Ü True yan!Ü Animo La Salle!


jayvee said...

ate candz, ang angas nun song!

Candy said...

Hehehe...glad you liked it, Jayvee!Ü