Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I could sum up the highlights of my day with these three letters: P, Q, and R.

P: PADI License
While heading to the bathroom this morning, I saw a PADI envelope in our nook and immediately got excited. If i'm right, this is the license I've been waiting for: My PADI Open Water Diver License! True enough, it really was!!! Because of my rush and excitement, I tore off the part of the envelope with the PADI logo in it. This isn't actually much of a big deal but i'm sentimental that way. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk, right? Besides, I got my license just in the nick of time since my temporary license is about to expire (its validity is only 90 days from issuance).

What made this more special is that, in the group of 7 that went diving in Davao last year, I was the first one who got the PADI license. Yippeee!!! Naka-lamang ako sa inyo guys! HEHEHE! Although Angel's might be in the mail already.Ü

Q: Queen
I've been reading mixed reviews about Miley Cyrus' dress at the Oscars. Some love it, some hate it. When I first saw it on Yahoo, I didn't know what or how to react: Do I love it? No...not lovin' the look. Do I like it? Hmmm...i'm not sold out about it. Will I wear it if given a chance? I guess I'll do in the very remote possibility that I will be crowned the next queen of Britain. Haha!

My officemate and I had a brief discussion about the dress today. We both had the same sentiments about it: The dress was not bad but it was not great either. She said it was just too bejeweled, and I agree. I told her my thoughts...that I'd only wear that (if given a chance to) for super special occassions like getting crowned a queen or princess (do they crown princessess? anyhow...)....but a thought occurred just now: Will that be a nice wedding dress? Not my cup of tea but I guess it would look good as a wedding dress once the blue accents are replaced by white or champagne-colored ones. Hmmm...I guess this would be a thought to ponder on.

R: Retro
Wednesday nights, for me, are Retro nights at the gym. Fitness First's Mall of Asia branch has this one hour Retro class every Wednesday at 6:30PM and I never fail to attend such class except:
  • When I have my monthly period
  • When I have other important matters to attend to (I even go out of my way not to schedule any gimmicks on Wednesday nights or schedule meetings that might go beyond 5:30PM on Wednesday afternoons)
  • When I'm not in town
  • When I'm sick

So imagine my disappointment of not being able to attend today's class (obviously, coz i'm writing this blog) mainly because my brother failed to pick me up on time. He was at the office at 6:30PM...and what time does the Retro class start? 6:30PM!!! Ano pa'ng aabutan ko dun given that I still have to change clothes when I get there before I can attend the class? I would've told him to bring me there had there been space in the car for me to change, but NO. He had the entire back seat removed and covered the entire space with a humongous sound system that I don't see the point of! He's such a spoiled brat! And, guess what? He had the nerve to tell me (NOT in a polite or sorry manner, mind you), "Ano ba talaga? Sabi ni Mommy i-hatid daw kita." after I told him to just head home because I obviously would be missing a big chunk of the class anyway (of course I was mad when I told him this). Aba! Nagawa pa nyang sabihin sakin yun? If I was the one who's wrong I would've said "I'm sorry" but it looks like he's not even sorry at all. I want to shout, cry, or throw something but I know that's just not the right thing to do for something very minor like this. I'm just really, very, super pissed off!!! =(


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