Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Candy Designs™...SLIPPERS! project for the last Sunday morning of May2009...Candy Designs™...SLIPPERS! Hehehe!

My Inspiration: I've been looking for black sandals that I could use for malling or just about anything but couldn't find the right fit for me. Most of the time, it's not to my liking: doesn't look good on my feet, too chunky, too much bling, no more size available, etc. So I just decided to make my own since my months of search has turned up nothing. Zilch. Zero.


  • Grosby Rubber Flip Flops bought at SM for P179.75
  • Carolina's Blings (I dunno what to call it Ü)
    -Silver Circle Blings @ P24.00 for 20pcs
    -Blue Circle Blings @ P16.00 for 20pcs
  • Mighty Bond @ P44.75

The BEFORE shots:


The AFTER look:

Nice ba?Ü Total Cost (minus labor and Mighty Bond Ü) for the Black Slippers is P216.15, while for the Blue one P199.25. Not bad right?Ü If I could find cheaper slippers, eh di lesser cost. But i'm biased with Grosby...I love the fit and it is of good quality (my mom and I have a pair for almost a year now and it still looks brand new). Plus, i'm not really into those slippers with prints in the upper sole (well, it really depends on the print). And since i'm gonna be adding blings to the slippers, i'm afraid it might be too much if there's bling AND prints in the upper sole. I guess this is just me...I love keeping things simple and classic (naks).

So...what do you think? Pwede na ba ibenta sa P300? Hehehe!Ü

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