Sunday, February 20, 2011

When in Bora...Tesebel

When in Boracay, go to Puka Beach and dine at Tesebel Ihaw-Ihaw Restaurant. Their Garlic Prawns with Honey are to die for! This is their best seller and many have tried to copy this dish but nothing can really compare to Tesebel's cooking. The garlic bits are toasted to perfection and the sauce really as sweet as honey! Some may find the sauce too sweet but I personally love it! This dish includes three pieces of prawns and costs P195. A must-try to anyone visiting Bora!

How to get there: From the main beach (where Stations 1, 2, and 3 are located), ride a trike going to Puka Beach which costs P20-25/pax if coming from Station 1 (it might cost more if you're coming from Stations 2 or 3). Just tell the tricycle driver that you're going to Tesebel Ihaw-Ihaw at Puka Beach. The trike going back (from Puka to Station 1, 2, or 3) should cost the same as long as you hail a trike from Puka Beach and not ask for a ride from one of the tricycles parked there. If you get one of those parked tricycles, that would cost you P150 for a one-way trip (i'm not sure if this is per pax or for the entire trike regardless of the number of pax...maybe it's the latter). If you're pressed for time, then the parked tricycles are your only choice. But if you're not on a tight schedule (tricycles passing through this place are not as many as those that are found along the main road of Stations 1, 2, 3), then you can just wait at the shed right in front of Tesebel's until a tricycle comes along (make sure you ask the tricycle driver how much the ride going back would cost otherwise they'd jack up the price).

Aling Tessie (the owner) also suggested that we can ride a multicab going back to the main beach, so I guess you can hitch a ride on whatever comes first.

Puka Beach is also one of the stops in the island hopping tours offered in Boracay so you can just probably tell your bangkero that you want to have lunch at Puka Beach and i'm pretty sure Mr. Banker (a.k.a. Mamang Bangkero) will make sure you're at Puka Beach in time for lunch.Ü

Little known fact: "Tesebel" came from the names of the owners: Tessie and her husband, Billy. On my next visit I will ask why it's the letter E that's found between B and L and not I (I forgot to ask).

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