Monday, January 01, 2007

My Starbucks Planner

With the help of my officemates (namely Carrie, Dio, Kat, Jacky, and Barbie) and cousin Harvey, I finally got my first ever Starbucks planner! Yippeeeeeee! It's my first (really!) coz I've never been the type who'd do collect all those stickers come December time just to avail of the exclusive Starbucks planner. BUT (and that's a big "but")...due to PEER PRESSURE (as-in! coz everyone around me seems to be collecting stickers for this...), I started collecting all those stickers just for this planner, which, up until now, I don't know what to do with coz the planner that I ACTUALLY need is just a small one that will fit in my bag. So now I have this (the Starbucks planner) and a small planner (that fits in my bag) that I bought from Marks & Spencer. HAHAHA! Ang dami ko'ng planners! Anyway, I know i'll eventually find a purpose for this planner...maybe as a journal where i'll write significant events that happened to me on that specific day...I dunno. Let's wait and see.

I just have one (rather sad) thought though: How come this year's planner doesn't come with all those coupons like before? :( I know I said I didn't collect the past planners but my sister (who does...but is now living in Canada) would always have at least one (last year, she got 3!) and she'd give me all those extra coupons she has. Coz, if you think about it, what will she do with the 6 fattening Starbucks drinks on her hand on one of those days when she has 3 Buy one drink, get the other equally-or-lesser-priced-drink free coupons to avail? Of course, give her extra coupons to her Devilishly-Bitchy-Sister (that's what she calls me. I call her my Domestic Goddess Sis!). So there...just my thoughts.

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