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60 Things To Do In 2007

I'm again sharing to you an article by Ricky Lo (i know, i know...i've been sharing a lot lately...not really doing any personal blogs...promise, i'll be making one soon Ü): 60 Things To Do in 2007. Again, snippets from yours truly are in blue italics. Then, by the end of the year, let's see what things in the list I was able to do. Mark down those things you were able to do as well! Enjoy!


60 things to do in 2007
FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo
The Philippine Star 12/30/2006

As we like to say, dalawang tulog na lang at bagong taon na.

The countdown to 2007 has begun, to culminate at midnight tomorrow with the usual explosions (the harmless ones, let’s keep our fingers crossed...Hmmmm, count them and make sure you still have 10 in both hands after you have exploded those Super Lolos and those Sinturon ni Hudas).

Here are the first 30 of Funfare’s traditional "60 things to do" (the list is trimmed down from 100) in the next 365 days. (Clip page and paste on bedroom wall as reminder.)

1. Sleep early. Remember that early to bed and early to rise makes Juan healthy, wealthy and wise.

- I would really love to do this...but it's very hard especially if you have to wake up at 5am to bring your not-so-little brother to school...and to think my office is a mere 20-minute drive from our house...and work starts at 8am...sigh!

2. Treat your friends and family to a hearty meal (burp, burp, burp!!!) at Charlemagne Lim’s Little Asia restaurant (one on Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City, and a branch at the Promenade in Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila).

3. Spend solemn moments at the St. Joseph Adoration Chapel on Hemady St. (near E. Rodriguez Ext.), Quezon City, with the Pink Sisters. (You loved Joseph even more after you saw how lovingly he was portrayed in The Nativity Story, didn’t you?)

4. Have your vision checked at any of the several outlets of Vivian Sarabia’s Sarabia Optical Clinics (one in Megamall).

5. Flash a bright smile at the neighbor you have been ignoring all these years when you bump into him in the morning. Remember that a smile a day drives the blues away.

- I've been doing this lately...after 10 years of living in this block. Hehe! (trying to change my 'taray' image...coz you know, i'm not really!)

6. Make it a habit to take Maxillium fiber (available at Watson’s outlets, distributed by my fellow Waray Alex Tan’s company) as often as needed so you won’t be straining too hard in the bathroom in the morning. It makes you feel light and easy. (For inquiries, call 533-8988, 533-8986 or 533-9228.)

7. Drink as much water as you can to flush out toxins in your system.

- Ditto!

8. Take time out to, as they say, smell the flowers and appreciate a bright new day.

- Ok...will do.

9. Having problems with your skin, excess poundage and the like? Drop by at any of the outlets of Dr. Vicki Belo’s Belo Medical Group.

- Arghhh...skin problems...right now! Kainis!

10. Exercise. Remember that to be considered fit, you have to take 10,000 steps per day. Ask Oprah (she does it!).

- How will i do this? Rather than sitting in front of the PC at work, shall I now stand and walk in place? Hehe...Ü

11. Having any blood-sugar problem (at risk of becoming diabetic)? Consult Dr. Wilson Lim (diabetes specialist) at his clinics at Metropolitan Hospital (Masangkay St., Binondo, Manila), FEU Hospital (Fairview, Quezon City) or St. Luke’s Medical Center (also in Q.C.).

12. Take time out to collect those loose photos in an album or those clippings in a scrapbook. It can be "therapeutic." Try it!

- Wow! Scrapbooking can be therapeutic? Gotta do it again sometime soon then!

13. Hie off to Raymond Ong’s Panglao Island Nature Resort in Panglao, Bohol, with an ambience so serene that you could hear yourself think and thus have a chance to take stock of your life.

- So, one trip pass down for a Bohol trip.Ü

14. Read Mitch Albom’s new (third) novel For One More Day (after Tuesdays with Morrie and Five People You Meet In Heaven). It will make you long for your mom (especially when she’s gone for good) and make you cry and cry. (Ask Charo Santos-Concio who soaked the pages with copious tears while reading the book.)

- Will try and check this out.Ü

15. As The STAR Entertainment Section keeps reminding you, "Relax and enjoy; see a movie."

- I want to see Griffin & Phoenix!!!Ü

16. Get a foot-and-back massage at Mercy T. Ong’s MTO Reflexology Clinics (one on Timog Ave., Quezon City, and another one in Malate, Manila).

17. Avoid using your cell phone in public, if you can help it. Beware. The guy next to you could be a snatcher.

- This is simply very hard to do. Just try to lessen your cellphone usage in public, I guess, would be an easier task to do.

18. Watch a movie at the Gateway Mall at the Araneta Center in Cubao, Quezon City. Very cozy and very comfortable.

19. Having any dental problems? Drop by at the Achacoso Clinic (near the Timog-Morato Rotunda, Quezon City). Its patients include stars like Susan Roces and Francis Magalona.

20. Have your hair cut, your nails done, your sole scrubbed and your ears cleaned at the Gruppo Barbero (the one on Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City, owned by Atty. Aga, Drew Arellano’s dad). Its star clients include Troy Montero, Ricky Davao, Tonton Gutierrez, Jericho Rosales, Polo Ravales and Rep. Ace Barbers.

- Wait...i'm a girl. I go to the salon, not the 'barbero.'Ü

21. Practice rhythmic, deep breathing. It relieves stress.

22. Donate money or used (or even new) clothes and other useful things you don’t need to victims of calamities (like those in Albay, Marinduque, Samar, Ormoc, etc.).

23. Attend the healing Masses of either Fr. Corsie Legaspi or Fr. Joey Faller. (Watch out for the schedules which Funfare publishes every now and then.)

24. Spend a weekend at the Imperial Palace Suites (Timog-Morato Rotunda, Quezon City, landline 411-0116) which is within walking distance to all kinds of restaurants and QC’s entertainment spots.

- Promise, I won't be able to do this coz i'm a 'kuripot' gal.Ü

25. Obey traffic rules.

- Ooops! Guilty!

26. Choose very carefully the candidates you will vote for in next May’s elections. Don’t vote for "crooks" (if you know what I mean.)

- Definitely!

27. Visit The Healing Zone Clinic & Spa (Your One-Stop Wellness and Natural Medicine Center, at 34 Kalayaan Ave., Quezon City) for acupuncture and other stress-relieving treatments. After I discovered the Zone, I’ve stopped going to another clinic (because of an unpleasant experience) that promised an oasis of relief. For inquiries and/or apppointment, call landline 433-4261.

28. Don’t work too hard to avoid being stressed-out or getting sick. Remember that nobody is indispensable. Remember that there’s always somebody out there better than you are.

29. Watch Blood Diamond, the new Leonardo DiCaprio starrer (after a two-year respite) opening on Jan. 8 after the ongoing Metro Filmfest.

30. Keep on reading The STAR and watching Showbiz Stripped (on GMA late Saturday nights).

31. If you haven’t yet, try to watch the entries in the 32nd Metro Filmfest (until Jan. 7).

- As of writing this...I haven't even watched a single one of them (and it's already the 12th of January).

32. Besides the Belo Medical Clinic, you can also visit the clinics of Dr. Nellie Yu (whose complexion is so flawless that she’s the walking advertisement for her clinics), also one of the country’s top dermatologists. There’s one on Carvajal St. in Binondo, Manila (telephone 241-1071) and another one in Makati (813-2429).

33. Fix (and oil) those rusty hinges on that door which you’ve been ignoring all these years.

34. Lock your doors before leaving the house. Check and recheck if electric plugs (especially that of the flat iron) have been pulled off.

35. Treat your family and friends to mouth-watering and tummy-filling pizzas and pastas (an array of them, take your pick!) at Napoli (with an outlet in Fairview, Quezon City, and another one at the ground floor of the Imperial Palace Suites on Timog-Morato Rotunda, also in Quezon City).

36. Write that long-delayed letter to a friend in the US whom you haven’t seen for ages.

37. Take a day off from work and stroll around SM Mall of Asia which is oh-so-huge that it will take you one whole day to cover the whole place. (Reminder: Wear rubber shoes.)

- Ayoko nga! Makita pa ko ng mga bossing ko...hehe!Ü

38. Try the toppings (Asian, American, Japanese – there’s one for every palate!) at Happy Ongpauco’s World Topps (with an outlet on Timog Ave., Quezon City, near the rotunda).

39. Don’t buy pirated tapes. Watching movies is more fun if you do so on a wide screen.

- Ayayayayayayay! This will be very hard to do!

40. Be kind to your pets. Always bear in mind that dogs are sometimes more loyal than humans. They bark, all right, but they don’t bite your back – not all the time, anyway.

- Okay, okay...I promise to be more 'mabait' to my brother from now on (Hehe! Peace tayo Kuya Kyle!Ü)

41. Having sleep disorder? Consult Dr. Roland dela Eva at his clinic at St. Luke’s Medical Center (Quezon City).

42. Stay tuned to Charo Santos-Concio’s long-running and award-winning drama show Maalaala Mo Kaya on ABS-CBN Friday nights.

43. For updates and the latest in world news, and for those incisive interviews with Larry King, stay glued to CNN.

44. For those old movies (and if you are a platinum SkyCable subscriber), there’s nothing like the TCM (Turner Classic Movies) on Channel 39 which airs ‘em non-stop. Say "Hello!" again to the likes of Greta Garbo, Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis, Rock Hudson, Joan Crawford and other Hollywood greats.

45. Try going vegetarian.

- OMG! No way! Hehe...Meat is just so yummy!

46. Start saving for the forthcoming concerts of, among other foreign acts, Il Divo, The Lettermen and Cliff Richard.

47. Stop being a couch potato. Don’t just lie there when watching TV. Walk in place or jump onto a stationary bike.

48. Forgive the friend you’ve been having a "cold war" with. It’s not healthy to be carrying an emotional load.

- Hay...forgiven but not forgotten.

49. After a morning jog, have breakfast at any Jollibee outlet and enjoy your sinangag with fried egg and longganisa (downed by hot chocolate) while reading The STAR (the only paper available at Jollibee, for free!).

50. Be heard. If you disagree with an issue or you have a complaint against public officials, SCREAM! Write a letter to the editor or ask Korina Sanchez or Ted Failon for air space on their DZMM radio program. Hoy, gising!

51. Check out the new line of clothes, accessories and other items at any Bench outlet.

- Ditto!

52. Enjoy a gameshow with Kris Aquino (Pilipinas, Game KNB? and Deal or No Deal) and Willie Revillame (Wowowee, but of course!).

- Join ulit? Hehe...Ü

53. Take home a stray cat or any "homeless" animal you see on the street.

- No Deal po.Ü

54. Give peace a chance. Stop being a war freak. If you can win people by smiling, why frown at all?

55. Next time you are at Shangri-La Plaza Mall, drop by at Novecento and go over the racks of colorful shirts.

56. Drive carefully. The life you save may be your own. (That’s a reminder I see at the back of buses.)

57. Have your fill of the famous halo-halo (featured recently in Time’s Best of Asia special issue) at the Peninsula lobby, served in all sizes including "family " (good for a dozen people).

58. Plant a tree, even just in your backyard.

59. Always remember that honesty is the best policy. Don’t cheat...especially in an election.

60. Pray. It works!

- Yes!


You may also check out the list from 2005 (100 Things To Do in 2005, also
by Ricky Lo). Of course, with my ever-present comments/suggestions/what-have-yous in green and pink italics

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meggy said...

hey those are pretty true. i relly like the one about praying it really works, god is amazibg. But the on about cell phone i dont think i could ever do. I love my cell phone and it would be so hard to use it less. i am addicted to texting.