Saturday, September 29, 2007

Puzzled Over Facebook

There's this new "Friendster-like" application/website/whatchamacallit in the web called Facebook that my friends are going gaga over. Personally, i'm still such a newbie to this thing and am super lost (as in!) as to how to navigate and do anything with it! Do I go to the Requests page first and answer all the requests and invites sent out by friends? Do I accept everything they send? How come it always asks me to invite friends whenever I add a new application? Gosh! All these drama! HARDIHARHAR! Right now I'm just playing around with it...tinkering here and there...trying to figure out some of these stuff here.

I guess this site's selling point is the user's ability to add numerous "applications" where you can do just about everything you can think of! Ergo, if you want to "spank" someone online, you can do so via the "Spank" application. If you want to have a food fight with your friends, go ahead with the "Food Fight" application. Wanna know your stripper name and ask your friends to rate it (mine's Heidi Dreambutter...hahaha! Parang Anchor Butter...Ü)? Use the "What's your stripper name?" application. Want to share a Cosmopolitan or a Margarita with your friends? Send them a drink or two using the "Booze Mail" application. The possibilities are endless. And I literallly mean ENDLESS.

So to those who want to join FACEBOOK, go ahead and sign up. Add me up too if you want. And to those who'd want to help me out in figuring out this website, feel free to do so by posting a comment on this blog. I'm sure i'm not the only person you'll be helping out.Ü

Facebook's Homepage

Facebook's Profile Page

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