Sunday, January 04, 2009

2008 in Retrospect

For lack of a better title, I'm recycling one that I used before...but with a different year, of course.Ü So since we've already bid goodbye to 2008 and 2009 is already 4-days old, I'd like to take the opportunity to look back on the year that was and try, as much as possible, to remember the highlights of my year (which would entail browsing through my ever-reliable daily planner since I have this sickness that you call memory gap...Ü).
  • I got to go, for the first time, to the following places in the Philippines: Boracay, Davao, and Hundred Islands Ü
  • I became a Licensed Open Water DIVEr (hindi DRIVEr ha...hehehe!)
  • I got promoted Ü (I know promotion's a great thing but I now have half-day Saturday work)
  • I got to see and hang out with my best friend Silver when she had this spur-of-the-moment Manila vacation in September Ü
  • My mom stopped smoking!!!Ü
  • My brother Kyle graduated high school and started college at CSB
  • The re-opening of the small rotonda at Domestic Road...after less than a month of closing it AND yours truly bombarding the **** traffic enforcers with snide comments, suggestions, opinions, justifications, and all what-have-you's every time I get the chance to (I literally go out of my way to talk to them about this impractical traffic scheme that they implemented)
  • Acer replaced my problematic PC (i'm actually not sure if this should be here or on the 'other' list since I am NOT happy with its OS)
  • Went on a "spree" towards the latter part of the year
  • Got addicted to Gossip Girl and House
  • Had a room makeover (I am still about to blog about this Ü)
  • The entire Philippines had a super long Christmas/New Year vacation
  • I had my first ever Rafting and Zip Line experience
  • Bumped into Anne Curtis and her model friends at the Araneta Center's washroom before the Bench Blackout Fashion Show
  • Finally solved that "Ñ check printing" problem at work (yippeee!Ü)
  • And since I love weddings, I got to go to the following weddings this year: Corina & Chito, Ian & Ethel, Ella & Marvin, Eli & Joseph Ü

The CONS of 2008, on the other hand, are...

  • Problem with Fitness First & BDO
  • My birthday fiasco (dalawa yun, but I don't want to reiterate)
  • I lapsed in my "blogging promise" (to myself) of 1 blog per month

Forgive me if I don't want to elaborate on the last three since I want to remember 2008 for its happy-happy, joy-joy moments and not on those things I'd rather forget. And since 2009 has already begun, my wish for everyone is a year where the fun and happy moments totally outweigh the not-so-happy ones.Ü TTFN!Ü


Anonymous said...

Hi, Candy,

Wow! You finally solved that ñ thing! Ilang taon na ngang problema 'yun? Dapat lang siguro makaalis ako d'yan sa Manila para ma-solb mo yan.

Nice layout of your new blog: the red, the black, and the white. Sexy!

Hope we can post a lot more this year than last. See 'ya!

Candy said...

Ei, Sir B!Ü Tapos na si Ñ wakas! Sabi nga ng users ko, pwede na daw ako mag-asawa...HAHAHA!!!

Yah...hope we get to post more blogs this year! Nice to hear from you Sir!Ü