Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year, New Layout

Since it's the new year, I decided to update my blog's layout. I found this Mont Tiara theme from Wordpress that I fell in love with and after a whole day of blog's updated layout! YIPPEEE!!!
I hope you guys find the black, red, and white color scheme appealing...and I hope you'd still continue reading my blog even if there's an image of a bed in the header...i'm hoping it doesn't actually make you want to go to sleep when reading my blog. Hehehe...
HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone! May 2009 be worry-free and fun-filled for all of us! *HUGZ!*and*MUAH!*
I was watching the Today Show (i'm not actually sure if it really is the TODAY Show) the other day (now, that's a bit confusing!Ü) and heard that "Twittering" is OUT and that "Slow Blogging" is IN! This just means that I am actually part of the IN thing (I'm probably the slowest blogger in town)! What actually is Twittering? It's posting what you're actually up to via You're supposed to update this every minute of every hour if you can...I actually signed-up before...but never really got the hang of it. Which is apparently a good thing since it's OUT now...and SLOW BLOGGING is IN! So, what is Slow Blogging? Basically what I'm doing...blogging only as often as once a week or once a month...actually posting something that you've thought about rather than whatcha-doing-right-now-spur-of-the-moment thingies. Anyway...i'm just glad to be IN


bleue said...

Wow! i am also IN. VERY Slow blogger here! Hahaha! Dami ko pa pending. I also signed up on Twitter and Plurk but I already deleted my accounts, high maintenance masyado eh. Haha, wala namang sense kung di ko maupdate.

Candy said...

HAHA! Oo nga...IN tayo ngayong 2009!Ü Di ko na nga rin maalala username/password ko sa Twitter eh. Hahaha!