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PCOS I am a Filipino...

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I am currently waiting in line in order to exercise my right to vote. I arrived at 0916H at the school where I am registered in at dahil engertz ako at may short term memory loss, I forgot what precinct number i'm assigned to (kahit na I checked it online two days ago). Good job, Candy! So I spent 30 minutes in line just so they can check what precinct number i'm in. 1148F. I am forever saving that in my memory bank. Meaning: I'll save it in my mobile phone for future reference. It's now 1030H and i'm #449 in line (thank God they have a numbering system here). The last number called was 180 and that was 10 minutes ago. Ano'ng oras kaya ako makakaboto? So while i'm waiting in line, i'm doing what I do best in these situations: BLOG.Ü

So what should be one's survival guide when voting in the Philippines? I have five so far:

1. Water & Food.
Cold water or drink to combat the heat & food to keep the tummy happy. I wasn't able to bring any of these coz I didn't expect to be waiting in line for so long but had they not implemented the number system in our precinct, i'd be dying of thirst & hunger by now.

2. Fan. Need I explain why expecially in a tropical country like ours? If you have one of those battery-operated fans, that would be better.

3. Something to while the time away. Good thing I brought my iPod and a pen so I was able to blog (and listen to music) while waiting in line. I'm actually also thankful for the sample ballots that were being given out since this blog is being written at the back of it.Ü But if you have some other thing that would keep you busy...a PSP perhaps, deck of cards (is this allowed? i'm not really sure...), sudoku, magazine, brick game, jackstones, tamagotchi, monopoly, cluedo, snakes & ladders, chinese garter, jump rope...whatever will make you happy while waiting in line then bring it. So that you're ready just in case you'll have to wait in line for a really long time.

4. Something to sit on.
You can just use the sample ballots being given out at the entrance of your voting place. Oh diba, naging double-purpose pa yung sample ballots! This is for those instances where you don't really have a choice and have to sit on the floor because the vacant classroom used as a "holding area" is already full.

5. Lots of patience. Patience is a virtue as my friends would say. And for this specific election where precincts are clustered, you got to have lots of this.

I can only think of five so far. If you guys have something that you want to add to the list, feel free to post it as a comment in this blog. And to answer my question above: Ano'ng oras kaya ako makakaboto? I got to vote at around 1515H. Imagine that. But I would have done everything in my powers just so I can exercise my right to vote. I hope you guys did too.Ü

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