Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Thoughts 7

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It's the 27th and I haven't written anything in my blog. I refuse to break the promise I made to myself so here I am, trying to write anything that comes to mind and trying to make it all coherent.

Crispy Dinuguan at Jay-J's. I was craving for dinuguan for the longest time and one Sunday night, I finally got my wish! And it wasn't just any dinuguan for that matter, it was CRISPY! Oooh...yummy!!! I was actually apprehensive at first, asking the waiter if it has enough sauce (or should I say, dugo?) since I love putting lots of the sauce on my rice (I've always eaten dinuguan with rice...i've never tried it with puto. But then again, I'm a recent "dinuguan-convert", probably less than a year since I started liking dinuguan and it's because of my very lovable lunchmates at the office Ü Thanks guys for introducing dinuguan to me Ü). When the dish arrived, it did not disappoint! It was crispy indeed and with just enough sauce to satisfy one's cravings! I l♥ved it! SUPERB! KUDOS! I loved it so much that Tuesday lunch after that night I was back at Jay-J's eating crispy dinuguan (and the "classic" dinuguan too Ü) with my lunchmates. If only eating dinuguan wasn't that sinful, I would eat it everyday. Well, maybe not. But i'd eat it a lot! LOL!Ü

Goto & Lugaw at All About Goto in Tagaytay. On a recent trip to Tagaytay, the entire family (wow, akala mo marami! eh apat lang naman kami...LOL!) ate at Josephine's and we weren't that happy with what we ate. So on our way back, we decided to stop at this place named All About Goto that was just along the highway. Mom and Dad ordered lugaw while my brother and I shared a bowl of goto. I liked the goto that they served although i'm not sure if I liked it because it was actually good or dahil gutom lang ako. LOL! I'll try this place again next time then i'll let you know if they really are good (i'm guessing they are since the place is called All About Goto) or if it was just hunger that made the goto taste nice that night.

Chocolate Roll & Ube Loaf at Tagaytay Highlands. Can you spell Y-U-M-M-Y?!??!!! Of chocolate, I AM definitely a fan but UBE? I really wasn't (sorry, Maan! Hehe!) but this loaf changed my view on ube. It was yummy and the bread was soft. You can really taste all those ube goodness up to the very last bite! And the chocolate roll? Oh my goodness...it was choco bread heaven! I loved it so much I asked Dad to buy 3 rolls to take home! Now, there goes my diet...Hahaha!Ü

Bioman. Ako si Yellow 4. Kahit na namatay sya at napunta sa Bio-heaven. Napalitan naman din sya so keri lang. LOL! Anyway, it was Bioman madness for me several weeks back. It was fun reminiscing those days when i'd sit infront of the TV waiting for my favorite Bioman show to air. And thanks to my officemate Dean, I was able to get a copy of the first 17 episodes of the show. And it was not just any copy but one that was dubbed in english! As in the actual dubbed episodes that was shown on Philippine TV! How cool is that?! Hahaha! Wala lang...I hope to get a copy of all 51 episodes dubbed in english Ü

Thunderbird Resort Poro Point. This is a resort and NOT a night club somewhere in the metro (teka, White Bird ata yun. LOL!). The resort got featured on a show at QTV and what got my attention was the nice beach (well, it looked nice on TV) and the fact that it's just in La Union, meaning: No need to take a plane to go to this place. A simple road trip is all it takes to get there. So I immediately googled this place and found their website (see link) and it didn't disappoint. The fact that the place is inspired by Santorini in Greece made it more intriguing. However, you won't view any of their rates in their site. So I emailed them and in just a few minutes, I got a reply. Needless to say, their prices are not cheap. Not Amanpulo-high but definitely not cheap. The cheapest room for a weekend trip is P7,500.00 nett for single or double occupancy. Pwede na...kailangan lang pag-ipunan ng kaunti. I'll definitely visit this place in the future. If not overnight, maybe for a day trip (but overnight is definitely much much better). I can't wait!Ü

Of Goodbyes and Kababawan ng Luha. I've been emotional for the past week or two. I'd like to blame it on my period (that's what my friend said) but hello, it's been two weeks! And the last "emotional strike" was just yesterday, and my period was like ages ago! Hahaha! I'm sure it sounds funny but I shed tears yesterday when I realized that I might not be able to say goodbye to my old digital camera...the one who's shared 6 years and 5 months of digital memories with me. Good thing some of my plans changed and I was able to say my last farewell to my good ol' digicam. Goodbye IXUS 400...you will be missed...Ü

Hello Haya Sophia! Let's end this with a HELLO and not a Goodbye.Ü My good friend Aya just gave birth to a healthy baby girl last April 24 and her name is Haya Sophia! Welcome to Earth, Haya Sophia! (Yes, parang nagwewelcome lang ng alien...LOL!). Congratulations to her very proud parents, Aya and Jomike!Ü

OK. I think i'm not successful in making my blog for this month sound coherent (from food to a 5-man fighting team to a resort to hellos & goodbyes) but at least I was able to blog. I actually didn't know I had that much to say especially since I started with nothing at all. Not even an idea of what to write, that's why I had to resort to my default title for a blog: Random Thoughts. I actually want to write more of hmmm...what I'm feeling perhaps? The elections? How life must go on? But then again, I guess those should wait for another day. So guys, that would be all for this month. This is Candy, signing off for the month of April. TTFN!Ü

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