Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My 101 Wishes

One night I felt the urge to fix the top cabinet where my old high school and college text books, projects, and board reviewers were kept. Browsing through all those stuff, I saw some of the projects I made in High School and felt some sort of nostalgia upon seeing those things. Needless to say, it was a happy & giddy feeling.Ü One of the things I saw was an assignment for our Literature (or was it Grammar or Speech?) class under Ms. Bediones (Yep, you read right. Sister of Paolo Bediones. Her name's Lara. She was one of my teachers in St. Scho Ü). It's a 2-page long bond paper with the numbers 1 to 101 and the heading MY 101 WISHES and I wish for... on top. It was fun reading through it because it truly was a list written by a 14-year old girl.Ü

Albeit embarrassing to the point that I want to hide myself under a blanket, I'm sharing the list with you to remind us all that wishes do come true (some of mine already did...I highlighted those in bold font), and maybe solicit a few laughs from you guys seeing that most of these wishes are hilarious!Ü


I wish for…
  1. Jonathan Jackson to court me and kiss me & marry me -WOW! proof that this list was written a decade ago...i've had several celebrity crushes since then.Ü
  2. a cute and beautiful house in Miami near the beach -I can't remember now why I singled-out Miami of all the places in the U.S.
  3. a blue convertible -"Santa Baby, a '54 convertible too, light blue..." Ü
  4. someone to discover me and make me a model/actress -"I wanna be a supermodel!!!" HAHAHA!Ü
  5. a world tour
  6. an amazingly big house in L.A.
  7. a smooth skin -Yes, please!
  8. a perfect stomach and abdomen or in other words, a perfect body -Yes, please...again!
  9. school to be banished in the universe -HAHAHA! What was I thinking?!!!
  10. a boyfriend right now!!! -HAHAHA! Grabe, 10 years ago, wish ko na 'to?!?!???
  11. a personal housemaid who will always be on my side
  12. a trip to Paris and to go shopping there and buy lots of beautiful designer clothes
  13. an expensive van that my family could use when we go out -Ditto!ÜÜÜ Pero hindi sya expensive, ha.
  14. a blue mountain bike
  15. a tour to Disneyland with my friends and family -I've been to Disneyland with my family...not yet with my friends.Ü
  16. a black horse
  17. a breakfast in bed which will be served by my crush
  18. many beautiful dresses, shirts, shorts, pants, shoes, accessories -High school pa lang, fashionista na!
  19. a college scholarship to one of the prestige schools in the U.S.
  20. the Hanson, Boyzone, and Backstreet Boys to be my friends (or boyfriends!)
  21. honors when I graduate from H.S. & college -ÜÜÜ
  22. trillions of money -Still a wish!Ü
  23. my life to be happy and safe; the same goes for my family -ÜÜÜ
  24. my mom and dad to stop fighting
  25. my brother to be successful in his life
  26. Mike Tyson’s house to be mine -I can't remember why I specifically chose Mike Tyson's house...hehehe!
  27. a driver’s license by my 16th B-day -I now have a driver's license...I just can't remember if I got it by my 16th birthday...
  28. a happy family of my own by the age of 40 -Grabe, buti nlang sinabi ko "40" kasi kung "30"...Oh My!
  29. a gym membership in our village
  30. my lower jaw to be in the right position -ÜÜÜ After 2 years with braces, I finally have an a-OK bite!Ü
  31. my cabinet to be fixed -It still gets messy from time to time but i'm glad that it's most of the time tidy now, rather than messy.Ü
  32. a box of Ferrero Rocher -I was probably craving for Ferrero while writing this assignment.Ü
  33. the shoes/sandals I saw in Sari-Sari to be mine
  34. a bath in the rain with my crush
  35. a black, elegant prom dress
  36. a computer -ÜÜÜ
  37. my dad to be able to sell more insurance policies -So far, so good...Ü
  38. my mom to find an honest and hardworking sewer and cutter -Mom closed shop already...but it's OK, it was all for the best.
  39. my brother to be able to speak fluent Chinese and write Chinese
  40. a new schoolbus -My busmates and I never got this wish. HAHA!
  41. a trip to Boracay with my friends -Still a wish!
  42. me to learn how to play the guitar
  43. my crush to visit me at home and bring me to the prom
  44. an older brother (1 year older)
  45. me to meet new friends in our village
  46. my room and cabinet to be neat & tidy always -Was I a super messy kid?Ü I already mentioned this in #31!Ü
  47. a blue wallpaper for my room with blue Venetian blinds -I got green & pink wallpaper and green venetian blinds.Ü
  48. my dad to be able to walk me to the altar on my wedding day -Still a wish!Ü
  49. my family to live abroad
  50. a cute date on date night
  51. a larger room with a bigger bed
  52. high grades -I got fairly good grades...Ü
  53. my crush to send me roses and love notes
  54. a Tamagotchi
  55. a big and attractive house with a swimming pool (w/ slides); a large garden; lots of rooms; jacuzzi; a mini theater; a library; a basketball court; a music room; a den; an attic; a nice dining room, kitchen & bathrooms; with a grand reception area; located at Los Angeles, CA -Hindi naman demanding at specific, noh
  56. my own movie theater
  57. my father to be king and for me to be a beautiful princess -HAHAHA! Funny and sooo impossible!
  58. knowledge of the Chinese language -Yah...I would reallly love to learn...Ü
  59. a stable job when I grow up
  60. a lifetime supply of Combos (Cheddar Cheese flavor), Maltesers, Toblerone -I'm not much of a fan of Combos now...my dad loves Toblerone so we always have this at home...it's the Maltesers that I miss.Ü
  61. a French Coffee Vanilla ice cream -Wow! San ko naman kaya natikman 'to
  62. lunchtime in our school to be longer -Don't we all wish this!
  63. a Birkenstock (shoes) -Shoes ba talaga or sandals?ÜÜÜ
  64. Prince William to be my boyfriend
  65. a cute cousin (boy)
  66. a whole pan of Leche Flan
  67. a whole lechon on my birthday -Talaga nga naman!
  68. a high grade on our Eco 2nd L.T. -Ngyeee...can't remember what grade I got for that specific exam.
  69. a little sister
  70. a change in our SSC jumper/uniform -Wishful thinking!
  71. a Jansport bag -ÜÜÜ
  72. a BSB tape & CD -ÜÜÜ
  73. a picture holder for my organizer -ÜÜÜ
  74. Michael Jordan to teach me how to play basketball
  75. a lesson in Hockey
  76. a pair of ice skates
  77. a lesson in ice skating
  78. my dad to “accept” my cousin, Sha Sha
  79. an elegant ecru gown with sequins on my wedding day -Proof that I plan ahead. Haha!
  80. my friends & I to form a band
  81. my friends & I to be friends forever
  82. Joy to get well -I miss Joy.Ü
  83. a camping trip w/ my friends to Mt. Makiling
  84. my dresser drawer to be neat & tidy -HAHAHA! No comment. (Also see #31 and #46)
  85. a new school shoes -I probably got this.
  86. a sleeping bag -ÜÜÜ
  87. a gift for my friends on their birthday -ÜÜÜ
  88. a Marvin the Martian hat
  89. an Angel’s Love cologne
  90. a discman and a walkman -Well, I got these...but I want an iPod now.Ü
  91. beautiful black hair
  92. a collection of Love Stories -I stopped collecting by book #23.Ü
  93. a VHS tape of Mighty Ducks D3
  94. a role in the movie ‘Now & Then’ -Aba! Best Actress?!?!??!!!Ü
  95. Juliet to be my part in the play Rome & Juliet -"Rome" talaga ang nakasulat dun sa paper...I probably forgot to add in the "O."
  96. a bracelet to be given to me by my boyfriend
  97. a diamond ring -"Diamonds are a girl's best friend."Ü
  98. my crush to call me up
  99. a lovely blue dress
  100. trip to Ocean Park -I've been to HKG a lot of times but i've never been to Ocean Park!!!
  101. new school shoes -I already wrote this in #85...grabe, sobrang luma na ba nung school shoes ko nung time na yun? Twice ko pa'ng ni-wish! HAHA!Ü
Hope I made you laugh with what a 14-year old, 3rd year high school girl wrote for her 101 Wishes assignment. I don't even want to count how many times I mentioned the words "crush," "boyfriend," or anything that pertains to love life seeing as those were the most embarrassing parts!

I'm planning to write another list: My 101 Goals, which should contain things that can actually be achieved (not things like: for my dad to be king and I to be a princess Ü). And hopefully, 10 years from now, when I read that list, I'll be able to highlight some, if not most, of what I've written and have again that same nostalgic, happy, and giddy feeling that I'm feeling right now.Ü


aces fan said...

hehe, you like michael jordan to teach you basketball? I didnt even know mj when i was in hs, hahaha. Im busy following abarrientos and lastimosa's games when i was in 2nd year. hehe.

And a mighty ducks 3 VHS. I have a vcd if you want. hehe.

Candy said...

I'm an Alaska fan as well! I love the trio of Abarrientos, Hawkins, and of course, Lastimosa (with bias. haha!). I also love Sean Chambers!Ü

Thanks for dropping by.Ü

aces fan said...

hehe. i forgot that you're also an alaska fan. Everybody loves Sean Chambers, maybe except for those Ginebra fans. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Kaya pala ang galing mong mang-Alaska!

Sorry, 'la lang me masulat. Hehehe.

Anyway, try mo raw mas maging specific, and your wishes will, more likely, come true.

Like me. I wished I'll be a millionaire by Apr 2007. I didn't have a million pesos, but I had a million friends. Which may be better, 'di ba? I wasn't specific kasi. (Sour graping ba? Ü

Candy said...

Hi Sir! I think I was VERY specific with #55!Ü

Diosa said...

Wel, what can I say ... very Candy ... tingin ko, you may have grown in age but most of your wishes are still your hearts desire until now ... hehehe ... grabe, iba ka talaga ... kikay, specific, planned, color-coded, ok-ok, cool, coffee-addict, colorful ... Candy! Love you girl! Miss you a lot!

Candy said...

HAHAHA! Grabe, ibig ba'ng sabihin wala man lang progress from 10 years ago 'til now?!??!!! HAHAHA!

And here I am thinking I was not as kikay before as I am now! HAHAHA!

Miss you na din SOBRA!!!

Maris said...

oh my gosh, i used to have one of those too. i think seatwork/homework natin yun sa english class nung second year right? it's so sad i lost mine. haha, daming boy-related wishes ah. it just proves that high school girls are super boy-crazy. :)