Sunday, July 01, 2007

Piolo in the Morning

Got your attention, huh?Ü Before your mind starts wandering and thinking of thoughts that can only come true in fantasies, let me bring you back to reality and set some things straight: This article will be about San Miguel Instant Coffee...the brand endorsed by (Papa) Piolo...and the brand of coffee that I regularly drink every morning. In mathematical equation:

San Miguel Instant Coffee = endorsed by Piolo
San Miguel Instant Coffee = drank by yours truly in the morning
Hence: Piolo = in the morning
HAHAHA! The logic is quite twisted but please just bear with me. Anyway, that’s how I got my working title for this blog, which will be basically about how I looove San Mig Instant Coffee, in Extra Strong variant.

To give you a brief history, I (and my entire family) used to like their Strong variant until we tried the Extra Strong one and was instantly hooked! Now, we wouldn’t settle for the Strong variant anymore seeing as the Extra Strong one is yummier...for our taste at least.Ü

Now, the trick in making a San Mig Extra Strong coffee is to use a bigger cup (hence more water) than usual. Or, you can do as my mom does: she halves one pack hence allowing her to make two of her usual-sized cups of coffee with just one pack. Got it? I hope so. Anyway, what I do is the former seeing as it’s hard to make tancha-tancha especially when you’re at the office. And just half of my usual cup wouldn’t do anymore...I need the entire pack to keep me sane and survive the day without going crazy!

They say that a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. Well, in my case, a teaspoonful of sugar makes the coffee go my tummy in a yummier way.Ü I like my coffee sweet (not too sweet though) and the sugar content in the 3-in-1 mix just doesn't do it for me. So I need a teasponful more to make my coffee taste just right!

Aside from their Strong and Extra Strong variants, I've also tried their Original-flavored instant coffee and I must say, it didn't disappoint. This is usually what I buy to serve for meetings that I chair seeing as not everyone is fond of the Strong or Extra Strong variants.

I guess my fondness for instant coffee (I never really liked the brewed ones) is the main reason why I don’t know how to make coffee from scratch. Ask Assunta (not De Rossi Ü)...she knows. I made coffee for us to share on our trip to Anilao last April and neither of us were happy with the results (Hey! At least I attempted to make coffee! Sya nga, uminom lang eh…napilitan…no choice kasi.Ü).

Once you get addicted to San Mig Extra Strong, I'll have to warn you though: You wouldn’t find the Extra Strong variant in any SM supermarket or store. I don’t know why. They do have the Extra Strong Sugar Free though. But the sugar-full? NOPE! Kahit halughugin mo pa ang buong SM, wala talaga. Good thing my mom shops for supermarket items at The Landmark or Cash & Carry, and Puregold is just outside our village entrance so in case of shortages, I can just pass by there on the way home from the office.

So thank you, Super Coffeemix Manufacturing, Ltd. (that's what it says in the box...or should it be Asia Brewery???Ü) for the San Mig line of Instant Coffee (At least, hindi nlang synonymous ang "San Mig" to beer ngayon Ü). And...I LOVE YOU PIOLO! I really, really, really do.


maris said...

haha, para kang nageendorse ng coffee. baka ikaw na kasama ni piolo sa next poster. :)

Candy said...

HAHAHA!Ü At least endorser ang dating...hindi addict (sa kape! Hehe!). Oh my! How I wish i'd be with Piolo in the next San Mig Coffee ad! Hihihi...see yah Friday, gurl!Ü

assu said...

ahem ahem!

coffee blog with piolo and assunta as extras = piolo loves assu!!! wahahahah!

Candy said...

candy + assu = twisted logic
candy + assu = hibang
candy + assu = krung-krung


Roynel said...

Hindi ba magkalaban na companies ang Asia Brewery at San Miguel? hehe...

Anonymous said...

An ad with Piolo? Why not? Kamukha mo naman si Angel. You both have two eyes, a nose, a mouth,...!Ü

Candy said...

@Roynel...hindi ba Asia Brewery ang gumawa ng SMB??? Hehe...di ko din sure.Ü

@Balty...nice one, Sir...hehehe...Ü

Diosa said...

Adik ka talaga sa kape! adiK! adik! adiK! sa commercial na yan ng San Mig, magkakasundo kayo ni Marvin. Sayo si Piolo, sa kanya si Angel ... hehehe!

Miss you girl! mwah! (pero lulong ka na talaga sa kape ... hehehe!)

ps: drink moderately ha ...

Candy said...

DIOSA...hahaha!Ü Don't worry, I do drink moderately...I just limit myself to 1 cup a day...minsan 2...minsan 3...hahaha!Ü

Grabe, love ko talaga yung commercial na yun ni Piolo. Biro mo, half-naked sya dun...ganda pa ng katawan. I don't care if he's bading! HAHAHA!Ü

Candy said...

My mom bought a box of the new Nescafe Intense, which I think is supposed to be their panlaban to San Mig Extra Strong, and I have to say, San Mig is waaayyyyy better than Nescafe.Ü
I am still a San Mig Extra Strong lover!Ü

Anonymous said...

Hello Candy, nice blog on the San Mig coffee. I did buy some sugar free in the extra strong, now i'm back in the states and can not find it here. Yes it sucks to be me, any luck with Piolo yet, good luck. Maybe San Mig will send it to the US for me. Take Care............ R.J.

ndpara said...

Hi Candy, maybe you will send me coffee.