Thursday, February 28, 2008

How Much Are You?

Before your mind starts wandering, let me start off with this: Have you ever wondered about your website's worth? Naks! HAHA! I personally haven't until I found out about this site in the internet:

According to them, they calculate a website's worth via checking the backlinks, from which they make their estimate. Oh well...whatever that means. Hehehe...I just got curious and checked out my site's worth. According to them, it's $378.00...not much if you compare it to some of the popular sites around (I checked out Ms. Noemi's website and her's is worth a whopping $473,047.00 as of this writing!Ü) but at least i'm getting my fair share of viewers (as I would like to think...hahaha!).

According to them, they compute the site's worth daily so I guess we'll see the numbers below increase (or decrease? hehehe...) as the days go by.

For more info on Website Worth, see this link. Enjoy!Ü

This website is worth

What is your website worth?

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