Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yahoo! Messenger Skins

Tired of your old YM Skins? Then listen up!

I found this site: while searching for the old YM alerts sounds (I am NOT a fan of the alerts of YM V.8) and decided to click on their Yahoo! Messenger Skins link and in an instant, I was brought to a world (well, a webpage actually) where I've never gone before. A world where different and interesting YM skins abound! And I realized, I've been living under a rock all these time (in terms of Yahoo! Messenger, at least) because right before my very eyes are skins I've never even imagined before! And here I was thinking that I was just limited to the plain old Classic, Maverick Blue, Indigo, etc. that Yahoo! has to offer. But I was wrong. Extremely wrong!

So, I decided to download WackyB's Cupid skin first mainly because it's pink and it's REALLY pink. So I gave it a shot. Downloaded it, scanned it with my antivirus, ran the EXE file, then excitedly changed my YM's skin to the newly downloaded WackyB Cupid skin. Then lo and was like being in Candy Land or it's equivalent (for a preview, click on this link). It's so cute with the little heart and a little cupid smiley on the side. It's what every girly-girl would love as a YM skin! HAHAHA! Guys, don't fret though. They also have other skins that would definitely suit your taste. I've actually downloaded quite a few already but i'm sticking with WackyB's Cupid skin first until I get tired and decide to change to a new one.

So, what are you waiting for? Download some new YM skins now and make the world a better place (well, not really...hahaha!Ü). But before I end this, let me give a shout out to those who made the YM skins: You rock, guys! All the work you've put into these skins are very much appreciated! I, and all those using the skins you've created, salute you! Kudos!Ü

NOTE: All the skins posted in the WackyB webpage are compatible with Yahoo! Messenger versions 6 to 8.1.

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