Friday, February 22, 2008

Coffee Jelly Galore - Part 2

Since I've established in one of my previous entries that I'm a coffee jelly (and 3-in-1 coffee) addict (Coffee Jelly Galore and Piolo in the Morning), I might as well continue that article with some of the other coffee jelly drinks i've tried so far in the market after having written that article 2006. So, here it goes...Ü

(1) Brownies Unlimited's Coffee Jelly Frostee

  • The coffee part is masarap! If i'm not mistaken, this is made of Nescafe's iced coffee freeze with just coffee jelly added to it.
  • The jelly is OK but not comparable to that of Starbucks (which I believe has the best jelly among those that i've tried). Their jelly is probably the one that comes from the can which I've seen is being sold at supermarkets.
  • Very much affordable that's why a visit at SM Makati is never complete without me buying this drink (Actually, if I just need an iced coffee fix without the jelly, also known as Nescafe Coffee Freeze, I just have to walk from my office to the Quickstop store nearby and get my coffee freeze fix sans the jelly. Still yummy but would definitely be better if there's coffee jelly in it.Ü)

(2) UCC Park Cafe's Coffee Jelly

  • The coffee jelly drink is not sweet. My friend even had to add sugar to her drink, though I didn't since the coffee's not strong, it's really just not sweet.
  • There was just probably around 10 coffee jellies in it (OK, OK, I didn't count...but it was a very small amount, not what I expected and not what I've grown used to in the coffee jelly drinks I've had before)
  • It didn't get my money's worth (although I can't remember now how much it is)

(3) Figaro's Coffee Jelly Float @ P125

  • The coffee is STRONG!
  • Has, what I believe is, vanilla ice cream on top, that even if I already mixed-it up well, you can still taste the very, very strong coffee flavor in the drink.
  • The jelly is not makunat and rather bland, which was such a bummer.
  • Same as #2...wasn't satisfied with it.
(4) Quickly's Coffee Jelly @ P65

  • Makunat yung jelly, yummy! Needless to say, I loved the jelly, especially after having tasted the last two entries above.
  • Love the pearls (black sago) that came with it! Goes very well with the jelly.
  • This will definitely be another alternative aside from my usual (and what used to be my all-time-favorite) STI or Super Taro Ice Ü
(5) Tokyo Cafe's Symphony @ P126

  • It's actually a mix of coffee jelly, chocolate whipped cream, whipped cream, iced coffee, and vanilla ice cream all in one!
  • Very yummy! The jelly is makunat and they even gave us extra jelly in a separate cup (actually, my friend and I were quite unsure if it really comes with the extra coffee jelly or they just placed that cup on our table by mistake...hihihi...well I guess I'll know for sure the next time I order this)
  • Definitely worthit! Will be going back for more!
So, I guess that's all for now guys! 'Til I get to taste some more coffee jelly in the market! Ciao!Ü

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Candy said...

I again went to Tokyo Cafe last night with Mom, Dad & Not-So-Little-Brother and I ordered their Symphony coffee jelly drink so that they can taste it and they didn't give us that "extra bowl" of coffee jelly unlike the first time I ordered it. It makes me wonder now if they actually just placed that "extra bowl" of coffee jelly by mistake the first time or they just forgot it this time around. Was too afraid to ask last night...dunno really why. HAHAHA!Ü