Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dinner Date with Dad

It's FATHER's DAY once again! My family and I decided to celebrate Papa's special day one day ahead, with a special buffet dinner on Saturday evening at Spiral Restaurant in Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza (formerly Westin Philippine Plaza).

But first I'd like to thank Dean and Jac for lending me their Sofitel membership cards because if it weren't for them, I would be broke now. HAHAHA!Ü Seriously! If it weren't for them, I would be spending half my salary for this dinner treat for Dad (with Mom and Kyle, of course)...and I think i'm just not ready to be spending that much amount for a buffet dinner for four...I'd rather buy something that Papa can use...or in Papa's terms: "Bibili na lang ako ng appliances or gamit na may makina sa ganyang presyo!" (I'd rather buy an appliance with that amount of money!) HAHAHA!Ü Truly, I am my father's daughter. But Papa's NOT kuripot ha. Ako lang yun. (Papa's not stingy. Just me.) Hehehe...Ü

So, why treat Papa at Spiral? Well, mom and I got to eat there last December when mom's friend invited us for a birthday dinner and we both agreed that Papa and Kyle will looove that place coz they're such happy eaters!Ü Then, without us realizing, father's day was just around the corner and what better time to treat Papa there but on this special day celebrating the highs and lows of being a father.

True enough, my Dad (and brother Ü) liked the place and all the cuisines available such that Papa was considering being a member of the Sofitel group of hotels. But after much prodding from Dad on how much the buffet dinner was, and after giving in (coz Papa is sooooo kulit!) and realizing how pricey the place is, he said: "Wag na lang. Ang mahal. Damihan natin kain, para sulit. Pwede ba'ng lumakad-lakad muna sa labas tapos bumalik dito para kumain ulit?" (On second thought, I'm no longer interested in being a member here. The buffet's too expensive. Let's eat a lot to get our money's worth. Can we walk outside then get back here to eat again?) HAHAHA!Ü Funny, Papa.Ü Another line was: "Lalagnatin ata ako dito, ang mahal ng babayaran mo. Anak, baka lagnatin ka." (I think i'm going to get sick. It's too expensive here.) HAHAHA! No, Papa...pinaghandaan ko ito. (I'm ready for this) Don't worry...just be happy!Ü

Of course, in typical Papa-fashion, he kept on insisting to pay the bill, but I wouldn't let him. This was our (mom and I) idea, and the first time that we'll be treating him out in a semi-grand way so, NO will do, Papa. This is a thank you for being such a great dad to us so allow us, for just one time, to treat you out rather than the other way around (he's always the one treating us out for lunch or dinner or coffee).Ü

Now, let me share to you why we chose Spiral, among all restos available here in Manila, to treat dear Daddy-o! Well, basically because Spiral has all cuisines that you can think of: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Italian, American...Filipino lang wala (although they have Lechon Kawali), and none of those fastfood food like french fries and hamburgers. The first time mom and I saw the place, we were in such awe because we haven't seen that much food in one place! It's just NOT possible for one to taste ALL the food they're offering in ONE sitting. And did I mention that they have this buffet table full of desserts one can think of!!! Really yummy! (Click here for pictures of Spiral resto)

Of course, all those food come with a price. That dinner, they were charging P1,950 per person for non-members. For lunch I think it's priced less, P1,459 per person. Of course members get a discount, depending on the number of guests they bring. Since I was able to borrow 2 cards and there's 4 of us, I got a 50% discount (taxes are not included in the discount though).

I made reservations Friday night to make sure that we are accommodated when we get there the next night. I've heard that the place gets packed despite being pricey so, being the sigurista that I am, I made reservations.Ü So to you guys out there planning on going to Spiral: reserve, reserve, reserve! Just to make sure you get to sit and eat there when you plan to.Ü

Well I guess that's all for now. HAPPY FATHER's DAY to all Daddys, Papas, and Tatays out there. Enjoy this special day meant especially for you.Ü And please do remember that, despite our being hard-headed at times, and although we may not show it to you that often, your daughters and sons love you very much and are thankful for all those times spent with you.Ü

To my Papa, Happy Father's Day! See you later at the dinner table! HAHAHA!Ü
Special thanks to Michelle Morelos ( for allowing me to link to her site for the Spiral photos.Ü


Ricardo said...

Is the Sofitel Membership card you used for the discount the same as the Preferred Card (used to accumulate points)?

Candy said...

Hi Ricardo! Am sorry but I really have no idea since I just borrowed the card from my officemates.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I was looking for posts on Spiral and stumbled upon yours. I would just like to ask if it was ok with Sofitel that you use a card that's not under your name? Coz we were also able to borrow from friends and we're not really sure if Sofitel would let us use it since it's not ours? Your reply would be very much appreciated. Thanks! :)


Candy said...

Hi Jean!

Just don't let Sofitel know that you're really not the owner of the card coz that's also have to take note of the signature at the back of the card that you borrowed since you'll be signing the receipt with the same signature as other words, you'll have to forge the signature at the back of the card...hehehe. From what I've heard, quite a few people actually do this so no need to worry (just don't get caught Ü).

Enjoy your Sofite lunch or dinner!Ü