Wednesday, June 06, 2007

World's Best Beaches

Look what I found in the net! Something the Philippines can be proud about. Check out number 7 in Yahoo's list of The World's Top Ten Beaches

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It's such a pity that I haven't been to Boracay...EVER! And to think that I've been living my whole life here in the Philippines, and Boracay is just an hour's worth of plane ride away. However, I can feel it in my veins (aba, Grey's Anatomy?!??!!!) that I'll be able to sink my feet in the white sand beaches of Boracay really soon.Ü (I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Pati toes! Pati eyes, crossed na rin!!! Hehe!)


Diosa said...

Hi Candy!!

I'm pretty sure you'll love Boracay and don't forget your kikay swimming outfit ha. Enjoy!!! (naks! nag-aassume na talagang soon na ang pag-Bora mo ...pressure!!!) Miss you dearly! mwah!

Candy said...


Mukhang mas soon pa ang pag-Singapore ko kesa sa Bora...hehe! Hay...sana nga makapunta ako sa mga lugar na yan soon! Miss you na! Napra-praning na kami ni Marie sa SGV! HAHAHA! Luv yah!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Candy!

Ganda talaga ng Boracay! Kaya, ngayon, any beach I go I always compare it to Boracay. S'yempre, frustrated ako. Mas maganda pa nga ang Boracay kesa sa swimming pool, eh. Hindi pa ako mahilig sa beach n'yan.

'Though I've been there ten years ago. Hehehe.

'Pag nagtayo na ng PAL office sa Caticlan, OB 'yun, makakabalik din ako.

Candy said...

My, oh my!!! I looove the beach! All the more reason for me to go to Boracay...hopefully soon talaga! HAHAHA!

I'm super excited!Ü