Sunday, June 10, 2007

"I Never Got There."

Regine: "Mahal mo ba ako?"

Piolo: "I never got there."

NAKS! "I never got there." Eh nag-try ka ba naman maglakabay papunta "there" para ka maka-get "there?" HeHeHe. I'm talking rubbish here.Ü Anyway, I just want to share to you my thoughts on Piolo and Regine's latest movie, Paano Kita Iibigin.Ü Oh, and by the way, the first line is NOT verbatim and this blog is not really a movie review so don't expect that.Ü

But first, the FACTS:
1. Piolo is so yummy.
2. Piolo is really yummy.
3. Piolo is superbly yummy.

OK. Now that we got over that part, we can proceed with the non-factual part of this blog.Ü

I never really intended to watch the film in a movie theater. I always thought i'd just buy a pirated DVD of this once a DVD copy is available in Divisoria (hehe!). But after a few of my officemates watched it and had rave reviews about it, I got intrigued. And just a few hours ago, my mom and I watched this movie at Glorietta 4...just one of the few times that we did coz we don't really watch movies in movie theaters that often (to the point that a year can pass by without my family and I watching a single movie in a movie theater).

Anyhow, the first half of the film was soooper funny! Really! You've got to believe me. My P130 was truly worthit because I haven't laughed this good for quite some time now. Eugene Domingo was truly an effective comedian here. No one could've delivered all those funny lines and comedic moments better than her. I salute you, Ms. Domingo! Keep up the good work.Ü Also worth mentioning is Liam, Regine's son in the movie, who also shared in providing comic relief to the film. His character was witty, makulit, and sobrang matanong such that I can't help but compare him to our kid neighbor, Reed, who's makulit and matanong as well.Ü

If the first half of the film was great, the latter parts were just a-OK for me. Hindi na kasi funny so I wasn't paying much attention anymore. Especially the last dramatic scene between Piolo and Regine where they saw each other again after Piolo uttered that now famous "I never got there" line. I found the entire scene a bit lengthy. My mom and I were actually talking (quietly, of course) and thinking of what to give my dad as father's day gift (which, by the way, is on the 17th of June) while they were crying and reconciling on screen. PLUS, we were also criticizing Regine's nose. HAHAHA!Ü

Speaking of Regine, I just want to share this opinion of mine: she's looking a bit old in the film and the years are definitely showing on her face. Parang hindi sila masyadong bagay ni Piolo. I would've liked the film better if Piolo had a different leading lady, for example, AKO. HAHAHA!Ü Wishful thinking!

Well, I guess that's all i've got to share to you guys. I liked the film and I recommend that you guys watch it especially if you want to laugh and drool over hunkable-hunk Papa Piolo. For now, i'm leaving you with a full trailer (c/o YouTube) and some quotable quotes from the film. Happy weekend everyone!

"I'm getting there."

"God is good."

"Welcome to Heaven Resort. Where you / can rest / in peace / forever! Welcome to Heaven Resort. Such a lovely [f]place, such a lovely place. Plenty of room here at Heaven Resort..." -Hotel California, is that you? HAHA! Anyone know the next lines to this monologue please do share it here.Ü

Plus, a Quotable Quote from my Mom (while watching the movie):
Mom: "May mahahanap ka pa ba'ng ka-pintas-pintas dyan kay Piolo?"
Candy: "Yung pagiging bading nya?Ü"
HEHEHE! But I don't really care! Bading or not, I still LOVE him!Ü


Roynel said...

i agree, eugene is very funny, hehe. =)

Diosa said...

Honestly, na-iintrigued ako sa film but I don't like Regine and I can't take the fact na na-kiss nya pa sa lips si papa piolo. It breaks my heart ... hehehe!!!
Si Eugene Domingo eh always namang panalo when it comes to pagpapatawa.
Was it a happy ending? I-email mo na lang sa akin ang kwento ... hehehe! Miss you dear! Mwah!

Candy said...

@Roynel...ei, thanks for dropping by!Ü

@Diosa...yes, it was a happy ending.Ü

Try and watch it...kahit sa pirated DVD lang. Ako din, di ko mashadong type si Regine as leading lady but what can we do? Hindi naman tayo ang producer.Ü But seeing Papa Piolo half naked in the film makes it worthit. HAHA!Ü

Miss you too dearie!