Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Death Calculator: Pinoy Version

NOTE: Don't let this post's title scare you. This is actually a very informative post so I invite you to read on.Ü

As most of you guys know by now, the official newspaper at our house is THE PHILIPPINE STAR.Ü And just like in some of my previous posts where I've shared to you some of the articles that I believe are worth reading and sharing to as many persons possible, this post would not be any different.

As I was doing my daily routine of browsing through the newspaper (but just basically reading the Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Ripley's Believe It Or Not corner), I came across this article by Willie T. Ong, MD entitled How long will you live? (see this link for actual article in the web). Intriguing right? So I read along and found out about a "Death Calculator" created by Dr. David J. Demko. Apparently, this one-of-a-kind calculator allows you to more or less estimate how long you will be breathing and taking up space in this Earth. Interesting, huh? But this isn't like your ordinary calculator where you punch-in some numbers then do some mathematical operation and get the answer. This "calculator" is actually a series of questions that will allow you to more or less gauge the number of years that you have in your life.

As mentioned in the article, the average life span of a Filipino is 70 years, as opposed to the global age life span of 79 (maybe the pollution and the corruption is the culprit why we have 9 years less than the global age life span). Given that basis, you will have to add or subtract from 70 (or 79) the corresponding points that goes with your given answer. Sounds complicated? Well, not really. I guess you'd understand better if you just answer the questions together with me.Ü But, before we begin, let me just mention that the questions was modified a bit by Dr. Willie (the author of the PhilStar article) to make it more applicable to the Filipino lifestyle and setting. That aside, then let's try and get a high score on this one!Ü And by the way, my answers are those in red

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WOW! Being a girl gets me 1 point! Hurray!Ü
Plus, my Ama (grandmother in Chinese) is more than 90 years old now so that earns me 2 more points.
I have no kids at the moment so I get zero for both of that, so my running total for round one is 73

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I eat fruits, fish, and vegetable...but I also love my meaty friends! So minus 3 points for me.
My 3-day diet thing, goes ON every summer, but OFF for the rest of the year...but still, that's considered a YES, so minus 5 points.
I don't do aerobics or any exercise whatsoever, and I neither walk or ride to work so zero points for that.
I drive the 7-kilometer trip to work so minus 3 more points for a running total of 62.

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I personally don't smoke, but my mom does so minus a point. Then I get zero for the rest, which is actually a good thing, so my running total after Part III is 61.

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I DON'T get an annual physical exam, DON'T have any way of managing stress, and DON'T do volunteer work so minus 7 points for all those.
Good thing I get 3 points for the remainder, hence a running total of 57. (Gosh! I am NOT doing well in this quiz!!!)

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I don't have a pet and am not in love so I get nothing for those.
I believe that the question Healthy long relationship of trust and respect refers to the relationship you have with your partner. Since I don't have a partner, I get minus 2 for that.
I get a point though for having friends in different age brackets, so that's a good thing.Ü

So...after answering Parts 1 to 5 of the Death Calculator, my grand total is...56! WOW! That's a very young age...I want to live longer than 56!!! My oh my...I have to get more points on those parts where I didn't score or reverse those minus points that I got!Ü

Well guys, you shouldn't take this "calculator" literally (Oh gosh! After that low score, I WON'T!Ü). It's actually some sort of lifestyle check where you can identify the aspects of your life that needs improvement and those that are currently a-OK.Ü From what I got, I guess there are a lot of areas that I need to improve on. Maybe in 10 years, when I try answering this quiz again, i'll get a higher score. Hopefully.Ü Til then, i'll be a "work in progress." Hahaha!Ü


Anonymous said...

Hi, Candy,

If you're in love multiple times, do you add 7 to your total for each person you love? And that's just for the "romantic love".

Anyway, even adding just one "7" for the last question, I still got a 93. That means I'm not yet starting the second half of my life. And by the time I get to that ripe age, the ratio of women to men will be 2:1. Hindi na ako mahihirapang manligaw n'yan.



P.S. I still can't believe you got a zero in the last question.

Candy said...

Hi Sir!

I don't know the answer to your question about adding multiple times...better ask the author siguro. Hehe...Ü

Buti pa po kayo, mahaba ang buhay. Hehe...ako, i'm still working on it. Hihihi...Ü

Candy Ü

P.S. It's true. I got a zero in the last question.

aces fan said...

i got 73. not that bad, but im hoping i'll reach the century mark. hehe.

Candy said...

Hi aces fan! Good for you! I sure hope you do reach your goal of a 100.Ü Thanks for dropping by!Ü